Author What inside manga is that special thing you don't see anywhere else
I've been about 10 years reading manga now. And still, after 10 years, I feel interested in reading many more, getting to know it better, appreciating a fine stroke, a nice expression, a good background or a memorable character.
And many reasons there are apart from pure routine that makes me come back for more, but recently, I've realized about one particular aspect that I find lacking in any other of the arts I've experienced as of yet, rooted in Japanese culture, and that's the respect to its characters.
It shows in the very page of the Ghibli Museum, a statement by Miyazaki. which says that "children will be treated as adults", in ex. "children deserve the same respect and the same duties as adults", an actual motive in many Miyazaki movies. But it also appears in many manga, when it features a silent child, an aggressive one or a melancholic one. And then, the respect shown to that character, like a recognition that everyone goes about life in his or her own way, and that you shall not rectify it more than the social norm expects to (admittedly very strictly done in those cases, but to be expected with such a defined view of society).
In a similar fashion, I recently read about two characters arguing and the first let the other almost verbually abuse of him to calm herself down, as if understanding that such an exchange is no more than an outburst. That human relationships are fleeting and changing, and that everyone should be allowed their time to unrestrain their true thoughts.
I love this when I see it, so much this may be seen as a love letter to the medium. I've expressed it in my own terms and not the japanese ones, by the way.
Anyway, what's that only manga achieves for you? Wanna hear.

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Wow ! Nice story .you have a nice motivate . for me at first I was watching anime then I started to watch a different something like indian and westren movies then I backed to watch anime I noticed that anime has fantasy and wonderful ideas like another worlds I feel like while watching that I could understand and live in this fantasy world when I saw short animes then I heared that I should continue in manga so I didn't continue I thought it was hard to read manga and how could I read it without movements and voices then I watched anime horimyia 2 episodes were translated and I wanted to continue then I read in the comments that the manga is better than the anime so I decided to try then I descovred that it was easy and enjoyable I just wanted to see more then I descovred that there are a lot of mangas better than animes and there are a lot of mangas didn't have animes but they are good there are a better stories even though the story and characters were simple you could have enjoy your time with manga it's not hard to find what you love now i watched a lot of mangas I started a year and a half year ago . for you I still new ^^
Chiefly: variety.
It's a truism that the runaway success of superhero comics pretty much killed of other genre of English-language comics. Long format American comics were pretty much all superheroes from the onset of the Comics Code until the turn of the millennium, and even now we only rarely see an author push out into sci-fi, fantasy, or crime genre. Sports or slice-of-life are still right out. English comics fared a bit better, but even the kind of speculative fiction works you saw in-- for example-- 2000 AD were dripping with superhero tropes, and I only vaguely remember a few sports comics surviving into my childhood. Other anglophone countries had largely similar situations, notwithstanding odd grandfather-clause situations like the ongoing popularity of The Phantom in Australia and New Zealand. I don't really know enough about bandes dessinées to comment on the situation there, but then again my French isn't good enough for it to make any difference to me anyway. The point here is this: there is not now any English-language (or French, as far as I know) anthology publication, that includes all the above-mentioned genres. One day we might get the English equivalents to Yotsuba&, Yowamushi Pedal, or Hakumei & Mikochi, but until then, I'll keep coming back to the manga trough.
I didn't go to Highschool so I really enjoy these "school life""romance" 'slice of life" stories.
I don't think there is anything other than manga who describe such a perfect High School life.

I feel bad to write something so short after the others....

I fill the void.

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