Author Chapter 2 (Past Life Regressor)
This chapter explains that even though he skipped his childhood, he still continued to do quest and get strong and was even planned to attack a dungeon. This is why he has the body and strength of an adult elite athlete in 6th grade lol.

Basically he didn't really "timeskip", he lived his life as if he was reincarnated continuing to get stronger and just has no recollection of doing it until that moment in school. If that makes sense. Like being knocked out for surgery and waking up a day or two later
Avatar it’s hilarious how big he is....still I don’t think time skip is wise, he could of jeopardized his realationships he did have to enstrangement....then what would be the point of protecting onlookers he would be past delusionment...
Anyway logically speaking he could of finished most the stuff himself quicker leaving room for more improvement’s like changing jobs set because you got the right level instead of fortifying your base stats for a bonus
Plus if it’s for his family isn’t it weird to skip? Considering things he likely lost them in a horrid way so it would be good to soothe thoose feelings with reexperince
hahaha see him using yahoo and it says
search the web using google! XD
during the easy years why wouldn't you just achive as much as possible in that time? like why would you skip being in a time where you're one of the few who understand the system? Also spend time with your family help them out to avoid certain things that would help out later, none of this makes sense.
Grown ass man in Middle School.
@RazzyTazy Thank you for explaining this... Some commenters aren't reading it properly