Author The Mythical Realm
Avatar smoke82 7 mo ago
im pretty sure than its the wrong image
Avatar Shyning 7 mo ago
No, it's not.
It's the prologue's cover.
Avatar AlexMCS 7 mo ago
Those last few chapters went by faster than the Flash. Too bad.
Thanks for your work, Meraki Scans!
Avatar Riztard 6 mo ago
Avatar steventsan 5 mo ago
It's back!
Avatar Yamibi 5 mo ago
Finally 2nd season!
Avatar Korpi93 4 mo ago
these last chapters went buy so slow. nothing really happened and was just a looooong boring fight... if it isnt ended now im gonna drop this
Avatar MarceloYuri 4 mo ago
is this worth the time? I think I started to read but dropped, since I can't remember, better ask.
Avatar Solipsist 4 mo ago
I went until chap 120~100, and stopped there. Could've even stopped at chapter 50, tbh, if not beforehand.
The entire comic basically boils down to "some guy saves the MC at the last moment", "The black/white souls magically solve everything for him" or "MC just wins because shut up".
There's no real reason to root for the MC for victory. Whenever he wins, usually nothing of real substance is won. In most Xianxia, when the MC enters battles, the MC also gains further insight into their abilities and cultivation, which provides more knowledge about the world, its powers, and about the MC himself to the audience.

Not much of that here, or anything like that. The MC is basically just spamming the same trick hoping it'd work out, or using all of the items he randomally found. The comic skips a lot of content the original-story surely covers, but I doubt it's significantly any better. The comic's only saving grace is its cutesy humor and cartoonish moments, but that's few and inbetween.
This comic turns braindead real bloody fast. I suggest to stop reading after that dungeon exploration arc.

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Avatar MarceloYuri 4 mo ago
Thanks, I think I remember now that Black and White Soul thing. I do enjoy cultivation stories, even if the deus ex machina is always the main reason MC gets to do anything, but by what you said, this is turned up to eleven. xD
These were not the droids I were looking for, my search continues.
Avatar Verrone 3 mo ago
im kinda sad the prologue is different from the actual story
Avatar Korpi93 1 mo ago
what kind of stupid troll was that shit?
Avatar Wake-the-winds 1 mo ago
Yo is it just me or has this thing gradually been becoming mors and more of a clusterfuck?
I've already invested either way so whatever ig.
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Avatar Reality 8 days ago
Why does the scanlations just skip 140 chapters or so?

@Lymus Thanks it makes sense now.

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Avatar Lymus 8 days ago
@Reality the series was licensed and is (slowly) getting published officially in english, the scanlation group that did those chapters decided to remove them.