Author Chapter 60 (Dungeon Meshi)
The winged Lion is pretty much like demon who grant The Mad Sorcerer wish ...
If the Winged Lion freed, Laius and his team will be eaten too ...
Succubus : turns into Marcille and kiss him
Laius : Wait, thats illegal !! ..
Succubus : What about Syclla Marcille with giga quad heads and dog's ear that can turns you into a double head flame-ice dragon ?
Laius : TAKE MY SOUL ....!!!
Winged Lion : I can sense hidden potential in this girl

Me after chapter 65 that line aged well.

And Kabru was wrong about Laius at least a little bit he is now starting to think more about future issues. Referencing ch 45 pg 14
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AFAIK milt is fish SEMEN, not fish testicles.
Oh my god after rereading this I noticed that in the cover page the author foreshadowed the dungeon rabbits at the bottom right corner
I was right in assuming that Laius would probably end up with a demihuman etc, not just another person/normal woman. But I'm surprised he likes Marcille, besides monsters. Although that's usually the case with pure bois like him lolol - closest candidate = waifu material.

Naisu teamwork. If the winged lion said it likes Laius, then we'll be waiting for the final showdown. There's no other way around it.
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@OllyMolly Laius have a crush on Marcille when they first met. He still love monsters though.
Laius only saw Izutumi sleeping on top of the winged lion statue after he woke up but for some reason, he was having a flashback of her doing so in his dream (page 9).