Author Suggestions for sticky thread
  • Change title to "READ BEFORE POSTING - Planned and Rejected Features"
  • Add text at the beginning of the post to the effect of "This post is very long and the features may be in categories you don't expect. Try using your browser's "Find Text" (Ctrl+F/Command+F) feature to search for key terms."
  • Expand on some meta-features just a little so people have some idea of what they entail, such as "Author/artist pages" having the side-effect of "combining multiple pen-names for the same author" and "allowing you to follow an author" (if that was planned to be a part of that)

I know these are kind of putting most of the burden on y'all, and it may not even stop half of the redundant suggestion threads, but even the top two might help just a little
This wont help. People don't like putting in effort. You could do all this and the same amount of people who don't read the sticky will continue to post.

The people who ignore the sticky, will continue to ignore the sticky. It's not an issue of communication, it's an issue with the poster themselves. The best response is to just tell them to read the fucking sticky like the dumbasses they are.

That said, expanding on what each point in the sticky means probably isn't an awful idea, but I personally feel most of them are self explanatory by name anyway.
I agree this won't help out much people will still ignore the thread regardless of how much it is emphasized. Like AbyssalMonkey said the best bet is to just continue to beat it into their
thick skulls.
the only way some people will actually learn to read the sticky is if you enact some kind of punishment for not doing so - stern words over the internet carry very little weight. one way to do this would be to break the suggestions and bugs sub-forums off the main site, and if someone posts a duplicate suggestion or bug report they get kicked out for a period of time (i assume this kind of separation would be impossible with the current implementation since it's all one big set of forums).

here's a more real-world example: i used to manage a small devops team, and we discovered my customers were exploiting a flaw in our CI to directly manage their builds despite us providing a web frontend over the CI system and a substantial amount of tracked metadata (their justification was the CI instance responded a few milliseconds faster than our frontends). we patched it and told them in no uncertain terms would we help them fix issues regarding to that bug - which didn't stop them from flooding our ticketing system with requests. i continued to get shat on for weeks until they started missing which point the shit promptly disappeared from my head and landed on their shoes.

sometimes even a hammer doesn't work, at which point you reach for a railroad spike.
Well I bumped it and turned on the caps lock in hopes that someone accidentally reads it, but we've been considering some other methods of communicating our progress and intent alongside the site rewrite. A whole bunch of the items on that list are going to get resolved then anyway.

In the meantime, this subforum is what it is. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
Good to hear