Author Chapter 114 (5Toubun no Hanayome)
I just don't get it
Where does it say that it is supposed to be like that? I could see any of the main three girls (miku, nino, god forgive me but even ichika would be somewhat understandable) win, but yotsuba?
Hell if I understand why
I just don't get it
I feel like those 8-9 chapters left might be 2ch. confessions for each of the 4 girls left.
Idk, i might be wrong
But this being "true ending" feels even more wrong

I hate harems, I hate this, I hate nisekoi, why did I even waste my time on it
@chichan45 butthurt why? I don't even have a favorite one lol, I just think that Yotsuba is a stupid character and her ending is the most boring and meaningless , "I choose u because you've always been there for me " ahaaahaahahah
"Yotsuba wins because she not only deserved it, she genuinely earned it."
aaa you see?" she deserved to win" .. why? love is not a trophy and nobody "deserves" someone, it doesn't work like that,( maybe in your fan fiction but this isn't the case)

you're the butthurt that defends his fictional character just because he doesn't accept that others can think about her in another way

Shitsuba is a -shit-
She won only for pity
The reason why Fuutarou loves her is stupid and elementary
She has only the past on her side, she has always been there for him only because she knew him from before and she had an advantage
She was irrelevant for 90 chapters of the manga
Any sister is better than her and even more realistic and human

Who is the idiot who falls in love for years with a stranger with she spent some hours together as a child aahahahahaa

now go to cry like your heroine hahah
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@shizomist he basically says he wants to be there for her because she's always been there for him
@Chichan45 Whoa, my friend, calm down
@scrwd sorry I was answering to that dude who tagged me
My personified Twingo wife is so cute!~
@Shizomist Initially, I would have had to agree with you. As someone who started reading this right as Quintuple-bowl was decided I just couldn't see that outcome. The start of it, there was no chemistry between these two - I mean she was the only really nice one to him, but she was nice to everyone. Then this is where the fridge brilliance comes in. I challenge to reread some of these key chapters then you really get a feel for "why" there was no overt chemistry and that when things are finally coming together it makes sense.

First, understand that both of them fell in love with each other on that day 5 years ago... are far as they both knew when this started, meeting each other again was pipe-dream. For Yotsuba, the time in between then in the present not only did her mom die and her family change in their circumstances, the quints all became individuals and prior to meeting fuutarou again she thought she was the better of the rest, more special than the others. After her pride lead to her epic downfall, with her sisters following her in the transfer showing that they loved her no matter how arrogant she was, she was humiliated and humbled.

Yotsuba is recovering from that defeat to a point of overcompensation. She not only doesn't think she's better than her sisters, she truly believes that she is lesser than them. When meeting Fuutarou again, it's like a miracle... she sees how he changed and thinks that she hasn't grown (not true, but she thinks so) so she's too shamed to reveal that she was the same girl from then so as not to destroy that memory of how he viewed her. By the time she felt like she was good enough to tell him, she found out that her sisters were developing feelings so she backs off because of her self-deprecation complex. She knows that if she told him she was the girl from back then it would bias how he responds to the others, so she doesn't. All the while she is watching her sisters plot and fight over the boy that she loves and all she feels she can do is get out of the way and cheer them on. That would be agony for just about anyone.

So does she win by default? She's held herself back every step of the way and she's even fought this outcome. In the remaining chapters we will see how Fuutarou and her overcome these feelings of self-loathing, but yeah, I think Yotsuba deserves this win.
Thanks for your reply, I apprecuate your effort, though you post doesn't really get me to understanding.
I did binge read this whole series after hearing it nears the end, and all of the events are still clear in my memory, that is why I've grown to hate this ending since it's the worst one I could Imagine, don't get me wrong, it's not because Yotsuba "wins", but rather the way it's been presented.

The whole manga we've been getting hits here and there, there were three Chekhov's guns: The photo, the bell kiss and Rena, none of which did fire in the end, photo was only used with Nino, and then completely dismissed as plot progression tool.
The bell kiss was so out of place l, Idk, It doesn't fit anyone's resovle but Nino's. It was at that moment that I started thinking that the Author has lost his initial plan.

At first I thought the manga looks great and story is said to be outstanding, but nothing happens, like at all, the largest reveal was that Itsuki and Yotsuba have been working together to make Rena up.

But in the end it didn't matter, cuz the MMC did nothing, I blame both Nisekoi and 5Toubun for that, neither of them show how MMC really feels about any of the girls (aside from onodera&miku, first one was the MMC's crush and here Fuutaro was aware of her feelings and quite flattered by that). That's why it looked incredibly fake when Ichijou said "I just started to lover her", while at the same time saying that "I love Onodera too, but blah blah blah" both here and there the girl who sacrificed the most gets the "win", and in both times it feels as if "out of pity", I hate that. Though I have to admit, Nisekoi at least did show how they grew attached to one another, while here fucking NOTHING is shown, and the reveal of the previous page felt like a bamboozle, out of the blue. Hearing his reason be "I want to support you cuz you've been supporting me" just intensifies my confusion, cuz both Miku and Yotsuba have been supporting him, both were accepting of him since the beggining, so why? Why doesn't the author show any concern the mmc has, he's been confessed to by a number of cute girls yet he doesn't seem to be concerned about it (actually there was this little moment where he showed his "true colors" while talking that he knew how fondly Miku was thinking about him), neither of the confessions make him do anything, and no thoughts shown either, fucking stupid.
Characters of the main five also have been reduced to nothing near the festival, neither does miku nor nino do anything, even though they've been the most active, so it all looks fake.
To me at least, evevryone else is free to have their opinion
You're right about a lot of that, the Nisekoi stuff I don't really know because it's a different story and I haven't read it.

It's possible that the Chekov's gun stuff will be explained in following chapters. The photo for instance we know has been seen by each sister except Miku, I think, so we know that for at least Ichika, Itsuki and Yotsuba those characters all know they met Fuu before (Nino accepted Fuu's explaination when she saw it). For Rena, Fuu has likely deduced who put Itsuki up to it, but we'll see. As for the bell, this is also up to Fuu to deduce (likely by process of elemination from all the kisses he recently received) this will also likely come in the following chapters. If no dot connecting is produced, it will be a big let down.

So that leaves the actual romantic chemistry. Most of the series the formula has been: situation that keeps quint from studying, Fuu gets annoyed, with help of other quints he overcomes obstacle to studying and gets to know quints better. His development with each of them is roughly the same. What isn't the same is the inter-quint drama. Yotsuba is in it some, but not as much as the others and most of the time she is who helps Fuu solve the dispute. Mostly his feelings are of annoyance mixed with some romantic tension. He's also been on one-on-one dates with them all, and for the most part they end well with a smile and a blush, but only one date ended with heartfelt laughter: Yotsuba's. Should there be more dates and interactions to show the bond growing, sure, but Yotsuba's already done at least as much if not more than the others by being around Fuu almost all the time at school and on trips and such. The timeline for stuff is essentially about a year then divide that by 5.

For the 4 not chosen, keep in mind the festival has been occuring from each quint's PoV for months now, no one is an afterthought. Fuu has realized that he's going to have to hurt some feelings... how this is handled remains to be seen. I dont expect these other characters to just disappear. If its handled badly though, whew lad.

This is still in progress, so depending on how the loose ends are tied up this will end up as either a wreck or masterpiece.
@Shizomist, I'm with you on how this feels, also just finished reeding this from beggining with 113-114 in mind. It can be seen for what author was going, but in my opinion it's so undeveloped that you can see patern in which he wrote "the true heroine" if it was his plan, in each "cycle" Yotsuba was the last one to act and do a seemingly an out of character thing (confession, date, probably bell kisser is her too) (before her motivation revealed in ch.90), and while all of it build up her line of story, her not progressing from ch.1 till ch.114 where she still basicly same genki who needs to be useful to not be bothered by her inner conflict. And then she get's "choosen" with motivation "she was always there for me, she was the reason I continue to teach, without her I woud've stumbled long ago."

It's strange cause Ichika gave MC ideas how to approach other sisters, worked herself off so that their relationships would continue and never dismised him. Nino gave him a valuable sight on why he can't just come in and make things his way, she also did alot of character growth on her own. Miku was the one who from readers POV got romantic development with MC first, had biggest personal development comparing to herself in ch.1 and gave Fuutaro initial thoughts of problems with romance. Yotsuba - I'm not dismising her passion for what she did, she helped mc whenever he asked for her or depended on her (and he did grew in some aspects due to her help) as practically every other character in manga did. Her personal issues, did she resolved her personal issues on her own? No, did she stopped taking all thing on her own after Fuutaro praised her and gave her a piece of mind about her guilt? No. Did she overcame her feelings for him or confessed? No. Itsuki - was the one who asked MC about his motivation for styding, she was intrested in his personality and wanted to know more about him.

With all said above there comes few problems how late chapters was done, first - motivation of MC lacks (in my opinon, ofcourse) and is partly false due to all the sisters virtually doing what was needed. MC's lack of intrest in earlier parts, yes he was a bookworm, but he's not written as otaku or sociopath, he worked alot of part-time jobs and interacted with people on daily basis, so he's lack of response to confessions in most of parts wasn't to my taste. Confessions were unique to each sister, but with revelation of can that Fuutaro bought while was with Ichika... how does it makes other confessions look in regard to final (ofcourse if Ichika's confession wasn't last one in timeline, than it can be said that he did choose before/during meeting with Ichika)?

All the "fated" moments on one hand don't work, but they are double edged sword, the moment readed asks why did things resolved as they did and Yotsuba having a lack of development/progress they can be brought as arguments cause they are justifying the choice in the end. If 8 chapters that are left will be dedicated to Yotsuba and Fuutaro resolving her conflict (and showing something that was behind the scene) that will leave little to no place for others quints resolution as there is still final exam/wedding. I want to trust Negi cause he wrote such an amazing story, but with how things came out fans of quits that wasn't choosen really can't expect more than "they accepted his choise, she became actress, she became a restaurateur, she became chef, she became teacher" and that will leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Lastly to people who say "just reread focuing on Yotsuba and it all will make sense" maybe try rereading with eyes for other quits and not only Yotsuba, maybe you'll get why some people unhappy/bitter with how things turned out. Peace.
Just to be clear:
We are on break until the 26th. Though a scan might appear online on the 22nd.

No anticipation for this coming week lads.
This is my first ever comment on this website, holy fuck.
This manga has been a fucking rollercoaster for me, best girl has switched from Miku to Ichika to Nino and back to Miku, but once Yotsuba's arc happened I have been GUNNING for her, and she did it.
On god though, if Negi pulls some shit with this I'm gonna riot.
Why u lads writing fucking essays lmao
Thanks, I hate it.
They're all great. I'd have been happy no matter who won.
Hahahahhaa noiceeee!
@d Idk what goals other people were chasing, but i just wanted to get my mind around this story better, cuz from my pov i dont see a reason for why would he ever "fall in love" with yotsuba, also there were those hints given us by the author which were poorly utilized imo, so i wanted to know how did other readers see that.
Practically, i didn't achieve my goal, dunno if it's me or poor writing skills of the author, but i didn't enjoy the ending so to say.
I had given up from this crap series in the 90's when I thought Yotsuba had been cut off but this outcome is so refreshing, btw I hope the other girls just die. Yotsuba ftw, but I'll hold up reading until it's over just in case author does any crazy fuckery since it's apparently ending in some two months or so.