Author This is Bob's life
You will destroy Bob's life while I will attempt to save it.

Your mission is to spin the events in such a way where it will make Bob suffer. My mission is to spin your apocalypse into a blessing in disguise. You can join me too if you feel like being an angel for a day.

This is Bob.
. ☻/
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./ \

He has a loving family and great friends. He is also a straight-As student. Despite the fact, he remains humble and uses his intellect to help his peers learn and to guide the new students as a model student. He also happens to be the student council president.

One day, he received a love letter in his locker. This wasn't the first time for someone as popular as him, he have always respectfully turned down each and every girl who confessed her feelings to him, however, he won't be declining this one's offer. You see, this girl turns out to be his first and only crush! His childhood best friend!!
The letter told him to go a cafe once school was over for the day. At lunch time, Bob was happy and nervous, but as he ate, he started to feel sick. Unfortunately, Bob had to go home early after experiencing stomach pains. It was that ulcer acting up again. Being a perfect person comes with a lot of stress!

Meanwhile, his crush waited at the cafe for over an hour. She couldn't help but start crying in disappointment. A passing by student, who recognized her from school, comforted her as she cried on his shoulder.
"What's wrong?" He inquired the weeping girl.

"That scumbag Bob ignored my love letter!" She cried.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry you have to suffer through that..." Is what Twob said but in reality, he is quite pleased. "Oh my, is my perfect twin not so perfect after all? This will definitely ruin his reputation once I write an article about it and paste it on the front pages of the school newspaper!! MUAHAHAHA!!!" "Is there anything I can do to comfort you, my dear? And maybe tell me more of his secrets while you are being comforted?" He very subtly extract information out of her while rubbing his evil moustache.

"Oh yeah actually please get me that Overlypricedstarbucks™ for $399.99 over there it will definitely cure my heartbreak." She very subtly coerce him into spending his money for her.

"Wait what."

And that is how Bob unknowingly sucked his evil twin dry of his funds to ruin his reputation using a golddigger.
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Fate has other plans,
Bob's crush was crushed by a rock,
Deus ex machina!
But as the dust settled, there was not the childhood friend to be seen under the rock. No, the person being clamped to the ground was in truth Twob!

„Twob!“, shouted the childhood friend in surprise after being saved from her doom. „Why did you save me from that rock, that for whatever reason crushed INTO this cafe!?“

Spitting blood, Twob musters the last reserves of his energy: „It’s simple. When I saw that rock flying towards you it was like my body moved on it’s own. All my life I stood in the shadow of my brother, but for the first time in my life I would be able to make a difference... to stand on my own merits.“ His moustache slowly loses its vigor.

Right at that moment, Bob returned from his ulcer-problems, thinking, that he couldn’t just let his crush wait for so long. But as he turned the corner, he was to see that awful scenery:

„TWOOOB!“ He run with all his might to the side of his brother. Even without looking directly at him, he could see, that there was no way he could be saved. Gritting his teeth, Bob tried to talk with him: „How could this happen!?“

„Listen to me Bob, I don’t have much time. I always considered you to be the perfect brother, you were better than me in practically anything. Even Mom and Dad always seemed like they like you more. And what was admiration at first, turned into hate. I always felt like your perfection threw a shadow over my miserable life.“ Twob, now not even being able to see in front of him tries to turn his brother. „But now that I’m like this, I understand my own foolishness. I always had the strength to get out of that shadow myself, but I chose to just let my chances drift away and to continue to scorn you. Forgive me brother, for only now realizing how important you were to me.“

And with these words found Twob his end.

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The mob character
sacrifices his own life
for the heroine.

Then Bob had to get the funeral ready; notify guests, contact a funeral parlour, arrange for flower/snacks/water delivery, write a few speeches and choose theme songs, pretend to be sad when people ask him, work extra shifts to cover the costs, calm his mother down as she is wailing with her hair disheveled and tears streaming down face asking why Twob had to die, "the good son" not this "useless dirt piece", keep a straight-faced as his father drunkenly smashes bottles against the TV, Windows and at Bob. Cleaning out Twobs stuff, choosing Twob's funeral attire and possessions to be buried with him whilst accepting the fact that if only he hadn't tried to confess his brother would still be alive.
@Teddy Dang what a hard life Bob must have. He is held in high regards amongst his peers, all his grades are As, and he is the student council president... and yet his Asian parents only accept A+...

While true, Twob had always scored an S for all his grades, he still struggled with his social ineptitude which struck him with his odd personality.

But what's this? Amidst the crowd of mourning fellas a peculiar man in a trench coat silently resided far in the back seat. He remained silent when the funeral ended and awaited for all the attendees to leave the two alone.

"Ah, you must be Bob." He approached the weeping boy. "I don't have much time. Tell me a straight answer; yes or no - do you want your brother back?"
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"I am God. I can bring your brother back, but you must solve this riddle which also doubles as a magical chant..."
"What...? Tell me! Tell me what I need to do! I'll do anything! I'll cross any mountain! Wade through any rushing rivers! Anything! Tell me how to save my brother!"
"You must give me a name that's also a palindrome... Only then can I bring your brother back."
Bob stands there mouth agape... There was no mountain to cross, no rivers to wade through, nothing...
"What...? I... don't get it... A name that's also a palindrome?"

Bob should have studied better. His brother would have known this.

"The answer might be right in front of you."
God took out a mirror and Bob's mind gears were creaking out loud

I don't even know what I'm writing, I just wanted to join the fun
"P-Pa-Paladin riding a Roomba!"

"Tsukomi!" The figure smashes Bob on the head with a paper fan. "Damn you, I'm actually Mephistopheles a demon and you just made me lose 500 Johns to Anubis! This was as dumb as the bet that turned the name of our currency from demonicans into Johns! How the hell did you not know what a palindrome was? Even if you didn't know, I gave you all the hints you bloody needed!!! What part of this damn mirror do you see a bloody Roomba and hell with calling yourself a paladin you damn weeb!"
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"So..." Tears began streaming down the sides of his face, "that was all a lie...?"

"Yeah yeah whatever you can go home. Now I need to sell my firstborn to scrap some Johns... Hmm?"

His breaths were short, his nose was stuffed, and yet his eyes contained a form of unadulterated hatred that no regular mortal could possibly bare its weight, "SO THAT WAS JUST A JOKE OF YOURS?!!" An intense shock permeated from him like an expending sphere of abnormal air. Both his shoulders kindled with a purple flash as an azure flame erupted from the pores of his back and upper arms extending down to the tip of his fingernails.

"Ignisium?!" Mephistopheles jolted back in fright. "Where did you learn demonic magic?!" Fight or flight had already kicked in before he realized it and he attempted to take the latter option quite literally, but his wings were petrified. "What spell is this? Incantasium?!"

"That is not a spell," Bob leaped forward with a sonic boom behind him, almost as if it was instant, sealing Mephistopheles in his spot through his own depthless gaze "what you are feeling is fear."

Bob's fingers digged deep within Mephistopheles' throat as he was lifted up above the ground. "I need to get away before Lucifer's chant deactivates!" Mephistopheles struggled, but this was still far from his limits; two fiery ruby explosions escaped through the two demonic orrifices on his shoulder blades. The flames traveled down to his fists as bash after bash he pummeled Bob's arm - to no avail.

"Your pitiful intimidation does not work on me for my confirmasium is far more powerful than yours." The azure fire from his back pours down and set the entire funeral floor ablaze.

Mephistopheles scanned the room in horror as he realized that retaliation had proven futile. Between muffled gasps, he forced no more than six words out of his concealed windpipe because that was all he could bargain, "Are... you... not... afraid... of... death?"

Bob did not acknowledge his question. "Do you know why I the meaning behind my answer to your riddle?" His grip did not unwind and neither does his spite, "Seven years ago, when Twob and I were no more than a meter high, Twob's enchantment spell misfired and it made the Roomba grew. I can recall the joy I had when I jumped on it and rode it like a horse. His face and mine were one of the same and I remember him through me." Mephistopheles could no longer withold his tears under the sound of his neck cartilage cracking and voiceless gagging, "How dare you soil my beautiful memories of him with your disgusting bets?" Bob's rage grew furthermore.

And what occured within the next 0.3 seconds was nothing short of the accumulation of endless and passionate training.

Within the first thenth, all the mana in the room had been combusted by Bob's azure flames. With this came the downfall of Mephistopheles' essential "Lucifer's chant" as well as any sort of strengthening magic the two have been displaying to fight.

Within the following thenth, Bob summoned a rock and a bottle green glass shard onto the palm of his right hand; a sonic boom can be felt within thirty meters emanating from the items. He had been using the limited inner mana within him the entire time to fuel his spells and he used it once more to plunge his arm into Mephistopheles' abdomen, knocking him out by a pain he which had never experienced before.

And within the final thenth he dashed out of the mana-deprived room and Mephistopheles was left unconscious on the floor.

When it came time for Mephistopheles to reawaken, he was in a place he did not know. His wings were trapped in a nonphysical box, his wrists were chained by a force he could not see, and the enchantments that protected him since birth were all ruined. Any thoughts to run were met with an electric shock from the flesh wound just below his chest. Bob stared down on him from his rather tall perspective. "What do you want from me?" Mephistopheles jerked back.

Bob couldn't help but smirk. "The necromancer spell, the Lazarus magic, the ressurection formula... whatever you demons name it," He drooped down to Mephistopheles' level to penetrate his privacy with his intimidating eyes, "I want that."

Mephistopheles sneered, "That spell is nothing but folklore told by religions. You might as well learn to fly before... you..." His speech was halted by a shadow looming over him, "what?!"

Bob proclaimed high near the ceiling of the room, "I want to ressurect my twin brother and you will deliver me to your leader."

Mephistopheles jumped up in resilience, "That is a suicide mission! No nondemon can withstand the magical debuffs of hell!"

"Heh. Did I fail to tell you my identity a while ago?" His feet landed on the adjacent wall and he leaned against the ceiling, "I am a Paladin. And no, your kind have failed to kill us all."

The conversation was cut
by a strange portal.
which took bob into an another universe where robotic,laser eye shooting dinosaur from another dimension has took over earth but wait then there the cyberpunk space pirates ice-age animals and they also trying take over earth. then there bob who has been summon by the last remain human survivor to reclaim earth with a legendary mech which bob can only pilot.One there side, perhaps there still hope after all.
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