Author Do you play fortnite?
Is anyone here playing fortnite? I would like to make a whole top team.
Any ideas?
Unrelated but imo the Fortnite hate is unjust. The community may consist mostly of kids but honestly it's a well-designed and well-balanced family friendly fps game. Just cause sometimes the community is a little cringey doesn't mean that the game deserves the internet's hate.

Considering how unhappy I am with China over them jailing muslim minorities in giant secret prisons, Hong Kong and spying on pretty much ALL their customers and MORE? Fortnite is owned by Epic, who is owned by Tencent, a company that literally is called China's lapdog in China.

Noooope. Can't piece out of that shit any faster to protect my identity and credit card info from a proven jackass of a company.

You guys can go in though, face check your credit card, Photo Id and Address to a known Chinese Lapdog that wants to use their launcher get control of the Western PC gaming as well.

*edit: Yes, this is a Real reason a lot of people hate Fortnite.
I bought Fortnite years ago and enjoyed playing it a bit, but then it went mainstream and I decided to drop it. Glad I did too cause the community is cringey as hell.
I played fortnite in stw before the whole br thing took off. It was a fun ride but I'll probably be retiring from Fortnite once season 10 is done.

The skill level of builders has just gotten too big for it to be fun anymore. Oh and Bloom on the guns, fuck bloom.