Author Recommendation for parent-child like relationship that DOESN'T HAVE ROMANCE
The title says it all. Anyone got any recommendations for a manga featuring a parent-child relationship (not necessarily blood related, just the style of relationship is fine) that does not change into a romantic relationship like so many of works in this genre do.

For reference, this is what I DO NOT WANT This series starts off all nice and fluffy, but is infamous for the direction of the relationship.
This series starts off all nice and fluffy, but is infamous for the direction of the relationship.

Not at all.
Most LN readers liked the direction of the story.
That's why it was really popular.

Idk how you can talk about this manga when you don't know the whole story and progress (i suppose you didn't read the LN) when you could just took a completed manga with a ending lot of readers didn't really like, aka .

Yeah, sorry for the rent, it's just tiring for me to read this type of comments.
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Anyways, i'm still tilted a bit because it's not the first time i see this today (age-gap relationship talk), but i will answer :

Fantasy :
- Somali to Mori no Kami-sama
-Totsukuni no Shoujo
-Boukensha ni Naritai to Miyako ni Deteitta Musume ga S Rank ni Natteta

Real/modern world :

-Yotsuba to!
-Otouto no Otto

And probably others, but it's already not bad.
I recommend Hinamatsuri. May not be exactly what you're looking for, as the father and daughter have strongly developed identities that don't revolve around their parent-child relationship (the dad isn't just "a dad", etc). Also she's adopted, and he's a mobster, and he didn't want her, but she has superpowers (and possibly some kind of disorder), and he was afraid she'd blow up the earth if he didn't take her in.
There are other characters, too, and they're all pretty entertaining.

Around chapter 60-70, their personalities get kind of exaggerated, but it's a good read until then.
Seconding Hinamatsuri and Yotsubato!

I really liked Chichikogusa and Sweetness and Lightning. They're both series about fathers and their child dealing with the death of the mother in the family.

Also T-Sensei is very good! This one isn't about a parent, but it has a similar feeling! It's a collection of real life accounts from a nursery school teacher and it's super duper cute! I hope he manages to get married soon and become a real dad.

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Relatively recent and only has a few chapters but I have been really enjoying these two:


not exactly parent, but cousins, kid and teenager.

You might also like this one,


And @Siquall the user posted a request for the type of recommendations they wanted . They didn't post a request for opinions.

To the original poster, sorry for mucking in your thread.
@Siquall Thanks for the input. Personally I kinda disagree with your comments, for me the relationship in the WN on Novelupdates teeters towards feeling a little strange but to each their own. Tastes in this seem very personnel and can differ quite drastically, but thanks for some really good suggestions. Somali to Mori no Kami-sama, Totsukuni no Shoujo, and T-Sensei all look fantastic and seem right up my alley. Hinamatsuri also looks amazing, in fact that one is already on my list to read.

Edit: @schlo New comment only just popped up, Hyakunichikan!! also looks great. Fluffy wholesome stories are fantastic.
Haru and Midori. It only has 9 chapters so I don't know how it will turn out.
Aishiteruze Baby might be a good one. Teen cousin given charge of 5year old when the aunt runs off. There's a romance between the cousin and a classmate, but the cousin/kindergartner relationship is cute.
Any of the Koneko no Chii series have a nice family dynamic, if you don't mind the POV being mostly from a kitten.
@ejala cool looks good after 3 chapters and is a completed story of a decent length.
My Girl, if you haven't read it. About a young guy who finds out his former lover had his kid without telling him because he was still in high school at the time? She was in college, maybe was tutoring him? I've forgotten the exact setup, been awhile since I read it. He only finds out about his daughter when his lover dies and his daughter is 5 I think. There is a romance storyline for the dad.
yeah that manga is good, should read the author other works too.

Chokotto Sister

We really can't stress this enough: Yotsuba to!
It constantly remains in Mangadex's Top manga (by Rating) should be the testament to its quality.

Also Dad, the Beard Gorilla, and I. Though unfortunately Meraki, the one doing the scanlation, had removed all of their releases on Mangadex, but you can still go to their site.

Most LN readers liked the direction of the story.
That's why it was really popular.

I don't think it's necessarily true. The ones who like it will love it, while the ones who didn't expect it to turn that way will try their best to wipe it out of their memory.
Most fans who like it will sing praises, while most people who dropped it will steer away so you can't see many people bashing on its comment section.

  • Love So Life, if you haven't read one yet. A bit slow paced but it's mostly about parenting the kids (and a little about the romance between the adults)
  • Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki - about a single mum with her half-wolf children
  • Tenohira Size - single mum and financial struggles
  • Boku dake ga Inai Machi - well... stretching the theme with this one a bit 😅. Focus is not on the parent-child relationship but it definitely presents a very nice parent-child relationship :D
  • Gakuen Babysitters - siblings with an age gap (10+) lost their parents and were taken in by the head of a school
  • Seirei no Moribito - I've only watched the anime so I can't guarantee for the manga... the anime was a lot about the daily life of a prince (young boy) and his guardian, an adult woman. No romance involved
  • Kids Are Alright - a boy with an ill mum whose dad is working hard to pay the hospital bills (and some other families). Very simplistic art style but I liked the story
  • Yuuyake Rocket Pencil - kinda don't remember how much it focused on the parent-child part. But there's definitely no romance between father and daughter xD
They’re not mangas but manhwa, “I am a child of this house” and “who made me a princess” are my recent favourites in that category.
i forgot what it's name, and it's not actually a parent-child relationship but still has fluff you might want
the story is about a little witch girl and a demon peddler venturing around demon world
i'll edit this comment once i remember the title

edit: its this
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Everybody says Yotsuba To! and I definitely agree with them.

Chichikogusa, really good plot and character development on the father's side!

Sodatechi Maou, wholesome manga about a demon lord who spoils his human child a little too much.

Hinamatsuri, it's more like a comedy duo roommate kinda thing, but still kinda father daughter.

Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni! The parent-child relation is only secondary to the plot, but still very pleasant. Read at your own risk since it's on hiatus;;;

My Daughter Is An S Rank Adventurer, father gets in awkward situations cause his daughter brags too much about him lmao
My top 2 Yotsuba to! and Amaama to Inazuma

Imo, this fits your conditions Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu
Same author: Aishiteruze Baby★★, but you may not want this same reason as Uchi no Musume, though

There's this too Aka-chan to Boku, focus more on the siblings though.
Does he marry his daughter or something?

Chi no Wadachi (A Trail of Blood) is a heartwarming parent/child manga about mental and emotional abuse from a parent narcissist.
Ok, so I lied about the heartwarming part. It's anything but. However, if you grew up in a narcissistic household, you may be able to relate to it. The difference is that a real narcissistic mother would be so much worse than what you see displayed in the manga.