Author Chapter 172 (Inubaka)
Lazy gomi-chan, quit your job and start putting out a chapter everyday :-3
lol believe me, if I could make putting out half baked translations my full time gig I would. Yo, manga publishers, hire me so I can half translate your stuff poorly.
>>Acy made me realize just how off my translations really are haha. Glad to have this partnership. May slow down things a tad, but I think the jump in quality is way worth it.
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Real image editing mean GIMP?
Even better, Photoshop (I think)
But yeah I'm sure the only thing that's actually below is actual MS Paint.
I'm the boss bitch of MS paint tho yo. Sister was once just trying to do something simple/not putting any effort into it and made that "how do I rotate text on MS paint" joke and I was like "I just copy the text into a word doc and then rotate the pic the the word doc and then copy pasta it back over to paint"
and my sister just stared at me like I was the biggest disappointment she'd ever met.

She wasn't wrong.

(its 6am and I still haven't slept. Gomi-chan's a little high on sleep deprivation and sleeping pills ignore my ramblings)
Thank you Gomi-chan for giving me the opportunity to assist with this manga! I remember being an animal-loving kid going to the library to pick up the next volume of Inubaka and Tokyo Mew Mew, hoping my mom wouldn't look inside once I realized the manga was a bit dirty, but also feeling like I was "mature" for reading something with an "older teen" rating. I was so surprised to see someone scanlating the missing chapters.
I have work and school (and a couple of other translation groups I've been very dead in) but I hope I can work at a decent pace and maybe see this manga to completion!
When the stalker is firmly rooted in the plot now

tell me about it. Best Boi Kentaro doesn't even come back until 178, yet creepo over here's getting an entire volume basically lol.