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Vofuro OP
So, this thread got updated, it's now about adding a couple more theme tags for manga for the more brutal things not everyone likes to read. Like psychological abuse and such. Nothing spoilery, just a couple of tags. (The original idea was rejected in its original form, it's NOT about triggers anymore)

Or, like MadeOfMagicAndWires said:
So that's what's currently up for debate: should we expand the content tags, and if so, with what, and how should we name them

If you want to avoid the drama and the bans and warnings, I suggest starting reading on page 6, unless you enjoy such things, in this case, grab some popcorn. Thanks for discussing this peacefully!

Original post:
Just like there's a genre listing, I'd love a trigger listing where people can add triggers like drug abuse and child abuse or rape, and possibly whether they appear graphically or are simply described in detail.
Triggers are topics that, when people who are sensitive to them read them, react badly. Like when they read about something traumatising that they themselves experienced, it might cause a setback in their mental health.
I myself can easily avoid my personal trigger, but that can't be said for everyone. I'm aware this is a minority thing, but maybe this can be implemented somehow? Maybe even just per chapter when this appears. Because it's not always obvious beforehand. In a popular vampire isekai that was pretty much just about some cute girls beforehand, there was a near-rape scene suddenly that was really uncomfortable to read.
Would that be something you guys would consider?
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Idk, given how wide and vast triggers are these days, it's impossible to get them all. Sexual violence and gore at least is already a tag you can see on a series page.
I find this suggestion pointless because the tags are already there for a reason if you disregard them and continue reading that's your choice.
Fucking everyone wants their own personal safe space.

Hard no from me. Not only would there be an infinite amount of tags for who fucking knows what, they would also effectively be spoilers for the story. Gore and sexual violence already exist. If someone gets triggered by a dog dying, that's on them for not reading a review.

People seriously need to get a backbone and deal with life. PTSD is an actual thing which too many people who get anxious over the stupidest fucking shit try and adopt or self diagnose on to theirselves. Stories can't use anything real or terrorizing for effect now because of a few loud asses who can't come face to face with their own issues and instead whine that they got "triggered". Fuck those people.
As gomichandesu and sterven said, there are already tags for that. If you think there are more things that should have warned, you should suggest additional tags.
Idk, I think there might be some merit to this idea though. I don't code, so this could be really hard to do, but rather than "triggers" what if there was a hidden by default section of "story" tags?

This would be a section where could show certain story tropes or themes. You could move some of the cluttered genre tags there (are gore and sexual violence genres?) and add ones like revenge or betrayl. True you still couldn't cover everything but it also has the use of letting people find story tropes they like as well as block ones they hate. Also since you would hide it by default it would remove some of the genre tag spoilers.
The suggestion is too abstract. I think that one of the good arguments for some specific tags is that the content is triggering, but here we have no more than a claim that there is triggering content that should be tagged. And tagging everything that is triggering to someone would amount to tagging everything, making the tags like useless California cancer warnings that almost no one bothers to read.
Vofuro OP
Vofuro OP
So in other words, my suggestion is too abstract as it is?
I can see that. Then would it be possible to maybe add to the themes stuff like rape and drug abuse? Also child abuse or abuse in general. Those are common triggers as well.

And possibly trigger warnings for individual chapters, as those themes are for the manga overall and I've seen a couple manga who just deviate just once quite heavily and can and will set back people who have those triggers.

Also, guys, be nice. Just because you don't have some trauma or trigger doesn't mean you can diss others. Everyone has a right to a safe place and not to feel like shit for days because of one dumb scene. :)
Rape counts as sexual violence.

Drug abuse might be too soft to deserve a tag but child abuse should definitely be a tag of its own.

Personally, I prefer really broad umbrella terms like gore and sexual violence. It saves me time from reading five thousand different tags.

But there should be a line drawn. Suicide and depression may be triggering but for most of the time (unless at the beginning) it's a spoiler which I'd rather not get warned for.

Yes, there are people who would appreciate the warning, but keep in mind that the majority of readers are just normal folks whose only trigger will be that they got spoiled.
Rape is categorized as sexual violence there's a tag for that. Also the reason why some do not have tags is because they are not prevalent in the manga scene such as drug abuse, while it is
there its not enough to justify making a tag for it.

Also making individual trigger warnings per chapter is one of dumbest things i've heard no offence but do you realize the amount of time wasted just so that some people can feel safe?

As for me I HATE ntr with a passion if i go around looking for hentai the first i do is look it up for any sign of it if there is I don't read it. I'm not gonna go around asking the mods to make a warning
for me when I should have done the research in the first place.
As mentioned in this thread the Content tags are meant to double as addressing this and other cases where people might want to avoid some manga. That's why they're yellow.

We're not opposed to adding more if necessary, although we'd rather not get too specific with them so we don't have to add dozens. Rape is included under Sexual Violence, as brought up several times. I really can't think of how prevalent child abuse is in manga to warrant adding it as-is, maybe some more general tag would work better. Drug abuse seems similarly a bit of an odd tag to include, although I guess that's not entirely rare with some hentai.

We have no plans to include individual chapter tags, for trigger warnings or otherwise.
I think that overall that would be pointless. There are umbrella terms for certain series as what to expect I.e. gore, sexual violence etc.

But to put a “Trigger Warning” on each series would not only be a hassle. What “triggers” one person may be viewed nonchalantly by another. Best thing to do for now is read the genre, demographics, theme, content, and description to get a better idea of the material.

If there is something that “Triggers” you can can just stop reading. Something that may help is the exclude tag within your preferences and the search function.
Everyone has a right to a safe place and not to feel like shit for days because of one dumb scene. :)
Yes. That safe space is called your own house, a place you own. It does not and should not extend to outside communities. Safe space arguments are the exact as religious arguments: you can have them, but they in no way should be forced upon others or be to their detriment. The failure to research the media you partake in is your own fault, and the onus of burden should be on you to avoid it, not others.

Tags can be added for themes that are common, but we don't need a tag for everything. As always, I subscribe to the idea of presence that most sane tagging systems implement, whether it be vndb or EH, if it isn't a major portion of the story, it shouldn't be tagged as such. If there is a single instance of drug abuse in a story otherwise absent of such it should not be tagged.

Reviews and comments are there for your nuanced take on the story. We don't need tags spelling out every plot turn. Again, if the dog dies, that's for a comment or review, not a tag.
If you really want those tags, doesn't the tags in mangaupdates suffice? I mean they have a tag for nearly everything
Vofuro OP
Vofuro OP
Rape is covered with sexual violence, I agree. Wasn't thinking of that, but it's certainly there.

And I see child abuse quite often in manga, actually. Drug or - let's put it generally - substance abuse not as often, but I know it can be a trigger for some.
Suicide is usually covered by the tragedy tag, so that one I didn't even think of.

But there's still the problem that a manga like The Reincarnated Vampire wants an Afternoon noon is not tagged as rape/sexual violence, because it is truly not, but it has just one chapter that's borderline rape and was really uncomfortable even for me to read. I wish there was an icon or something, just something to warn people who are sensitive to that.
Just something people can look out for, so they can skip the chapter if necessary.
Vofuro OP
Vofuro OP
to put it very simply: Why do you care if there's a simple icon or marker somewhere warning people with triggers? It's like a genre description. You could just look over it, if you don't want to read it.
I'm glad you are obviously not suffering from some trigger, though. :)

And the problem is that people not necessarily check MangaUpdates for every manga. Or every new chapter for triggers. Like the manga I mentioned before, sometimes you get a nasty surprise, and if the chapter is rather new, there'll not be a tag on MangaUpdates, nor will you expect any.
Looking out for people is not wrong, don't make it their fault for failing to research stuff especially when the necessary information may not be there yet.
So post a comment on the specific chapter? If it really bothers you that much just post one yourself so that if by some random chance someone gets triggered by the
specific content of that one particular chapter they get a warning from you.
im not against it perse but i think its way too impractical to implement, people can find literally everything to be a trigger so you would need to mark almost every chapter or tags would become ridiculously specific to cater to everyones trigger.
Oh yeah suicide counts as tragedy I forgot.

Anyways, for those who indeed wants more tags, let's just cut straight to the point: what triggers do we need to keep an eye for?

Obviously we need to create umbrella terms to encompass everything so that we won't have infinity tags and potential spoilers. This is the first step.