Author Nintendo Wins UK High Court Case! Piracy Websites to be Blocked by Internet Service Providers
Nintendo has won a UK High Court case that will block piracy websites from distributing Nintendo Switch roms, modify Switch hardware, or information on how to modify one's Nintendo Switch for pirating reasons. More information can be view here:
Does VPN still work?
I am not familiar with VPN.
VPN is Virtual Private Network, basically it gives you a server in another country as a proxy so that your IP address is switched, so your internet provider will think you're in that server's country when you're actually at home.

Basically a way to trick websites with geolocked content.
I see. That seems like something that would be useful when one wants to access a website or it's features that are blocked from where they live.

An effect of this court order will be to block access to proxying services that do not provide sufficient assurance that they will block access to these piracy sites.
@Oeconomist Don't worry, people will always find ways to pirate something somehow. The internet has never failed us.

But guven this is Nintendo, probably every new method will be struck down with a ban hammer soon but piracy is like weed - cut one down and two more shall grow in its place.

Piracy has been severely throttled over various historical intervals. Sometimes the number of new weeds is smaller than those that were cut down. And, in the present context, as would-be consumers are restricted to sources in ever more lawless regions, those consumers become themselves more exposed to predation. People loading executable code from such sources take ever greater risks. (That executable code ranges from ROM images to Javascript.)
@ May_Lily

Don't worry, this is normal. The Switch is still the current gen system for Nintendo, it would be stupid to not think they would not sue to protect that technology.

These lawsuits are like produce, they go bad over time because the companies ceases to enforce them. This is as old as time, piracy modifications happen nearly every console generation.


-Nintendo 64 was cracked during it's operational lifetime with the Nintendo accessory Doctor Z 64
-Gamecube's were cracked in 2003 using exploits similar to the Playstation Bleem exploit that allowed piracy
- Speaking of Playstation Bleem Exploit, that also happened in the playstation's operational lifetime
-Wii was cracked and remains one of the most popular systems to play Nintendo Roms on. Within the first few years of it's existence.
-Nintendo Ds was cracked same story
-Psp was cracked at the BEGINNING on version 1.00
-Psp Vita was cracked (no one cares)
-Nintendo Ds was cracked.
-Nintendo Wii U was confirmed cracked 2017.
It's not something I am worrying about, crazybars as I do not pirate recent games.