Author Good websites to read Light Novels/ Web Novels
What are your suggestions for good light novel websites
I know about these few
- (meh)
- (more of a database than a reading website)
- (hate this one, but sadly it has the largest catalog, even some lost or redacted ones)
NovelUpdates is the database that directly links to the translators' websites. I don't know about many other places, but most of them are aggregators who simply re-up the translations for profit. NU should really be your one stop shop for non-licensed translations.

Baka-tsuki is the OG website where the old guard who translated light novels before the age of MTL and webshit came into the scene. Most of the stuff there is quality translation, and because of how old it is, many of the titles are written by authors who write with actual depth in their works. Would recommend just about any series on there. Many of them set the trends and archetypes in motion that you see today. Just don't expect any updates.

JNovelClub and YenPress are where the official translations, for paid money can be found. Both have questionable quality translations, but basically all novels now do thanks to the prevalence of neural network translators. If you don't want to buy them, there are other places to find them if you know where to look.
Ah Baka-tsuki that truly is an OG website I haven't been there in years but they always did have top quality stuff, and just thinking of how old the website is makes me realize how old
i've become fuck. Hell I still have an old link to Mushoku Tensei from when it was still being actively translated on their website eons ago.
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Please do pardon my intrusion. Yes, NovelUpdates directly links to the official translations. But what readers want is stable (never changing) reading experience and i am talking about theme-style(look). Not to mention you could find most of the novels at one place but don't get me wrong as i am definitely not siding with the unofficial sites because i always donate to the official sites(translators). I know i am not going to make sense by giving you a logical yet unethical example - People are lazy and they want their food in one plate even if they have to pay at the restaurant's counter, they still like want their table and plate at one place. right ?. Its same here.

These are just some examples(i know there are more but i'll just go with what i currently reading from) that don't ask for any kind of donations and in result they are not raising any 'red flag' for any major industries yet or they would be drowning in a washing machine ?. Well all in all these sites might bring many 'willing-reader'(authentic who genuinely love the novels) to the door step of Donations for the translators. Anyway these just are my baseless assumptions so i really hope for a translator to enlighten us on the prospect of this "unethical behavior" only if possible ?
I found a new one, seems decent and has a auto-bookmark feature so I can return to the last chapter that I read. Very handy for catching up on paused novels.
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I read many light novels at kisslightnovels and I always wanted tanaka the wizard novel online. This is one of the best place to read light novel.

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@The_Look_Of_Disapproval Some site called lightnovelgate exists. It rebranded to novelonlinefull or something recently, and it uses the facebook commenting embed. Lots of uploads there are taken from other sites. If you use mangakakalot, its basically the same site but for novels.
Try this one