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Because I'm interested by your dreams, and it's a good "creativity exercise".

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Saturday 24 August 2019
04:00 pm

So for some reason I was at an “anime convention”, and as I was exploring I found a cardboard box, with a wolf girl in it.
On the box you could read "Pet Me (´• ω •`)", and I am not a man you can say no to a cardboard box.
I spend some time playing with her and as I was scratching her behind the ears I remembered that I saw a ice cream stand earlier and thought it would be nice to bring one to her.
So I went to buy 2 cones but, when I came back... the box was... empty.Like my soul.


I dunno what it says about me?
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I only have three entries on my dream journal. I can't understand what I wrote, so I'm paraphrasing it a bit. This is the third entry.

January 22, 2017
Unknown time; possibly late morning or early afternoon

I was on a mission to save some children and an old woman. They were on a car going somewhere. I went on to chase them on a motorbike. We ended up on the kidnapper's base. The woman comes out of the car, but then she looks younger. She gets a grenade, pulls the pin and throws it at me.

I woke up when it exploded.

This seems interesting,
I'll pitch in my own two cents,
so let's get started.

Having watched too much Legend of the Galactic Heroes and logged a nontrivial amount of hours in space strategy games
in my lifetime my mind began to wander, cooking up grand battle plans before sleep fully took hold.

When I woke up the only thing I can remember was a rather strong desire to crack planets while claiming the nearby star systems in the name of the Empire and thought "fuck it, let's try it".

In the end victory was acquired through less "brutal" means, mostly because it takes too long delete star systems.

Well this is quite hard,
putting my dreams into text,
lots of wargaming.
I remember Flying Naked down a Road.
and there were a lot of Baby Chickens.
then it was raining forgotten passwords.
{school kept that in check|
It looks interesting mind if i shared one of my dream?

Most of my dreams are boring or forgotten and I don't feel like opening the Pandora's Box of my dark pasts to retrieve those few that I have written down.