Author Chapter 177 (Diamond no Ace: Act II)
Spent all this time trying to figure out the pitch and this is what they gave me?! I'm salty lol
Trevor Bauer-esque!

Just look at the variety of his sliders!

According to Bauer, he throws the following pitches:[30]

Four-seam fastball – thrown at 93–94 mph (tops out at 98)[31]
Changeups – thrown 80–84 mph. Bauer says, "I have two variations of it; I can make it cut or I can make it run."
Curveballs – "curve one" thrown at 74–78 mph, "curve two" thrown at 80–81.[32] According to Bauer, "I have two different grips, one that I use for a strike pitch and then another grip I use when I really want to bury it."
"Dot slider" – a traditional slider, 84–86 mph
"Circle slider" – a slider with movement more similar to a cutter. Bauer: "I use that one primarily early in the count to hit tunnels to righties, disguise it, make it look like a fastball or a changeup and keep it in the zone."
"Reverse slider" – thrown at 88–91 mph, it is designed to act as a "left-handed cut fastball ... It's a cross between a sinking fastball and a screwball—it's a little bit slower than a sinking fastball and a little bit harder than a traditional screwball would be."
Split-finger fastball – a traditional splitter, 86–88 mph