Author Chapter 95 (5Toubun no Hanayome)
@donm527 and @Finalegend Hence why I admit that I may be overlooking her good parts in favour of "what I want to see." It may also come down to the kinds of older siblings I've come across, and how I (a middle child) have viewed these relationships. Admittedly, my older brother isn't the reliable kind and doesn't try to act like the older brother; as a result, I felt like the one who had to be responsible. I'm much aware that older siblings can't always be perfect or be "the big sister/brother" as I view, and that I should not deeply fault them for being human. I'll just take it that I'm faulting her original personality that pulled an impression on me that she wasn't the reliable older sister as much, only being so when the story demanded it; maybe that was too much of expectations. I may just be discounting her intent of being the older sister (as you have properly explained below, Donm) vs the results. I may just be seeking more balance between the intent vs effect, seeing that too much leeway is given due to intent.

I think it's also a case of personal values, as I personally didn't like the actions she had taken in the later half of the current story: Deception and slefishness. Of course, Yotsuba has done the very same (and as we know, Ichika needed a push to be more "selfish"), and it may then seem double standard. However, I'd like to think that their reasons for deceptions are different, and justifies why I view them different. Doesn't help when personally, I've had bad memories when it comes to Ichika's methods compared to Yotsuba's methods. Again, for me in my mind, it may not bade well that I feel like she had already been selfish early on. Certainly she was holding back to make the best for her sisters, but as we know with Yotsuba, her attempt at selflessness may have been selfish. And to add, I don't think "that one hiccup" should be evaluated as "just one hiccup," because as you may observed, Finalegend, some people see events in a story at different levels, from different perspectives.

Just to wrap things up, I thank you two for supporting Ichika and responding back, because sadly we can't always see from all perspectives as fairly, even if we try. While I thought individuals like Donm were "blindly following" her... I know very well, that is not the case, and we need more people like such. I just encounter people who seem to lay little reason to waifu-ing characters, and even if that feeling of liking a heroine is justified, it bothers me when their response is or seemingly is shallow. Overall, in parallel to your statement of Ichika being a "good big sis" Donm... in her own way, she's definitely trying to be the best big sis she can, even if everyone is not convinced her efforts are showing the "right fruits."

Pretty cool response and just wanted to say thanks for sharing a bit of yourself too. It was pretty interesting hearing your perspective of the story taking it from a younger sibling view and how that view may shape your thoughts regarding Ichika and took a moment to try and see it from that view.

Makes me wanna contact my sisters and ask them how they thought of me as the bigger brother lol. But I may not wanna hear it lol.

But I'm pretty fortunate... Grew up with both my parents and fortunately never had to experience such (any) loss like the Quints in their story and have to be there for my sisters in that capacity... Or be there for each other like that

I mean, what a sad chain of events for children to have gone though... Their Father not in there life for one reason or another, living poor and the single mom working to feed five little girls alone and suffering an Illness and then losing her later and the siblings basically having only each other. Really sad but shown how happy they are and overcome all that by having each other.

I'm not sure who the bride will be but I am sure that after all the Quints have gone through, Negi will make sure they are all happy In the end and of course the Quints will be as close as ever so I should be OK with whomever it is. That's why even though I may believe who the bride should be from all the pieces (actually I'm still torn between two... Dang chapter 90) I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with whomever it is and not concerned any of the others will be left heartbroken... Just hope Negi weaves his magic til the end and it makes sense lol.
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wait wait wait. hol up, ichika gets a 1 on 1 private tutoring session?
Ichika is back in the game.
Fuck I love Ichika, she deserves this bowl the most.