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Now with this enticing title that has little to do with the actual point of the thread, let's begin.
My idea of this is to write here at the end of the day a piece of your mind of today, a thought you have fancied, a conclusion you're proud of, a clever joke or anything that may have come by your mind. Good or bad, funny or sad, long or brief (please don't hesitate to write extensively, I think Twitter is a horrendous invention, but sometimes brevity is twice as good, of course, which means just don't restrain yourself).
The unspoken law goes that I must start...
I am interested in the concept of erotism versus sex. I've been very attracted to erotism for a time now and this morning when I was reading a hentai, I decided to stop just at the point where they were going to fuck (leading thus to our virgin jap friend to lose his castity) because really that's the point when it stops being so erotic. Erotism feels to me like such an elusive and subtle term, so much so that I can feel it oozing out just from the personality of a girl (I'm heterosexual, probably). But when nudism comes in the way I am more interested in how that person experiences her imperfect nudity in an imperfect way, which is my major complain with any kind of porn on the Internet, which centers around the concept of "usage of bodies to cater certain fetishes and with a clear objective in mind".
I am also of the controversial opinion that so much sexual content on the Internet numbs people's appreciations and arousness of sex, as to feel the same kind of extreme arousal means you end up having to step it up a tad bit more, always a bit more, but I'm saying this out of my own experience. So all of this is why, upon seeing a beautiful view of a great girl's body downwards up saying "Lick it", I decided to call it a day and leave it at that.
PD: The male and female bodies are so incredibly beautiful when drawn.
Maybe the reason I resurrect those threads is that I'm scared to be forgotten like them.
Maybe it is my way to cope with death.
Someone dumb this down for me, too much flowery language and not enough flowers
Ok, let's support this thread necromancy.

I think a lot. When i'm thinking it's the internal monologue type of thinking.
I talk to myself, i argue with myself, i debate myself.
There are days when i like to do so and there are days when i hate it.
When i'm not working i can't stop it. I just can't.
Having a lot of work to do 'roud the house helps during days i hate it.
In the moment of typing this post i'm arguing with myself if i should start an amature getto style forge.
I may need it some day when there will be nothing major to do 'round the house.

@Teddy If it's a genuine need of dumbing down, i can try to do so.
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Actually yes, I'm confused
@Teddy I'm guessing it's 'bout the OP post.
I have no idea if OP is a he/she/whatever. I will use he but you can just replace it with whatever you want.

The title of this thread has almost nothing to do with what OP wants it to be.
The idea is that it's going to be a place where at the end of the day ppl will write some thought they liked, something they concluded, funny joke, etc., etc.
If they are good or bad or whatever doesn't matter(OP doesn't like Twatter so you shouldn't write here like you would on social media, do it however you want).
OP is the creator of this thread so he's gonna be the first one to type.
Erotism vs sex is what he is interested right at the moment of writing it. In the morning he was reading some hentai and stopped just when the sex scene was starting 'cause it's the end of erotism part and start of sexual one. Then he's trying to explain the feeling erotism gives according to him. When it comes to nudism OP is more interested in inperfect bodies then the porn/proffesional model type.
OP thinks that the amount of porn material leads to increase in us searching for more hardcore and new stuff, he thinks his opinion is controversial. He says it's opinion created by his own experience.
He thinks that's the reason he wasn't interested in sexual part of the hentai he was reading.
He ends his post typing "PD: The male and female bodies are so incredibly beautiful when drawn."(i don't think it's the confusing part).

The original post is 2years old so BlackGeneral is trying to give it new life and i've joined.

If there's anything else you need dumbing down, just ask.
@LowSanity so a civilized shitpost?
@LowSanity Could you make a rap version of Op post.
@hazzack I wouldn't say so but it's quite possible.

His reading hentai, knees weak, eyes are heavy
There's sex scene already, mom's spaghetti
Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity
He's chokin', how, everybody's fuckin' now
He's so mad, but he won't give up that easy
He's gonna type this post, uneasy

Is it good enough?
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And the fact that it is a parody of "Lose yourself" when the name of the thread is "Open Yourself" makes it even better.
All the planets were aligned to create this masterpiece.
Actually thanks, but I feel like I just wasted my time on reading this now and getting confused.

Open Yourselves

(Haiku Version)

Title is pointless
Just write a piece of your mind.
Joke, though, conclusion...

Don't restrain yourself
Good Bad Funny Sad Long Short
(Tweets are stupid tho)

It was this morning
I was reading a Hentai
when a though stroke me.

Ero versus sex
One ends when the other Starts
Don't read the "Fuck" part.

What I like to see
Is imperfect nudity
Not fetishism.

Porn is dangerous
Don't consume too much of it.
It will turn you numb.

Humans body is
incredibly beautiful
(Only in 2D)
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@StudioTrigger Could you make an Anime adaption of Op post.
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In the spirit of necroposting, awaken, my love!
I took one look at this thread and this is all I can think of...

“Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”
-William Shakespeare, Macbeth
Bro macbeth is gay. Legit tho, macbeth is utter dogshit. No joke bro, macbeth, the character, is a simp and a cuck.
@dabson while our Yung hero Macbeth may have been a simp to Lady Macbeth, you CANNOT disrespect the basedlord Macbeth after he took Banquo out of the picture.
Simp killing dumbass. He still simped hard when his wife died.
@dabson he stopped simping after Lady Macbeth went insane bc he was too preoccupied with being a paranoid idiot and planning against Malcolm/Macduff lol