Author Chapter 38 (I Am a Child of This House)
Estelles' face when he patted her head is absolutely precious X>
Although it's not unheard of to use 3D models for manga (I can think of Akamatsu Ken-sensei's 'Negima!' off the top of my head) this is the reason it isn't used all of the time. There is some cleanup involved that not all manga artists know how to do, which can result in (as you say) a visible contrast between the scenery and the characters. I felt the same when I started this series, then right as I got used to it I was caught up on chapters. Now I'm unused to it...
I'm a little disappointed in Dad if he did indeed beat up Emiel as is implied.

Though—as others have pointed out, I wouldn't be disappointed in the author—constant little reminders that not all is well with these people, this family, or their society, and that the story wants us to take such matters seriously.

(Then again, I'm not totally clear that that's what happened, either. Just that it's what our protagonist assumes.)


This particular artist seems at first glance pretty clueless how to use whatever 3D rendering software they have in the first place, alas. I can see the aliased border pixels a lot of the time! And that choice of low-poly model for the palace this time... XD

But I don't resent it at all, this is clearly what allows the artist to keep going at a reasonable pace, after all.
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