Author The 100% Orange Juice Thread
Avatar Isshiki_Kotonashi 3 mo ago
Just curious if anyone's heard of/played the Steam game 100% Orange Juice.

Star Breaker is best breaker
Avatar Zephyrus 3 mo ago
I've never even heard of this game. I could google it but it might be more fun to have you tell me what the game's about. :v
Avatar Isshiki_Kotonashi 3 mo ago
It's a board game with cute anime characters and brutal gameplay. Generally, something exciting/hilarious happens every game and things can get ridiculous. Not for people who hate losing. Marie Poppo is a choking hazard.
Avatar NibbPower 3 mo ago
I have. I kind of liked it at first but then I got bored of it because I was playing by myself. I didn't understand the game at first because at the time I played, I think that was when the game barely came out so there wasn't any sort of review or walk through as to what I was supposed to do.
Avatar Isshiki_Kotonashi 3 mo ago
Yeah, it might've been better if you had friends/people that were learning the game alongside you. It was surprisingly hard to figure out from scratch despite its relative simplicity. Also, having to play through the campaign to unlock characters might be irritating, though I think you can do so on easy(?), and you can hold shift and ctrl to speed up cpu turns if you know how to play to the point that games can take only a couple minutes.

I still enjoy playing with others, even randos who might be sadly misinformed about their prospects of winning. Aru is suffering.