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ixlone 10 days ago
Title says it all.
joe 10 days ago
Why change if its not a secret?
Plykiya 10 days ago
@Joe we changed domains three months ago because .com was banned in Indonesia for pornography. .org continues to remain unbanned after we changed the layout. The reason we maintain .com is because people use it and it's cheap to keep it online. The redirect from .com to .org broke in the past few days because experimental testing broke it and people are finally noticing that .org is the main site.

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joe 9 days ago
@Plykiya, I see! Thanks for head's up!
WhoSainT 9 days ago
@Plykiya so that's why you guys change mangadex domain,
I am very happy that you guys are care about indonesian users like me,
i am really touched.
sometimes, I will repay the kindness you gave to us.

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MysteryGirl 9 days ago
Hi, @WhoSainT.

We are happy to know that you feel as such.

As a site, MangaDex aims to be both scanlator-friendly and reader-friendly, unlike other manga readers. This means that we will not be using advertisements anytime in the near future, although we may still have other ways for readers to support the site, one of which includes renting a seedbox, of which the proceeds will go towards funding the servers used for the site.

MangaDex is founded by Hologfx (and ixlone), who are scanlators themselves, so you could also call MangaDex a site by scanlators, for scanlators.

We will however appreciate it greatly if you continue to provide feedback, as you use the site, be it bug reports, suggestions, or just general feedback.

Best Regards,

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MangaAddict69 9 days ago
I wish this was posted last week, I tried to log in on Monday and my it timed out. Luckily I did a search found that the address changed.
MysteryGirl 9 days ago
Hi, @MangaAddict69

We apologize for any inconveniences caused. We were only recently aware of the fact that the redirect has been failing, after feedback from the community.

Best Regards,
iwriteto 9 days ago
If you can figure out the redirect without breaking the site, it'd be ideal to set up the 301 since banners aren't user-proof.
Also, shout-out to whoever wrote the site! It makes my inner SEO happy to see clean source-code... Except for the meta keywords... would suggest deleting that from the template...
MysteryGirl 8 days ago
Hi @iwriteto,

Holo is the main and sole developer of the site currently, and wrote most of it from scratch, including this very forum that we are now using.

Best Regards,
ices 7 days ago
What pornography content in the .com that we are talking about here? 😎