Author Import KissManga Bookmarks to MangaDex
If you're an old KissManga user or have friends that still use KissManga then you can now user this tool to move your bookmarks over:

Step by step guide:

* Go to your KissManga bookmark's page, found here:

* Once there, open the page source code, usually CTRL+U or right-click > View page source

* You can also save the page with CTRL+S and then open in a text editor

* Select everything and copy to the first field, then press Start

* If there's a lot of people using it at the same time, you might need to wait, do not exit the page or you'll lose your turn

* Once done you'll see a list with the results, you have the option to modify the MangaDex ID for that manga or to delete it from the list

* After making the modification necessary (if any) copy the contents of the second field

* Head on over to and paste what you copied there

* Press upload and your follows should be imported!

Few notes:

All the *manga* will be almost perfectly carried over, in case you have some Western comics that KissManga hosts bookmarked (there's roughly 32 in almost 14,000 total manga) they'll show at the top of the list with certainty below 100%, MangaDex does not allow these so obviously they'll not be imported. In case the database of the importer gets outdated, normal manga will also show at the top and you have the ability to fix it before importing (or ignore it and follow manually later).

Like I mentioned, this should be almost perfect but if you spot something off (like a manga missing from your list after importing) either use the contact email in the site or let me know. Do note that MangaDex merges oneshots into collections so you might not get the exact same number of manga. Further more, some manga might have been marked as hentai, in which case you won't see them if you have hentai off in your settings.

The importer is currently in beta so it might crash, it should come back on its own but please be patient.

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Awesome thanks
Ughh. Why did I only seen this now?! I've searched and added the manga/s that I was reading one by one.

Well this was pretty helpful. Ty
Some stuffs from kissmanga isn't available in Mangadex though.