Author June update! More server upgrades incoming!
Avatar Holo 2 mo ago
June update: We had over 2 million visitors in the past month! The new webserver appears to be coping with traffic very well. The next priority is upgrading the image servers, which are operating at near capacity now in terms of bandwidth.

The support page is now open again if you're feeling generous!

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Avatar accmail12 2 mo ago
Caught this one while still open 😀, sent some love your way, great manga site that keeps improving.
Avatar falconuruguay 2 mo ago
Glad that everything seems to be going well for you guys, this site has been improving exponentially, which is very nice.

Any chance you guys could add a filter system in the future, so that way you could filter out specific genres or tags, that you either want or not want to see?
Avatar icelord 2 mo ago
IIRC it's a planned feature
Avatar Jhazat 2 mo ago
I just started getting into manga and I'm glad I did since this site makes it so simple to not only use but to track things as well, thanks for a great service <3
Avatar GurryCurryBurry 2 mo ago
You are the gift that keeps on giving.
Avatar rizen 2 mo ago
hope my donation helps. as a developer that uses AWS, I know how much this shit can cost. best of luck.

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Avatar Nick86 2 mo ago
@Holo - Nice, i really notice a improvement in the responsiveness of the image loading time (since yesterday).

But, i think is better if you remove the random cover image in the main page, this image cause a huge load lag, or at least reduce it as a thumbnal like the rest of the page.

Anyway is a great job, a very good use of the donation money. Thanks you for your hard work Doki team.

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Avatar olsloanylonesome 2 mo ago
i so told you guys there'd be another fundraiser
Avatar falconuruguay 2 mo ago

Great news, because it would make things so much easier!
Avatar HerySRCC 2 mo ago
Nice news bro.... it will make easy to access
Avatar sudos 2 mo ago
@Nick86 I concur. small thumbnail instead would be wise.
I'm interested in how the frontend/backend stuff is set up honestly. I wonder if any performance increases can be had by tweaking some things along the line of delivery.
Avatar Holo 2 mo ago

The random manga function has been improved on the beta. will take you to a random manga, added to the manga menu in the navbar.
Avatar Nick86 2 mo ago
@Holo - I mean the huge size on such image on the main page, is the cause of the slow loading since is loaded as full size picture and not as a thumbnail, this was my concern.
Just something i notice since that image is the last to load while all the other images are now loaded instant (thanks to the server upgrade).

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