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Hanen OP
Hanen OP
"When the sky fell"
The whole world stood up to look as the sky cracked open. I mean you have to... it's too big and too large of an event to see sitting down. It's also on every corner tv and every media since it is the most happening in this very moment, so it's very difficult to miss. What's not so strange is that no one is panicking. No one can blame them though really, if YOU saw it with it's spectacular lightning show, reddish haze of the setting sun, you too would think it was part of an amusement park's elaborate light show. The reason no one was even panicking was because this has already occurred once before and on the same day of the year, the day of the national winter festival parade. Back then, everyone just had assumed exactly as I described it, "a giant expense with no other purpose rather than to show off wealth". Why this parade exist... I have no idea.

Anyway... suffice to say in this long introduction, today is not the same as then. Not all of us looked up and saw something spectacular, [as] some of us knew the truth of the[that these] visions of the horror we were witnessing would not be the last of our worries[fears]... that is... if we don't act quickly with the plan we've been devising for the last 3 years. We've sacrificed a lot these 3 years...
oh god...
this better f**king work...

6/07/2018 - 1st draft of prologue

- please give me some constructive criticism... is it suspenseful? does it draw you in? which part did you hate? How should I fix it? I just want to improve my writing ability so any proper criticism is most welcome.
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