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@BlackGeneral is a great novelist, envied by many, loathed by some. But before he was a novelist, he was a nobody. In fact, he really had no body... He was a stone. For centuries he laid down the road motionless. Years came by, seasons changed, deterioration was his everyday, stone-cold life... Pushed by the wind, he could not choose his direction to go.

One day he was sleeping like always, but he got woken up from a kick by a child. His once big stature have now become a lowly pebble.
"Heh, to be woken up by a kick from a child..." BlackGeneral scoffed at his own incompetence.
"Hey! This rock is beautiful! It's round and glossy!" the child proclaimed. BlackGeneral's stone-cold heart went doki doki for a moment and let the child have his way and went back to a soft slumber.

The next moment he was woken up with a bang. Due to his drowsiness he could only hear children yelling... "Gimme back my stone!", "Oh no, he's bleeding!"
A distant sound of an ambulance...

All he could do was watch.... But that day changed him...
He apparently took a few IQ levels with him when he hit that child's head.
The wind picked him up, and so he did it again, and again, and again...

Few years later

"Hello, welcome to our printing agency! How may we help you!"
BlackGeneral only smirked.
@Pika is my model...literally.
I admire him so much that I asked a stonemason to carve me in his image.
@BlackGeneral doesn't want his favorite thread to die.
@BlackGeneral is quick to become lonely
@Pika has beautiful sparkling eyes that hide the emptiness inside
@DiMuRie looks like he/she is empty, but inside he/she is filled with rainbows, sparkles, butterflies and all the glory. I suggest going to a doctor
@Pika had a way with their words.The anime-girls-with-glasses goddesses are please.
Like Yin and Yang @DiMuRie and @Pika complement each other perfectly.
I suggest going to a pastor.
@BlackGeneral is a pastor, @DiMuRie and I went to him/her instead and he/she declared our marriage proposal
@Pika and @DiMuRie marriage was lovely.

He was in white.
She was in black.

Pika eyes was more sparkly than ever(Luckily I brought my sunglass).
DiMuRie looked like a corpse but I'm sure her inside was radiant.(Luckily I brought my anti-radiation suit)

It was a small reception, only families and close friends ... and Zephyrus.
This fox thought it would be a good opportunity to sell his new "aphrodisiac".
Fortunately a stone that fell from nowhere knocked him off.

The doc (who become a friend of the family since Pika's coma) made a really beautiful speech... I think.

Well I don't really listen because I was too captivated by DiMuRie's sister.A really cute girl: Emerald eyes; Onyx hair; Limestone skin, totally my type... I belive she smiled to me... I should have talk too her...:sight:...but I'm losing myself.

At the end of Doc's speech Pika's mom started crying, the doc just announced her that his son was now a man for an indefinite period.

After declaring them husband and wife, I brought Zephyrus to the hospital so I don't know what happens after that.
Wedding parties aren't my thing.
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@BlackGeneral : "How did I ever get in this position?"

One was shining like a lighthouse, yet it felt empty. The other was the incarnation of gloom, but had that feeling like that light at the end of a tunnel.
Gladly, there was not a lot of people here, I don't think I have every seen 80% of them.
Looking around I saw a peculiar yet familiar face.... It was Zephyrus... He seems to act like a salesman, I went to check (knock) him out.
The bride was slightly shocked but laughed afterwards. The groom however looked a bit too disappointed, eyeing on his product.

"Oh boy, more speeches?" BlackGeneral thought and he decided to look around. His eyes met with a beautiful girl. His heart raced and suddenly he remembered "What a beautiful stone!".
She smiled back and his heart went doki-doki again.
BlackGeneral covered his face in embarrassment for the rest of the speech.
He looked back up when he heard some sniffling, it was the groom's mother. "Was it that sad of a day, losing your child to a woman?" BlackGeneral thought.

After he did his own speech he saw Zephyrus still lying on the ground... "I think I overdid it..." whispered BlackGeneral "Whelp, to the hospital we go!", BlackGeneral grabbed on Zephyrus' left ankle and pulled. His face was grinding on the ground.
On the road to the hospital he thought "What was that party even good for? But I need to contact that girl!"

BlackGeneral smiled warmly.
@Pika exorcise demons with his fanfictions.
I find them with my power of detection.
We are now demons hunters.
How did that happen? Well....

-So how was it with your wife last night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-She died.
-Weird way to say you mad her c-
-No no no you don't get it, she really died, she was a succubus.
-(I spilled my coffe)Wait what?
-You know I have a problem for ... you know.
-Ha yeah, your "erectile dysfunction".So?
-Yeah that...When she understood that she wouldn't be able to get her "meal" she got angry and revealed her true form.
Fortunately I always have one of my fan fiction with me. And then(Pika put a jar of white powder on the table)
-Is this...her?
-(Pika noded)
-Damn..that explain the radiation I was feeling from her. I confound the demon and happiness aura every time *tehe*.
-Don't "*tehe*" me. Seriously, I could have been killed because of you.
-Me? It's not my fault if you married a girl you just met.
-Not your fault? You are the one who told me to marry her.
-It's was a joke bro, how should I know you was stupid enough to do it.
-Stup- Ok. You. Me. Outside. Right now!
-Think you can take me? (When I was pushing the door I realise something) Wait wait wait,
-What? You scared?
-If she was a demon, doesn't that mean that all the members of her family from yesterday are demons too.
-...Fuck (Pika took his phone and called someone)
-(Then someone else)
-(And again)
-(The sparkle of his eyes became darker and darker, dots after dots.)
-W-What is going on?
(Pika gave me his phone and sat down. It's was a vocal message, I recognised Doc's voice,he seemed a little drunk)"
"Hey kid, DiMuRie's family invited us to their manor for an after party.Of course we accepted we don't visit a manor everyday.
Well have fun kid, but not too much I'm too young to be called grandpa.
Hehe Just kidding
Ho no your mom is crying again..."
(The message ended like this)
-So the Doc and your mom was going out huh?
(Pika violently hit me with a chair,I passed out)

[It took me 19 hours to write this, I am so slowwwwwwwwwww.]
@BlackGeneral woke up on some stuffy train seat. Throb throb It felt like his head was splitting apart.
"Yeah, yer coming with me to the family! It's not like i wanted or anything! But you are also responsible for this!"
"Oh god, where are we? I hope I'll get some compensation for this..."
A pack of half eaten skittles was thrown on his lap
"You ate everything but the yellow ones!"
"Dunlikethem,youcanhaveit cough cough Aren't I generous? Almost half of the package was filled with the yellow ones, so I gave you nearly half a package worth!"
And so BlackGeneral ate the yellow skittles with disdain

Seeing Pika scribbling something on a few sheets of papers, BlackGeneral got curious
"Whacha doin'?"
"What do you think? Writing some more fanfics of course! I need some self-defense if I'm meeting them. My wife already shook me, I can't survive another heart attack! Besides my fans love them, most likely all underaged, but that's fine ehehe"
"Disgusting, but I agree. Imma sleep, I don't want to see you grinning while you're writing some disgusting stuff! Wake me when we are there."
"Pff, you stick-in-a-mud. Don't disturb me with your snores!"

BlackGeneral ignored Pika and fell asleep

After found the "Clairvoyance Map", acquired the "Magic Pencil", fought the "Army of the 1 000 devils", @Pika and me was in front of our most fearsome obstacle.
We needed to traverse a Lake.
Oh wait, my bad, an old man seems to rent boats.

-Hello, we need a boat.

--Sorry adventurer, I forgot my paddles at my daughter house.
If you bring them to me, I will conduct you to the other side.
Lets me indic you her position on your map.

-Well of cour-Wait it's literally in the other side of the world.
-Sorry adventurer, I can't leave without my paddles.

-Why do you bring your only paddles to your daughter's house?
-Sorry adventurer, I can't leave without my paddles.

-And why do you need paddles? It's a motor boat.
-Sorry adventurer, I can't leave without my paddles.

-A-are you ok?
-Sorry adventurer, I can't leave without my paddles.

-Drop it. This NPC will just keep affiching the same text box until we finish his quest.
(Pika's way of talking has become a little weird, it looks like he believe being in a video game, I think it's his way his way of mourning.
It hurts anybody so I just go with it.)

-Well It supose we just have to accomplish his "quest".

-Nope, I know this type of quest, when we will met his daughter she will say that the paddles got stolen,
When we will found the bandits they will bring us to a usurer,
But the usurer has already sold them to a guy who live in another continent,
Then this guy will ask us to save his wife,
etcetera etcetera...
No no no, we will use the Plan C.
-"Plan C"?

(Pika violently hit the old man with a chair) -Chair in the face!

The rower fall into the water. An aligator grabe him and desapear at the bottom of the lake.
That's it.Pika just killed an old man with Alzheimer. I was unable to speak.
-Don't worry he will respawn after we quit the zone.

Then we embarked on the boat. I was just watching the water, thinking to nothing...
When I came to my senses we was in front of the Manor.
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The Manor was enormous, but something felt amiss...
"Hey Pika, something feels wrong"
"Well, no shit. It's that crazy woman's family's manor, she's not even human"
"Naw, I meant it's really hot"
"Oh, now we are telling jokes to each other? What do I need to say? It's hot because of you? This story has already strayed from it's path faaaar too much, don't add more convoluted plot lines!"
"No, I mean we are near water and there are heat waves everywhere"
"What? Are you trying to tell me everything is an illusion? Pfff, are you a child? No way in hell, that a manor this big can be just an illusion. Are you out of your mind?"
"Says the one that married a non-human"
"AAAH shaddap, she was pretty human before she turned into ashes"
"Either way, open the door"
Pika tried to grab the handle to the door but it vanished into thin air
Mist is surrounding them and soon it became impossible to see where they are
"Great, as if we didn't have enough detours already. I'm done with thinking let's just walk straight on"
"Fine with me" BlackGeneral scoffed
After walking for an hour they came to a forest
"I guess we just go in since the trees look too inviting"
"Oh, is that how your wife also seduced you into marriage?"
Hoping to find the manor the two best of friends (cough cough ) waltzed into the forest
@Pika puts papers and plastics in the same container.

-It's me or this tree looks super sexy?
-Man, I know your fetish are the non-humans but even the trees... Eew.
-It's the guy who tried to seduce a golem who say that, you stone creep.
-I didn't "tried to seduce a golem" 'kay. She was totaly under my charm.
-It tried to kill us.
-It's because you scared her with your pickaxe.
-Yeah yeah if you want...But I was serious about the tree, look.
-(using his hands as binoculars) was right she is hot, however it's not a tree, but a dryade.
-A dryade?
-It's a really powerful spirit who protect the nature.
Fortunately for us, as long as you don't "offend" the forest, she will ignore you.
-Are you sure? Because it looks like she's coming towards us.
-She is maybe curious, it's not everyday you can see a weirdo like you.hehe
-She looks angry, isn't she?
They started walking backwards.
-We didn't cut trees, we didn't start a fire,we didn't kill an animal... you use recycled paper for your fanfics r-right?
-Recycled? My fanfics are masterpieces that deserve only the best. I only use pure sequoia.
Black took a sprinter starting position and rushed like crazy
-Wait for me!
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@BlackGeneral puts non-microwavable containers into the microwave

"I'll only forgive you if you read all of my fanficts and praise all of its glory"
"Please, anything but that..."
"....Only yellow Skittles for you for the rest of the month..."
"Fine, I'll take it, it's not like I'll die from it"
"Are you implying that you'll die from my masterpieces?"
"I didn't say shit"
"..Aaaaaah, here we go again, selective ears..."

The party just kept on arguing while walking and after a loong long while they began to see something resembling a building
@Pika don't understand Love.

After long months of unnecessary adventure our 2 "heroes" are finally at destination.
Hidden in a bush, they face the sinister mansion.

"The evil will finally be purged." Murmured Pika imitating Batman's voice.

"I will do what I should have done the day of this wedding" Declared Black with conviction.

"He really seems to regret what happened"Thought Pika with a pinch in the heart.
"You know it's not really your fault, I shouldn't have put all the responsibility on you...
It's true that we argue alot and all but, after all these adventures we lived together I want you to know that I maybe lost my family, but I gained a friend for life".


"What? Are you too touched to respond?"


Pika turned his head to Black and realised he was talking alone.


"Ding Dong"it's was the sound of the door bell, and the one who pushed it was... Black?

Pika was speechless "W-wha-"

The door opened, Pika instantly reconise the man holding the door knob, it's was DiMuRie's Dad.

Black bowed his head to him, and took his manliest voice.

"Sir! I here to ask you the hand of your daughter, I know I'm just a little pastor, I don't have a lot of money,and my church isn't even a real one but I swear to make her the happiest woman on earth."

At this moment, if you listen closely, you could hear the brain of the Pika melt.
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@BlackGeneral and @Pika are dedicated enough to almost fill 1 page of this thread by themselves.
@421cookies, along with @BlackGeneral and @Pika will all be in my fan fiction and I'm taking all three of you as members of my harem... also I'm character design from your profile pictures...

Expect a Regular Chibi Girl x (edit: used to be) Catgirl x NaniTheFructose harem surrounding a kawaii, screaming loli.
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