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A teacher and student romance.

Amai Yayoi, 16 years old.
A high school girl who puts her heart into expressing her love for Shiota-sensei.

Shiota Tsuguharu, 29 years old.
A high school teacher who is steadily beginning to accept Amai-chan.

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Yuu Tomonoga is a genius who was accepted to an American university at the young age of 13 and later accepted into the university's graduate program. Unfortunately, he loses funding for his research and decides to drop out and continue the research on his own. He travels back to Japan in hopes of getting funding, but he quickly runs out of money for daily living. Luckily, he gets a call from an old friend and accepts his offer to teach at an all-girls school.
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Short, often silent, chapters that come at the beginning of most issues.

01 IRIE Aki (October 2008)
02 NAGASAWA Shin (December 2008)
03 MIYATA Kouji (February 2009)
04 MORI Kaoru (April 2009)
05 TAKADA Kenichi (June 2009)
06 FUKUSHIMA Kumiko (August 2009)
07 YOSHIMOTO Masume (October 2009)
08 TOMI Akihito (December 2009)
09 TAKAHASHI Natsuko (February 2010)
10A Masahiko (April 2010)
10B RUMIKO (April 2010)
11A SANADA Junko (June 2010)
11B NUDOU Chie (June 2010)
12 KAJITANI Shino (August 2010)
13 Kikuchi Ruchi (October 2010)
14 FUKUSHIMA Satoshi (December 2010)
15 NAGANO Kouko (February 2011)
16 Kurosu Takane (April-May 2011)
17 MIDORI Foo (June 2011)
18 UNOSHIMA Yoh (August 2011)
19 Nakagawa Asako(?) (October 2011)
20 QUIET IRIE Aki (November 2011)
21 HIRAHAMA Kamome (December 2011)
22 Makita Maki (February 2012)
23 Toba Ame (?) (April 2012)
24 TAKAHASHI Hirona (June 2012)
25 Wakatsuki Kumiko (August 2012)
26 QED KASHIKI Takuto (September 2012)
27 Yabuuchi Takahiro(?) (October 2012)
28 Matsumoto Yuki (December 2012)
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Around three years ago, a village was destroyed by an evil Smarg (magical creature), in this case, a dragon. The sole survivors of the massacre, the sisters Chloe and Iria, fled to a nearby village. The younger sister, Chloe, doesn't speak, but is a friendly and diligent worker who is loved by all. The older sister, Iria, is disruptive, rude, and cruel, especially towards the unfailingly loyal Chloe. But how did two young girls manage to escape such a powerful creature in the first place? Is it possible that one of them made a pact with the Smarg?
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Lately, Shirasaka, a high school student has become anxious and restless. The reason being, is because his close friend Kuroda who is better than him in school and sports suddenly grew making him look more mature and he feels as though he will be left behind. One day after school when club activities ended, Shirasaka who still has feelings of anxiousness was napping and was suddenly kissed by Kuroda…!?
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The year is 1916. Saya and Hagi are entrusted with their first mission in Russia at the turn of the 20th century. The grand battle between Men and Chiropterans ensues in the Romanov Imperial court on the night before the Revolution!
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Shino asks his best friend Akira to help set him up with Maruyama, the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, Akira ends up taking her for himself.

Depressed, Shino heads down to a black tea shop run by a guy named Shuuji to drown his sorrow by pigging out on cakes. Sometime in the past, Shuuji had a spat with a friend or something (referred to only as “that guy”) who thinks the best way to make up is send mysterious unmarked packages of randomly selected tea. I guess he has a history of sending dangerous gifts, as Shuuji gives Shino the tea “on the house” to see if it’s poisoned. Well, the tea appears to have been laced with a genie, who promptly grants Shino his desire to be with Maruyama... But be careful of what you wish for...
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Minori wonders what the true nature of the relationship is between her childhood friend Tsugumi, who she likes, and her twin sister Kozue.
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The beginning of a love story set in a school for eccentric artists.

A college student majoring in science starts working part-time as a lecturer at an art-prep school.

Immediately, he catches the eye of the rough and wild sculpture teacher?!

(Source: Dangerous Pleasure)
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Collection of short stories of darker and mature version of Grimm's fairy tales.

- Covered in Cinders (KOTOKAWA Aya)
The darker version of Cinderella.This is a oneshot is also in vol 9 of Cafe Minamiaoyama Kottoudoori.

- Rapunzel (SAKAMOTO Mimei)
SAKAMOTO presents a more mature version of the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale Rapunzel.

- The Frog Prince (HASHIMOTO Noji)
A more mature telling of the fairytale, The Frog Prince.

- Vampire Fantasy (Hanamura Rie)
A very creepy vampire story featuring a female vampire.

- Other
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Fantasy series of short stories that involves animals:

Pet Doctor Atsushi Kirishima meets a cat-guy with tail, cat ears and an injured eye when he is searching for his runaway patient animal. Atsushi can not leave the cat-guy and takes the guy to his animal hospital with him.

Hattori, an apprentice of Atsushi's father, Kenzou finds a dog in the mountains and brings it back in a car. On the way home the dog changes into a girl.

The titles stories are:

The Sounds of a Bell Can Be Heard
The Cat's Love
A Flicker of Light (two parts)
Amber's Diary (also known as Kohaku's Diary)
The Delicate Pair (also known as Every Subtlety)
(Black Cat + White Dog) > Human

Trouble Little Traveler
A cute unrelated shoujo short story about a boy meeting tiny aliens.
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Promotional manga based on the hit Phoenix Wright videogame series by Capcom.

This fifty page manga was released along with a limited edition version of GS:YG in Japan. It features two sections, one focusing on Phoenix and one on Edgeworth, as they meet at a television studio.
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Before wizards or magic, the world was filled with girls. But one day the girls disappeared and now only wizards remain. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication have instituted a system that calls for a national census every five years in order to monitor and assess the growing wizard population. Two full-time agents have been assigned to this task by special appointment of the minister, and now must visit each household! Join them in this tale of bureaucratic bungling in a magical land!
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Tenko, a girl who always went to an all-girl school, after making friend with a stuffed dinosaur who also speaks, decides to try the entrance exam of a mixed school, previously an all boy school, because she fell in love at the first sight with one of their students : Madoka. A cute and lovely story about a first love!!
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The Kouka Opera Academy of Music is a prestigious institution, and Watanabe Sarasa– who dreams of playing Oscar-sama in the Rose of Versailles musical– has somehow managed to get in. A complete live wire, she is the opposite of Narata Ai, a former national JPX idol. They chase their dreams while dealing with a life with no boys and a strict school life.
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The 50th NHK Taiga drama is Gou. The story focuses on the life of Gou, a wife of the second Tokugawa shogun Hidetada. Gou was the third daughter of the daimyo Azai Nagamasa, who was married to the sister of Oda Nobunaga. One of Gou’s older sisters was the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, while the other married the daimyo Kyogoku Takatsugu.
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Haizuka just wants to live a normal life, a peaceful life far away from all the trouble he's faced. But as soon as he starts highschool, an encounter with a girl and a strange creature destroys any hope of a peaceful life.

Note: Was published in Monthly Jump SQ but then moved to Bi-monthly Jump SQ.19 in 2013
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A oneshot from Harta 2015-05
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Rin is a tomboyish 14-year-old who lived with her grandpa in a small village out in the countryside. After her grandpa's death, Rin is obligated to leave her village to live with her mother in Tokyo. When she arrives, she discovers an amazing secret: her mother is not an office lady, but a famous model, Myu Suzuki!
After one night of reunion, Rin's mother leaves to follow some guy to an unknown foreign country without any notice other than a letter. Without any money to survive on, and the contract between Myu and the model company, what is Rin to do?
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Karou, the male twin to the female super-model, Tsubaki, hates his face for its feminine beauty. Disgusted by the men drawn to him by his similarity to his sister, he has grown to hate any kind of contact with men. Then why is he conflicted by the attentions of Shino, the president company giving financial backing to Tsubaki's cosmetic firm? Isn't Shino just like all the other men seeking a substitute for Tsubaki?
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St. Kleio Academy is a very exclusive school: all of the students are clones of famous historical figures such as Beethoven, Queen Elizabeth I, Napoleon, Mozart, and Freud. All of them, that is, except for Shiro Kamiya. As Shiro struggles to adapt to this unusual campus, St. Kleio's first graduate, a clone of John F. Kennedy, is killed. Are the clones doomed to repeat the fate of their genetic progenitors, or can they create their own destinies? And how does a normal boy like Shiro fit in?
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When a man is found lying unconcious beside a river he is carried back to a house. There they call for the doctor (Azuma) to come and take a look at his wounds.

Azuma himself has problems with touching other people. Why can't he allow some people to touch him at all?

The man ends up being one from Azuma's past. He is now a wanted criminal. Can Azuma prevent him from going to prison?
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Eiji and Kouki are angels whose mission is to guide souls to either heaven or hell. Eiji, a black angel, guides corrupted souls to hell, while Kouki, a white angel, guides pure souls to heaven. Both have to work together as partners to accomplish their task. However, God cannot forgive black angels for their accumulated sins, and only gives white angels the power to reincarnate. Though Eiji develops strong feelings for Kouki, can he escape the cruel fate that God has given him?
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Popular stories from fashion magazine Zipper have made their way into a special book.

Letter by Hazuki Kanae
"Who are you?"
On a certain day, she discovered a letter left in her school desk...

My Best by Fujisue Sakura
"I can't touch him, because we are friends."
Where will these unsuppressable feelings lead us...

Miss You by Kumiko Saiki
And the day they part ways finally arrives...

Goodbye, I'll See You Tomorrow by Tomoko Noguchi
Yasaki, who finally gets a boyfriend, now has to enter into a long distance relationship! Even though she thought that the pain of not being able to see him was the same...

CHERRY by Matsumoto Nanako
The only person that would suit her is someone as extraordinarily popular as she is, right!? The person in question should definitely be...

To the You Who is Here by Haneda Ibuki
Does she still seem like a child to her older boyfriend?
All she wants is for him to glance her way...
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Yamada Momoka is your average 16 year old girl. Her family consists of herself, her dad who works at a TV station, and her mom. Apparently she also has a strict prune of a grandma, but who doesn’t? Except that the grandma, Yamada Tamaki, had an accident at the TV station where she got electrocuted and now looks like a 16 year old Yamato Nadeshiko. It isn’t easy for Momoka when her grandma arbitrarily decides to attend Momoka’s high school as a student as well. Tamaki isn’t just pretty, she’s also very cultured, well-mannered, and still maintains her old-fashioned streak from her 65 years of wisdom. It’s bad enough when Momoka starts being referred to as “Old Yamada” and her grandma (Tamaki) referred to as “New Yamada”, but it’s even worse when Momoka’s crush on a dashing young man starts to take an interest in Tamaki as well. Fight-o, Momoka! Protect your beloved grandma, Momoka! And don’t let her walk off with your boytoy, Momoka!

Included one-shots:
Volume 1: Keshin Panic, Ichigo Gyuunyuu na Yatsu
Volume 2: Uchi no Hide
Volume 3: Uraha Umi
Volume 4: Kaeru to Hime no Dilemma, Daisuki!