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I Kill Giants co-creator Ken Nimura (International Manga Award winner and Eisner nominee) brings a unique vision of life in Japan to the page in Henshin. The lives of a kid with peculiar superpowers, a lonely girl discovering herself in the big city, and a businessman on a long night out are some of the short stories included in this collection that will make you laugh, and even maybe shed a tear. Explore Tokyo as you've never seen it before under Nimura's masterful and imaginative storytelling, printed here for the first time in English. -Image Comics
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Some short stories featuring Kogasa and Sanae.
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ALENZYAS was proposed by Ken Nimura to EST EM,
Obata Tabao, Murai, Mopuko, Miyazawa Takeshi, and Morizumi Takedo...

In total, 7 artists are displaying their skill in character design through this work. Each artist created a hero and villain, after which the villains were shuffled amongst the artists. The idea of this anthology is for each artist to portray their created hero fight against the villain assigned to them.

From 7 unique artists, please enjoy these valiant battles of Heroes VS Villains!