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After rigorously training for three years, the ordinary Saitama has gained immense strength which allows him to take out anyone and anything with just one punch. He decides to put his new skill to good use by becoming a hero. However, he quickly becomes bored with easily defeating monsters, and wants someone to give him a challenge to bring back the spark of being a hero.

Upon bearing witness to Saitama's amazing power, Genos, a cyborg, is determined to become Saitama's apprentice. During this time, Saitama realizes he is neither getting the recognition that he deserves nor known by the people due to him not being a part of the Hero Association. Wanting to boost his reputation, Saitama decides to have Genos register with him, in exchange for taking him in as a pupil. Together, the two begin working their way up toward becoming true heroes, hoping to find strong enemies and earn respect in the process.

Note: Because some groups use the web version of the manga while others use the magazine version, the numbering won't match between different languages.
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From Viz: Wimpy Sena Kobayakawa has been running away from bullies all his life. But when the American football gear comes on, things change--Sena's speed and uncanny ability to elude big bullies just might give him what it takes to become a great high school American football hero! Enjoy all the bone-crushing action and slapstick comedy that this heartwarming coming-of-age story has to offer.
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Humans may be considered at the top of the food chain, but when people are in the presence of cockroaches, they cower in fear. Who can they turn to when faced with these insects? The Gokiburi Busters, who have yet to fail to eliminate a threat!
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When 10-year-old Kaneda Shota was involved in a car accident that claimed the life of his father, it changed the course of his life forever. Even though his mother got a job and tried her best to support her son, money was always tight. Now, unable to afford college, Shota works a part-time job, in addition to his full-time job at his uncle's factory. He dreams of one day saving enough money to go to college. He lives alone, on the second floor of one of his uncle's warehouses, and doesn't have any friends. Everywhere he goes, he rides a bicycle, with headphones to block out the flashback-inducing sounds of the cars. His quiet way of life is about to be interrupted. Due to pressures from the economy, Shota's job at his uncle's factory is going to be cut to half-time/half-pay for a while. In addition, Shota's uncle has agreed to lend the first floor of Shota's warehouse to a college club. This club is building a solar car to enter in a race, and they're hoping to get Shota to lend them his mechanical expertise. Will Yazaki Junko and the other club members be able to handle Shota's anger and bitterness, and draw him out of his self-imposed isolation?
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Onepunch-Man/Dangan Tenshi Fanclub crossover ad.
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The story is set in the year 2050, in a place called Sky City Tokyo. The main character, Park, is a window cleaner. If you've ever experienced those street windshield washers that descend upon your car when you stop at a red light, you can imagine what Park does for a living. Except worse, because in Sky City Tokyo, the cars travel in mid-air! How does a window cleaner become a hero?
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Sergeant Kai takes responsibility for the hardest missions, earning himself the nickname "Iron Heart". Kai claims that he's doing it for promotion but is there something more behind his ambition.....?
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Kai has a policy never to use his curry-powered nuclear blasters built in surgically into his arms in the same place twice. But when he finds that he is targeted, and that he has a chance to repay his town's debt, he experiences a deja vu.
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Kobayakawa Sena (Eyeshield 21) meets Monkey D Luffy (One Piece), Naruto, Son Goku (Dragonball), Bobobo (Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo), and Toujo Aya (Ichigo 100%) in this short adventure that serves as an advertisement for the game with the same name.
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The princess has been captured by the evil demon king and the king offers her hand in marriage in return for her rescue! But things aren't all what they seem...?
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Oneshot about a unique magical girl.

(The raw link leads to a partially redrawn version by the author.)
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Special chapter