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A collection of stories:

01. Himerareta Hana by KUNIEDA Saika
Included in The Miniature Garden.

02. Soushoku Mine-san by TAMAQUIS Wren

03. Reo-san wa Ura CP ga Osuki!? by TAMAQUIS Wren
Side story to Secret Flight.

04. Atatakai Ame (The Warm Rain) by OOTSUKI Miu

05. Yuke! Charisma Manbiki G-Men by TARIRA Bee

06. Chiifuku! by Ukino

07. Kuchiyosete Tonight by TAKASHIMA Kazusa

08. Shibatte Suki na Hito! by ISAKI Rika

09. After Dark by YUKI Ringo

10. Mayoeru Kami-sama ni Ai no Te o by SAKURABI Hashigo

11 Chick-Chick by YAMANE Musashi

12 Love Is Blind by Est Em
A sweet story between a boy and a minotaur from the circus. Their appearances may be different, but love is "blind". - Momocha Scans
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Anthology of stories by different Shoujo/Josei Authors
1) Borderline (NEMU Youko) **Also printed in Nemu Youko's Shounen Shoujo**
2) Akatsuki no Stallion (SHINOHARA Chie)
3) Ashita no Nyaata (NISHI Keiko)
4) Hibi Kore Neko Jitsu (HATSU Akiko)
5) Bokura Shinbun (OUSAKA Mieko)
6) Sorekara (Hozumi) **Also printed in Hozumi's Shiki no Zenjitsu**
7) Neko ni Umare Kawatta Boku wa (SAKURAWA Asuka)
8) Kyou wa Shuppatsu no Hi (OOUCHI Eiko)
9) 04992 (Est Em)
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A collection of stories

1) Rei no Otoko 「れいの男」 by Harada
2) Koide-kun no Junan 「小出クンの受難」 by SAKURAI Ryo
3) Ofisu de Ren'ai Zangyou-chuu 「オフィスで恋愛残業中」 by KITAZAWA Kyou
4) Shitagau Hodo ni「したがうほどに」 by FUJIMURA Ayao
5) GALLOP!!「GALLOP!!」 by Est Em
6) Katappashi kara Zenbu Ai 「片っ端からぜんぶ愛」 by Kakine
7) Sono Hitomi ni Torawareru 「その瞳に捕われる」 by SASAMURA Gou
Two working men working together and one breaks the others glasses. So he has to get close to see his face.
8) Sachiku Naito「社畜ナイト」 by ISAKI Rika
9) Shachikuna Ore to Sakushina Kouhai「社畜な俺と策士な後輩」 by yoshi
10) Renai wa Zangyou no Ato de「恋愛は残業のあとで」 by KITANO Megumi
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1-3) Ultras
A victory for the national team was decided in the European Football Championship that night. The whole country overflowed with joy, including Leon who drank, raised hell, and ended up spending a night together with "someone he should never have gotten involved with." That man's name was Al, from the rival team Liberta's ULTRAS supporters club! He understands that it will never work, but from their first meeting, Al is lodged firmly in his heart. From The Moon in a Box.

4) Say Hello to Mr. Smith
A suave conman, John Smith, bumps into a French man on the streets who tries to pick his pocket. The pickpocket, Jean, convinces the swindler to bring him home, but where will things go from here? John will soon learn that Jean is not just a pickpocket....

5) The Onlooker
A man with binoculars watches a single window, watching an tenant's every move. The apartment is filthy... and it excites the man who was raised to always "maintain a clean environment". His target, an author, releases a new book --- and the title is "The Onlooker" about a man who watches a single window...

6) Who Killed Oscar?
A complicated love story between a director and an actor. Tom shows up on Jim's door one day, years after they broke up, looking for inspiration for his scripts. Both men have fallen to very low points after having won an Oscar together 10 years before. Jim is acting in stage plays to pay his rent, while Tom's movies are all busts. Can the two men somehow create something beautiful once more?

7) Local y Visitante
Since he realized he liked guys, living in Spain was torment for Angel. After he migrated east (to Japan) he suddenly found himself popular with both men and women... even being nicknamed "Invincible Armada". All is useless however, since he can't get his target - Taka, his coworker. One day, one thing leads to another and Taka tells Angel he is gay too... but Taka's not his type!?

8) Tiempo Extras I+II (Ultras Extra)
Leon's grandpa finds out about him and Al.... oops.
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A gorgeous collection of six retellings of fairy tales and well known stories: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Bamboo Princess and Carmen – however, in this case the main characters are all men. Drawn in the accostumed gorgeous style of Est Em, Ever After brings us an interesting and sensual twist of all these classics.
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Genji, a protagonist from classical Japanese literature, slips through time from the 11th century to modern Tokyo. Or more specifically, into the apartment of Fujiwara Saori!
Even though this is a story from the recent past…a man who suddenly appeared in my room seems to be “Hikaru Genji.” Yes, the one from the Heian period, the insanely popular young nobleman who is the main character of “Genji Monogatari.”
At first I thought he was a suspicious guy in cosplay, but after I had bashed him over the head with a metal bat, I decided to watch over him for a little bit. Soon he became like a parasite, and if he weren’t so elegant and shy…
Everyday life has become fun. He started posting waka and such on Twitter, and soon he had lots of followers.
That guy really likes women. But he hasn’t laid a finger on me. Oh! But it’s not as if I want him to!
Well, I really don’t know why, but it seems as if a gorgeous NEET has come to live with me…? (From Limerent Void Scans)
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The betrayal of her lover sends Chica into despair and as result she attempts to end her own life. But she is saved by a man called Antonio, who helps nurse her back to health. After the devastating experience, Chica chooses to lead the rest of her life as a matador. It is then Chica that decides and swears: "I will become a bullfighter. By becoming one, I will be able to die in front of my lover." But little does Chica know of the difficult road that lies ahead and the trouble she must face to follow the path of a matador...
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Dame BL is "a collection of BL oneshots written by some of the lesser-known participants in the genre (and some you may be familiar with already), with a focus on less conventional settings and characters. We're very far away from high school here, which hopefully you'll agree makes a pleasant change of pace."

1. Be Here to Love Me (KUMOTA Haruko)
The relationship of a foot-fetishist and his cunning colleague.

2. Kou no Kawa/River of Time (MOROZUMI Sumitomo)
Set in ancient times, a village is near starvation due to a bad harvest. For some reason, the young chief takes care of a cursed man he finds lying in the river...

3. Khaa Thoong (Est Em)
Can the young Thai kick-boxer rekindle the thirst for competion in a senior boxer after his devastating defeat?

Column 1 (AOYAMA Toomi)
Useless Side Characters

Column 2 (Kashima)

Column 3 (KUSAMA Sakae)
Terror! Kappa Lake

4. Natsu no Saigo ni Yosete/Seeing It Through Until the End of Summer (UMEMATSU Machie)
Two elderly men reminisce about their lives together over a bowl of peaches.

5. Locas! (OKADAYA Tetuzoh)
Jean-Luc fell in love through correspondence in a chat with Al. What will occur, when he will decide to meet off-line? Is it really Al that wrote to him in chat?

6. And Robo (CHIBA Ryouko)
A touching tale of robot clones... or something.

7. Shinumade BL Shindemo BL/No BL No Life (Takeuchi Sachiko)

8. Tonari wa Nani wo Suru Hito zo/What's the Neighbor Doing? (UNO Jinia)
The unusual love a man has for his fan in the hot summer.

9. Soldier/Through the Darkness (Zin)
A nazi sadist and a prisoner in camp. Excitement, desire, but... what about love? Attachment?

Column 4 (KEVIN Komine)
Trembling Pecs

Column 5 (COTORINO Deathco)
Eronashi BL/A Non-Erotic BL

Column 6 (PSYCHE Delico)
Mixed BL Presentation

Column 7 (YONEDA Kou)
I want to be told that it's no good.

10. Muhou no Shounen/A Reckless Young Man (Mochimeko)
A story involving a Reckless Young Man and some scary faced gangsters.

11. Ima Doushiteru/What Are You Doing Right Now? (ROTTA Ikumi)
The funny relationship between a man who has a fetish for soft/chubby things and his fatty otaku-friend.

12. It Must Be (MOMOYAMA Naoko)
A story about two professional cyclists and their travails.
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A series of one-shots set in a world that seems to be mostly like ours... but with centaurs. The stories are all about human/centaur interaction, and most have a slice of life feel to them. Some are sweet and innocent, some a little sad, a couple are explicit. Featuring est em's typical deceptively simple, masterful composition and writing.

1. Dun Black
2. Chestnut
3. Black and White
4. Leopard
5. Gray
6-8. Bay Silver
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"The only one in heat is you." From real fluffy beasts to half-humans, gods, and even an unknown creature?! An extravagant line-up of non-humans is featured in this BL anthology!

#Cover Illustration: Takanaga Hinako
1. Toraware no Otoko (囚われの男) -Takanaga Hinako
2. Boku no Emono (ぼくの獲物) - Machi Komachi
3. Kami no Nie (神の贄) - Touno Umi
4. Senpai ni Mayu to Ore (先輩に繭とオレ) - Kuju Siam
5. Neko Neko Honey (ねこねこハニー) - Narazaki Souta
6. The Basement (the basement) - Est Em
7. Ichou no Hanashi (銀杏のはなし) - Kusama Sakae
8. Alpha Omega (ΑΩ) - Kuku Hayate
9. Boku no Danna-sama (ボクの旦那様) - Naono Bohra
10. Boku Dake no Itoshii Akuma (僕だけの愛しい悪魔) - Natori Isato
11. Kami-sama no Shippo (神様のしっぽ) - Kamei Yogorouta
12. Hakurou Ou no Manayome (白狼王の愛嫁) - Kushino Yui (story) & KASAI Ricaco (art)
13. Hitoribocchi no Tanta (ひとりぼっちのタンタ) - Moto Haruko
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A sensational chocolate overload.
Flooding taste with a pinch of romance.
A different kind of love story, revolving around a certain esteemed chocolate aficionado.

Jean-Louis, an extraordinarily talented Parisian attorney. Above all else on earth, his lifelong love has been - Chocolate. Troubled people cross his path in every direction he travels. As one might expect, might chocolate become Jean-Louis' method of salvation for these grieving souls? Furthermore, what mysteries of his past shall surface??
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The manga follows a maker of individually crafted shoes after he returns home from a trip to Florence, Italy. One day, a surprise visitor comes to his studio.
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A collection of short stories about love and family and life.

  • Nevertheless Ignorant / I'm Not Very Experienced, But
    The first story is about an omiai and the qualities sought in a marriage.

  • Clear Sky / Clear Skies

  • K
  • Zebra Grass / Silver Grass
  • This Journey / My Condolences
  • Frigid / Cold

    N.B. The translators provided different translations of the titles
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    Formerly known as Gallop!!, this manga is a collection of short stories.

    After the passing of the Equal Opportunity Employment Act, everyone has equal rights in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are still many logistical difficulties yet to be overcome. Like, how's a centaur supposed to sit at a desk made for humans, anyway?
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    An art student becomes infatuated with an older woman who serves noodles at the university cafeteria. Little does he know that she has been fantasizing about him herself. Complicating the matter is her past relationship with the student’s professor…
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    Follows two friends, Billy and Nick. These boys have been living as roommates while doing everything they can to promote their band, “The Rebels.” Billy has been harboring feelings for Nick for some time, but hasn’t yet found the nerve to try and move their relationship beyond the boundaries of normal friendship. In the world of struggling artists, trouble is always on the horizon, and is soon to rear its head as the other members of the band grow tired of Nick’s free-thinking and easy-going ways. They want the “hippy” out of the band, leaving Billy with a heart-wrenching choice: Should he follow his life-long desire to make music, a career he’s thrown countless hours of time into? Or, should he side with the boy who stole his heart long ago, his true best friend, Nick?
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    1&2 ) Tableau Numero 20
    Ever since he discovered the rough sketch for a lost painting by the 19th century French artist Maurice Olivier in a library book, a modern-day art expert, also named Maurice, has yearned to see the actual painting. Is it the work of art he's in love with or its mysterious subject?
    - The Moon in a Box

    3) Just Not Like a Merry-Go-Round
    Minoru has been in love with Kei-chan forever. "One hundred times. One thousand times. One hundred years go right by." Starting with a merry-go-round, and ending with a horse race... Minoru bets on a horse who keeps running but never catches up. If that horse wins.... maybe Minoru can too.

    4) Rasgueado
    Working in a no-name bar for petty cash frustrates Jesus, a beautiful professional dancer. Jesus prostitutes himself to tourists for extra money - but Aldero, an older man who plays guitar for the bar is sick of Jesus wasting his youth. Jesus loves Aldero and the sound of his music, but as life goes, he is forced to part with them.

    5) en el parquet
    A story about an old couple. One who has lost his memories, forever waiting for the man he loves; and one who must watch the man he loves wait for his past self.

    5) le visiteur
    Continuation of the Tableau Numero 20 story. Yves is still searching for Maurice Oliver - his love from the past - and one day he sees Maurice Oliver in the museum...

    6) Extra - Sunday in Paris
    Yves causes Maurice more trouble in the museum.

    7) Extra - Monday in Paris
    Al and Leon from Ultras are visiting France. Al met Maurice when he brought a group of children for a tour to the Louvre. The two bump in to Maurice at a cafe... with Yves trailing behind. Where did Al see that man before?
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    Rafita is the young, rising star of the bullfighting world known as "The Red Matador." He has never feared facing a bull since his first kill at the age of twelve. But when he falls in love with Mauro, a butcher who rends the bulls that Rafita kills, his confidence begins to waver.
    In the matador's dreams, Mauro (who, like a bull, is colorblind) is alternately the bull he faces in the ring and the butcher who carves up his own skewered corpse.
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    When they were children, being brothers was enough reason for Taisei and Kouta to live together.

    However, since they've grown up, Taisei has become aware that his feelings for his little brother Kouta go beyond brotherly love. He can't take these feeling anymore and leaves home.

    Several years later, when he returns home suddenly, Taisei asks Kouta earnestly, "Teach me the family business!" And so the next chapter of life together begins.

    The little brother tries to pretend he doesn't know how his older brother feels, while the older brother wants to make his younger brother acknowledge his feelings.

    With their dyers' studio as the setting, est em creates a Japanese-style BL based on the feelings of these step-brothers!!
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    ALENZYAS was proposed by Ken Nimura to EST EM,
    Obata Tabao, Murai, Mopuko, Miyazawa Takeshi, and Morizumi Takedo...

    In total, 7 artists are displaying their skill in character design through this work. Each artist created a hero and villain, after which the villains were shuffled amongst the artists. The idea of this anthology is for each artist to portray their created hero fight against the villain assigned to them.

    From 7 unique artists, please enjoy these valiant battles of Heroes VS Villains!
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    Five short stories which take place in the artistic worlds of dance, painting and music, the overall theme being a dichotomy of hope and despair as well as passion and anguish. In the title story, devastated by the death of his world famous dancer mother, Theo Galland abandons his own dancing career to become a Hollywood actor and meets the famous Hollywood actor Daren Ferguson. What should have been a joking kiss shared between them takes a sudden turn, however, when Daren asks “So what comes next?” Theo answers “That depends on the scenario.” As lustful passions boil over, will Theo be able to regain the fire that he once possessed and return to the dancing world?

    Story1: Ch1-2 Curtain Call / Seduce Me After The Show
    Story2: Ch3 Café et Cigarette
    Story3: Ch4 Rockin' In My Head
    Story4: Ch5-6 Nero/ Monochrome
    Story5: Ch7 Twilight Cicadas