Akagami no Shirayukihime
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Alt name(s):
  • 00 Day of Summer Holiday
  • Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
  • Bind Us
  • Bokura o Tsunaide.
  • Die rothaarige Schneeprinzessin
  • Four-season Colour of August
  • Hachigatsu no Shikisa
  • Kızıl Saçlı Pamuk Prenses
  • Natsu Yasumi Zero Zero Nichime
  • Red-haired Snow White Princess
  • Shirayuki aux cheveux rouges
  • Shirayuki: Śnieżka o czerwonych włosach
  • Snehvide med det røde hår
  • Snow White with the Red Hair
  • Красноволосая Белоснежка
  • بيضاء الثلج ذات الشعر الأحمر
  • شيرايوكي ذات الشعر الأحمر
  • สโนไวท์ผมแดง
  • 紅髮的白雪公主
  • 红发的白雪公主
  • 赤髪の白雪姫
  • 赤髮白雪姬
  • 빨강머리 백설공주
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  • 8.98
  • 593
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  • 306,710
  • 13,241
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Shirayuki, a young girl born with unique apple-red hair, happens to meet a famous but foolish young man, Prince Raji. He falls in love with Shirayuki at first sight, and orders her to become his concubine.

Determined to do whatever it takes to resist his advances, but with nowhere else to go, Shirayuki cuts her hair and escapes to a neighboring country. While traversing through the forests, she meets an injured boy, Zen. After she boldly heals his wounds, he in return helps her. Meanwhile, Prince Raji sends out his henchmen to search for her.

What will become of Shirayuki? What is Zen’s true character? A refreshing fantasy story between an optimistic heroine and a prince who constantly stays on her watch.

Extra stories:
v01 - Hachigatsu no Shikisa (Four-season Colour of August)
v02 - Bokura o Tsunaide. (Bind Us)
v14 - Natsu Yasumi Zero Zero Nichime (00 Day of Summer Holiday)
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  • Volume 0/?
  • Chapter 0/?

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Remember when this was just a tiny 10-something chapter manga about a red haired girl who wanted to become a royal pharmacist and the prince of a country who...wanted to be a better prince I guess?
Pepperidge farm remembers.
This manga updates so slowly that I have to go back and reread like 10 chapters to remember whats going on. The arc rn isn't very interesting to me. The Obi and Shirayuki moments are so cute but I really just want her to get together with Zen already.
I'll have grandkids before this manga is finished.
Why is everyone shipping obi shirayuki lmao, there will be always this one sided love and obi fortunately the one who get it. A little screentime of zen shirayuki is what makes this series great imo (besides an actual good political drama)

Also, long live best wingman Obi
god i fucking hate obi and how much screentime he gets... dropped it a while ago cuz of that
I wonder if the author anticipated how popular obi x shirayuki would be and if they regret making zen first ML.

I dropped this awhile ago cus I didn't want to be hit by second lead syndrome, Obi is just too good. At least the author can look at this backburner ship for reference in the future when they want to write a captivating romance 🤣
@Wg_gvikh_555 thank you for your feedback

i am neutral for both guys as they are both great in their own portrayed personality, i don't mind to whom should shira will end with... as long as the author could pull enough supporting foundation in her decision like i could say chemistry or reasons related to her heart maybe to the guy she will choose to... not only just because she loves him, there must be a process on how that love bloom.

without these basic fundamentals maybe the ending will become meh and disappoint some readers.

we could just hope for the best in this manga for giving us a good story XD
@sinbyeong Sorry but i kinda dropped it halfway trough (or at least is currently on hold) when i thought that it wouldn't turn out the way i wanted too but after reading your comment i might pick it back up just to see how's the story going. For the whole following the legend of king arthur i'm not quite sure since usually it's hard to tell who the main is gonna end up in shoujo mangas especially for ones like this where the fl and the ml both have a good and stable relationship. Also it's very rare for mangas to have the main end up with anyone other than the 1st lead
@Wg_gvikh_555 err... hello, i would like to see your opinion, i am not yet able to completely read all chapters up to date but regarding about the romance i saw in the comment like zen x shira and obi x shira, do you think the author is trying to do a route with a little or slightly similar in romance with the historical legend of king arthur (arthur x guinevere and lancelot x guinevere)?
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One of my favorite mangas honestly. It doesnt have a lot of tragedy or drama and is a good cleanse if you feel down in the dumps or upset about a manga or a show. I come here when I feel sad for just a gentle story. I love the art style too. With that being said, Character development is nice and I just enjoy it all around. I hesitated the first few chapters because of how fast it moved but I am so glad I kept on through. Its very wholesome.
We need a cucked tag
You're not alone 😆. I thought the relationship with Zen was too stiff and sudden compared to the interactions between Obi and her.
Even though Zen is handsome Obi is so charming😍

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Aye, I am very biased in ships and this case is one of them lol

And I kinda gave up on this series
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I want a obi background story on its own, god he's so charming 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️
Can someone update/sppoil me with the happenings in akagami, i dont wanna read but i wanna know what's up lmao
ok, ik imma sound crazy n ridiculous here but am i the only one who ships shirayuki n obi? like ik they wont get together since the manga n anime made it pretty damn clear that shirayuki n zen are canon but i cant help myself man😅 please tell me im not the only one tho....
(dont get me wrong tho, im not one to like love triangles but i just feel like the relationship between zen n shirayuki happened too quickly. although they do have good development as the story progress i still feel like obi would be better. n please trust me when i say that i really want to be on team zen since i hate being on the losing end >_<)
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I've reread the whole thing and I want more. I'm ready for the drama.
so where is 97-112?