ib - instant bullet
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  • ib - インスタントバレット
  • ib: Instant Bullet
  • 인스턴트 불렛
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Everything in this world is my enemy. This kind of world is worthless.

A boy, who is called a demon with no human heart, breathes, lives and imagines. But what is the pounding in his heart when he heard he is going to save the world? That's not his wish, though...
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Story and twists are interesting, but man, these brats and their childish, edgy motives and wishes are just irritating. And their broken children's lives don't justify It at all. "My life fucked up, so everybody please die or at least somebody love me!" Is this really seinen? Totally feels like shounen manga. In afterword Aka said he hatched idea of manga when he was in high school and he wrote this in his early 20 or something? So that explains a lot. I bet Aka will never write continuation cause he outgrew such stuff. I don't think this manga is bad, I guess it's good, but turns out I'm just too old for it.
okay this one. This one. out of the many many MANY manga I've read I'd say this is part of the top three I've read, and the best in terms of plot.
Granted, I've had a tendency to read more of romance, fluffy stuff, so my plot comment might not be the greatest-- but I've read a lot of stories, and one that has gripped me this much every single chapter and made me hold my breath while the site loaded to the next chapter has been nonexistent until now. I've read it a year or so ago and I still hold it in reverence.
15/10 would recommend. I laughed, cried, and jaw-dropped way too hard for a 20-something chapters-long manga. Kudos to the author, and horrible decision on the part of the publishers to axe this masterpiece.
@TrueGoddessReincarnation link to where he says he cancelled?
So the mangaka "made" it with Kaguya and went back on his word. Fuck him.
loved it~
Yo @PantsMan thanks mate
I ve been searching for that title. I ve finish it before but i forgot the title. Imma read that masterpiece again.
I still love it....I ve finished it a few years ago but this manga is still my fav. Call it edgy all ya want. But most of the negative things in there is true.
Kind of dissapointing.
Wow I had no idea this was made by the same Mangaka who is doing Kaguya. I only made it to chapter 6 a couple years ago, I barely remember what I read I just remember it being edgy so I dropped it. Still can't believe the Mangaka went from making this to something like Kaguya.
@ikhwan26 I get where he's coming from. This definitely feels like the kind of rough-around-the-edges, chuuni but nonetheless sincere series one can only write when they have that certain mindset (*cough* Tsukihime). It would probably spoil the charm to try and make a direct sequel to it while trying to keep the same tone now.
@ikhwan26 For god sake you almost make me lose will to live lmao.
I read the raw, it's last year interview from when kaguya won the award. It more or less like the translation says. He want to do it but due to the distant age difference with the characters, even if he works on it again it will likely turn into different shape.
@421cookies sorry, it might sound irresponsible. someone in 4chan said that it's from aka's recent interview but i can't find the thread anymore.

anyway, i did some research and this is the closest thing i got

"He would like to revisit ib, but he feels that the emotions put in to it are limited to while he’s in his twenties. He feels very far away from the emotions of characters in their teens now. If he were to revisit it, he’d want to do so in a different form/shape."

there's still things that left untranslated tho, so i'm not sure if it's the most recent one
@ikhwan26 What!? Source?
for anyone waiting for another ib
aka said he can't get the feel of ib anymore so remake or continuation is unlikely.
What a wild ride, I couldn't keep up with all the twists in the last chapters! Still not sure if my tears for yume were justified after everything that happened. I want a happy ending, but honestly I'll take whatever Aka serves whenever he comes back to this. Overall a great read!
I really like this manga.
Can't really explain why and people have asked me why as I generally don't go for these types of manga.
Maybe the edginess?
Maybe the art?
Maybe the story?
Maybe the wanting more?

Not too sure myself, but I read this before Kaguya so I think of my man Aka Akasaka as "the ib man" instead of "the kaguya man," and I can't wait until this gets more story as he says he will give it.
This one really good, damn xD
Holy Guacamole,this was a good manga.
I was really surprised to see that the creator of Kaguya made this.
This was a fucking wild ride man.
The ending just made me want to see more of this.
Maybe after the end of Kaguya,Aka will come back and make more with this story.

Also I might as well say it here:The faces Aka draws are really something that you'd see in a horror manga.
Witch girl is literally just Haruhi, was not surprised with her shit at the end
Wrote a review on this, here it is:

I'd like to see this series again, some day. I don't think it was the best as it was when initially released, and I'd like to see Aka take to it again with the experience and skill he's gathered in making Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to.