No Bra
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  • NO BRA
  • Nobura
  • Tanpa BH
  • のーぶら
  • 同居非男孩
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This is a story about 2 childhood friends, Masato and Yuki, that reunite as teenagers. Masato is surprised to find that Yuki has become so cute, but even more surprised to realize that Yuki was, and still is, a guy. Yuki's affection for cross-dressing leaves Masato with feelings of discomfort and fright.
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the plot of the first chapter does not bode well for this manga. feeling uncomfortable with yourself so forcing someone who clearly prefers to dress as a woman to cut the hair that they have grown out seems like some mega manipulation. author has some brain problems
Que fim desbroxante, como a loira ficou com o gordo? Que viagem
even having in mind the tags... pretty disappointing... not talking about the ending couple but the execution feels like was forced in using dentists tools (they could have worked the same ending with more taste)... welp... guess is still a product of its time (2002).
This is so stressful to read and has lame ending IMO.
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Pretty gay ey! This manga is fun to read tho also dem vThese people are fucking serious.
@1986ctcel You're right, I am ignorant of the specifics of the story because I have not read it, this is true. However, I'm not arguing the specifics of the story. I am simply analyzing the reactions of the characters that you guys have revealed to me on a psychological level. And nothing that you have said to me has subverted what I've said whatsoever. The MC admits that he is attracted and likes this Yuki, from what you've said. The question is, would he harbor the same feelings if Yuki wasn't a cross-dresser? Considering how uncomfortable and weird he finds the idea of his attraction to Yuki because of the fact that Yuki is male despite his feminine appearance and bearing (I'm assuming on the attitude portion, since the MC mistook Yuki for a girl from the start, so I figure he must have feminine personality traits), I highly doubt it. The entire hook of the series from my point of view, just from what you have explained to me here, is that a straight male is confusedly attracted to his cross-dressing male friend but in the end decides that his sexual preference still lies with girls. Again, I posit that if Yuki had never cross-dressed, this entire pseudo-romance between them would never have happened. The MC is clearly only sexually attracted to Yuki because of his feminine appearance, and all of his interactions with him will be influenced by that appearance. That is what I meant by deception. I mean, does Yuki want to become a fully-converted girl (as in getting the proper operations and treatment)? If not, then the idea that the MC is only attracted to Yuki because he looks like a girl will most likely end up blowing up in his face the instant they get to a physical relationship and the MC remembers that Yuki has a penis. I'm not trying to say the way the MC's decision was made is good, but you're not willing to admit that (just from what you've told me) all the signs were there that this would never end up with Yuki and the MC being a couple.

Also, as far as "Saying that just because the MC wouldn't be interested in Yuki if he didn't crossdress and look so girlish is like saying he wouldn't be interested if a girl didn't have nice curves or a good complexion or if she was obese.", I think you are vastly underestimating the influence that a person's physical appearance has on the interactions others have with them. Humans are honestly very shallow creatures, and physical attraction is a very important first step to any romantic relationship. So, yes. I am saying that the MC more than likely would never have fallen for Yuki at all if he had never cross-dressed, and also most likely wouldn't be attracted to a girl with the traits you have listed.

Lastly, a friend of mine brought up a good point that I forgot to mention. A male can find another male attractive without wanting to be with them sexually, which let's be honest here, is the basis of any healthy romantic relationship. I find men attractive all the time, I recognize them as an attractive man, but I don't want to have sex or anything with them. Considering the MC's discomfort with the thought of being attracted to Yuki when Yuki is the same gender tells me that the MC doesn't find Yuki attractive the way a straight man finds another man attractive, but the fact that Yuki looks and I suppose? acts like a female.
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@Istvan90623 She wasn't his GF she was just some girl he had a crush on and spoke to a couple of times. They weren't even dating until the end of the manga.

@Nermie01 So what? Yuki didn't hide the fact that he was a guy at all even with the crossdressing, he was open about it and his attraction. Saying that just because the MC wouldn't be interested in Yuki if he didn't crossdress and look so girlish is like saying he wouldn't be interested if a girl didn't have nice curves or a good complexion or if she was obese. Yuki was simply an exception to hims normal heterosexuality.

I t always /always/ came down to the MC feeling bad or weird about his repeatedly acknowledged attraction to Yuki. So no it wasn't "underhanded" at all. It was literally done the same as other Otokonoko genre series like Prunus Girl handled things with how their MC's repeatedly go on and on about how they're attracted to the crossdresser but it's "wrong"/"weird" because the object of their affections is a guy before gradually accepting that it's not a big deal and that it's ok to think a boy is attractive. FFS the dude literally says he likes Yuki and admits to wanting to get together with him right before the author pulls the moronic "I still have feelings for that girl I have a crush despite not really knowing her on so back to the stupid love triangle status quo" thing

It's also rich in how you're declaring you'll never read this series but spend a lot of time trying to defend Istvan's view of the manga. Either read it or stop trying to argue about series you don't know

EDIT: And once again the "yaoi route" only derailed due to stupid cliches made to keep the tension going along with bullshit plot "twists" that basically had the entire manga up till then lying to the readers in order to set up a dumb "subversion" by expecting the readers to believe the MC isn't the childhood friend Yuki was looking for and it was instead what's her face.

Plus as shown by all 5 volume covers and the synopsis Yuki is the one with top billing and the whole manga plot is about his relationship with the MC where the girl was just a secondary "love rival" character that the MC crushed on from afar but never had the guts to go for beforehand.

In any other manga, he'd have won in the end.
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@1986ctcel There is a very big difference between baiting someone who is straight with an obviously feminine appearance and bearing (which I assume was still a factor in this hot springs scene you mention), and being in love with someone no matter their gender. Just as @Istvan90623 says, you guys are just salty because it didn't go the yaoi route in the end. I'm not trying to say there's anything WRONG with a yaoi route or cross-dressing or whatever. Everyone is entitled to their own tastes and preferences. But the way the trap went about it is completely wrong, deceptive, underhanded and misleading... and not how you treat a supposed friend who you are also supposed to be in love with.
You people really need some dictionaries in your lives.
Except he never would've thought about it if he wouldn't dressed as a girl from day one he moved in with him. Yuki could've gone as usual, fully as a guy and woo him, you know, since true love won't care about stuff like that but nope. Also, dressing up means you get on some nice clothes which isn't equals dressing as the opposite sex. The manga was about the MC, not about the relationship between the two, tho it showed 2 relationship. And as I said, the GF pretty much got cheated on during the whole course of the story, if anyone could scream NTR it's her. Let's face it, your greatest problem that it didn't went the gay route.
It's "NTR" because the entire manga was basically about the MC and Yuki's relationship and him geting over the fact that Yuki was a boy and it was ok for him to like another guy and then right after finally accepting his feelings for Yuki the author has him go "OH NO I STILL LIKE WHAT'S HER NAME THAT I NEVER REALLY SPENT ANY TIME WITH EXCEPT FOR MOONING OVER FROM AFAR"and then pull a "Actually SHE's the "Maa-kun" that Yuki loved and it was all a mix up" which was completely and utterly moronic and a shitty "twist" that doesn't even make sense.


Lol so actually dressing up to impress someone instead of going out looking completely like a complete slob is "baiting someone"? Newsflash! The MC was completely hot for Yuki when they were naked in that hotspring on their vacation with Yuki sitting right on his crotch.

Masato only ever denied his feelings because he believed moronic shit like "Guys can't love guys, that's weird. Guys should like girls!".
@Istvan90623 Wait, seriously? At the risk of sounding like a homophobe (which I am not) that is horrific. Literally tricking his friend (that I guess the trap is in love with huh) to kiss him because he is perceived as a girl even though the MC KNOWS he is not. What a terrible friend, seriously.

I mean, it's one thing if the trap came out and tried to legitimately compete for the MC's affection while making sure that the MC knows that he is male... but using his cross-dressing appearance to trick his FRIEND? Especially when it should be fairly obvious that the MC is completely straight and only attracted to the trap because he looks like a girl. He deserves to be alone for that crap.
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@Nermie01 Exactly. I did read it through, and the comments before me are all bulllshit. If anyone gets an NTR, that's the girlfriend of the MC, because the cross-boy baits MC in for a kiss and stuff several times. But the fact remains, that MC sees him as a girl, even though he's know he's a boy, and the whole affinity is based on that, a deception, because if there were no crossdressing, MC would've never even thought about the whole stuff. It can be NTR in a one sided crush as well, but let's face it, the trap deserves it, because he never had an honest approach. And expecting things work out like that, is the same if you put petrol into you're diesel car. It goes for a while, then the engine get's all screwed up.
@Istvan90623 I agree completely. I haven't (and won't) read this, so I don't know the cross-dressing boy's feelings for the MC, but clearly the MC just seems to have a "confused boner" for his friend, and isn't actually interested in him romantically. Just because you find someone cute when they cross dress does not mean you want to be in a relationship with them, especially if you KNOW they are male. The MC is very obviously straight, and no amount of "cute" traps will change that. It can't be NTR if there are no feelings in the first place.
Since it's not a yaoi, I don't get what your problem is with the MC not getting together with the crossdresser at the end. Just because you try to bait with someone crossdressing, it won't mean that the other party suddenly change preferences because of it.
This manga is terrible. The trap got NTRd by the MC. Do not bother if you hate shitty endings.
My first trap manga, and it's kinda awful lol.
Holy sht thank you for the ntr warning
This has a lot of Netorare, The MC is horrible. The ecchi moments are good but in no way make up for this manga's short fallings.