Mahou Shoujo Site Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Magical Girl Site
  • 魔法少女サイト
Author: SATOU Kentarou
Artist: SATOU Kentarou
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Action Drama Horror Mystery Psychological School Life Supernatural Tragedy
Rating: 7.85 105
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 142,887
  • 1,795
  • 88
Description: Asagiri Aya, a girl bullied at school and at home. One day, an eerie website, Mahou Shoujo Site, flashes on her computer screen and welcomes her to the Mahou Shoujo World.

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Checho1824 1 day ago
Does anyone know how often they or he makes updates?

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sakuredu 2 days ago
M A G I C A L ~
bastek66 7 days ago
Wow, scans are now up to date.
phoenixir 8 days ago
I've figured it out! Aya-san crossed the despair horizon and maintained her sanity and self so she became an unofficial admin. Which comes with a power up and the ability to negate the life force drain of her powers. The magic they use is the dark side of the Empathetic system of magic! Uwaa.... What a horrifying thing to wield.
Flare3500 16 days ago
Even in the indonesian scans I see "Bites Za Dust" is that the canon name ? I know it's jojo but that'd be pretty funny

and any plans on Mahou SHoujo Sept ?
Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate 17 days ago
@goronyanpai Because it's yuri.
MoonBlade 17 days ago
I really dispike the way this story is presented, at this point reading just to see it plays out.
Feels like the author just keeps adding stuff and not resolving anything (not one important question has been answered so far).
The biggest thing we got outta all of this is some slight insight into the antagonist, and a connection to a side series.
Anyone else feeling like this?
goronyanpai 18 days ago
I just started reading this.
Around 10-11 chapters, I found it is really interesting as survival manga. But when I see the comment, it turns out to be Yuri.

I know that it's not the major point. But can someone explain to me it is worth my time?
SarahLeal 18 days ago
OI, Kanami, Do you have plans to translate sept?
thx a lot for your work
Melqui 19 days ago
Really Really Thanks for This
weedcatxraifu 21 days ago
Is it weird that I read Hachi's speak with the voice of DIO?
Nick86 21 days ago
@MACZ2021 - Yes i think the same, i'm sure they will reappear in the future, so is a good thing that @Kanami-chan don't skip this side story part. :)

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MACZ2021 24 days ago
I think I realized what they did.

One of the stick abilities that got copied could make duplicates of an object or objects and they made doubles to fake their deaths so the Site admins wouldn't come looking for them.

At least I think that's what went down.
Fayedx 25 days ago
I'm abit confused... this is all a prequal right? so good girls in present died and the good girls in the past died.... then who's gonna save us :l
Kanami-chan 25 days ago
cool story bro
gayus009 25 days ago
In my country this manga has been 83 chapter
MACZ2021 28 days ago
@Kanami-chan I thought you might have been talking about something to do with the manga itself. Sorry about the mix up there
Lapan 28 days ago
You really should learn that plural exists
Kanami-chan 29 days ago
@MACZ2021 you are looking forward to my irl matters? lol

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MACZ2021 30 days ago
Well whatever is coming, it sounds exciting.
Looking forward to those reasons.
Kanami-chan 30 days ago
Double-release until Ch.19 since I want to finish everything (~Ch.29) on exactly 7 June for reasons.
Darthodin 1 month ago
oh look its the most cliche trope in anime or manga since the beggining of time,turning someone that was trying to kill you 30 seconds ago into a friend that sure is fun

edit: yea i googled it because its literally my most hated trope

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Zhou 1 month ago
The weekly chapter length is killing me, but thanks for the daily releases.
LeAnimuEyes 1 month ago
Doesn't everyone know at least a few muscular gay rapists, or is that just me?
ChosenOne68 1 month ago
I'm concerned so many 14 year old girls know muscular grown-up men ready to rape what they tell em to.
Kanami-chan 1 month ago
@taclem ENTER is just the chapter count, every chapters have it. I just included ENTER from now on for clarity since the chapter count reset after ch.55 is quite confusing for some people.
Taclem 1 month ago
So now every chapter that has an enter in it is the prequel
grayfox 1 month ago
I'm so happy that the translations come in so frequently, it really brightens things up on gloomy days

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421cookies 1 month ago
that dick definitely is a mahou stick
Kanami-chan 1 month ago
just comeback weekly if the prequel is too boring for y'all
MACZ2021 1 month ago
Thank you for going through with the translations, @Kanami-chan!
Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate 1 month ago
God bless you, @Kanami-chan -sama.
Kida 1 month ago
Holy moley we're getting the chapters translated. Very happy for this, and thanks for the hard work, keep it up.
Silvermoon424 1 month ago
@Kanami-chan You are magnificent, and so is everyone helping you. I'm so excited to read the rest of this series!
PandaMoni 1 month ago
YESSSSSSSS Part 2 is being done! Thanks to Kanami-chan and all the crazy awesome bastards on the Discord, y'all are doing God's work.
LLENN 1 month ago
oh yeah, i just checked
just from what i've read of Baki, they probably wouldnt have problem with a little violence
NightSide 1 month ago
Thanks for the chapters, Kanami-chan. \o/
Dysisa 1 month ago
I don't think you need to worry too much @LLENN
Briefly skimming through the list of their series and they have stuff like Baki and the very violent and graphic Resident Evil manga adaptations.
LLENN 1 month ago
do you think that the change in magazine serialization will bring some changes to the tone of the manga in the future?
i love to see my magical girls getting destroyed by the admins, hopefully the manga wont change even a single bit
Nick86 1 month ago
Hurrah @kanami-chan, so you decided to do the side story before continuing with the main route? Seems you have find someone who help you and already translated 22 chapters? Really appreciated this and thank you for your hard work, also i like these new characters, can be a good ride. :)

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shiina 1 month ago
Thank you for working so hard on translating the chapters, Kanami-chan! :D
Taclem 1 month ago
Damn yatsumura is dead, too soon
Just too soon for her
LLENN 1 month ago
@Kanami-chan is doing mad work
again, thank you very much
Kanami-chan 1 month ago
everything is done now

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Guionazzo 1 month ago

Are you going to translate from chapter 56?
BigCoffee 1 month ago

The brother's essentially invincible from a plot point perspective. He's set up to be the last boss or close to that for our main girl.
Martinca11 1 month ago
I wasn't expecting that.. chapter 54
Deathglass 1 month ago
Nooo! But then Yesss!
Xunder 1 month ago
There's a Shoujo Ai tag now...
LLENN 1 month ago

that's actually an insane amount of work,
im really grateful but don't force yourself too much
Kanami-chan 1 month ago
I'll upload 55 on Sunday and after that I'll release 1 chapter/day for a month

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LLENN 1 month ago
so with 54 released, we should just wait for the continuation after the flashbacks?

thanks for your hard work btw
NightSide 1 month ago
Huh? ...Shoujo Ai tag should be added now.
fennec 2 months ago
Agreed, the chapters DO look mostly like filler. But it did have at least one revelation that I think you should make sure readers know:

reika 2 months ago
Thanks for the summary Kanami-chan. Yeah, it does look like those chapters are just filler stuff.
Kanami-chan 2 months ago
Join discord channel if you are interested in helping or just talk about scanlation stuff
LLENN 2 months ago
oh, i see, that makes sense now, they will probably show up some time in the future, thanks for the reply
and thanks for continuously work hard on this project
you're awesome
Flare3500 2 months ago
@Kanami-chan Thank you for the summary , I was looking at the raws of Chapter 56 to 59 and confused as hell why I can't recognize anybody
LLENN 2 months ago
so at the end of Kayo's story, all the new characters are dead?
so part 2 is mostly to give insight on Alice and her brother, right?
MACZ2021 2 months ago
I'm intrigued to actually see the events from those chapters after reading that summary, but that was more than enough to hold me over.

Thanks for the summary stuff.
Kida 2 months ago
Oh boy that summary was the worst and best thing I've read in my life. Thank you Kanami-chan for taking the time to make it.
kenx 2 months ago
Thanks, Kanami-chan.
Kanami-chan 2 months ago
COMPLETE SUMMARY OF PART 2 (I will post these exact pages later when I do chapter 79)
Feel free to use it as reference if you want to translate the actual chapters for me. I'll do all the typesetting if you are willing to do it. I heard Indonesian and Chinese scans are almost up-to-date, so if you understand one of those languages, you can probably do it (please do!)
This is actually spoiler-free to the main story since it's a brand new story
here's the link

just go to lhscans if you want easy way to read the RAW

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MACZ2021 2 months ago
Sounds interesting but I can see why you're planning on skipping ahead for translating the chapters.

Not too bummed out cause I can just wait for either somebody to translate those chapters or whenever the English volumes come out.
PandaMoni 2 months ago
Kanami-chan's summary is pretty spot-on ?
LLENN 2 months ago
that actually somehow makes it really clear for me lol
introducing new characters is always hard, i guess its a matter of time to see if in this case it makes sense or not, thanks for the reply
and also thanks for taking on the translations, translations were stuck for around a year and i lost hope
Kanami-chan 2 months ago
It's hard to explain
It's not that it's not important, but it feels really fillerish
I though it's going to explain the detail about Nana + Misumi alliance, but so far they only showed us that they are cooperating, but nothing is really explained
There is also sub-plot with a mini antagonist called "A", a character from "Mahou Shoujo Site: Sept", a spin-off series, but I don't know if that sub-plot is going to be relevant to the main plot or not. I guess I'll have to wait for few weeks until it (hopefully) becomes clearer.
*I suspect that sub-plot is only going to be relevant to the future chapters of Sept and being completely irrelevant to the main series. That sub-plot explained how Misumi got so many sticks, but I don't think there will be more about it.

If I were to summarize the entirety of Part 2 in 1 sentence..
"It's a huge excuse to introduce new characters that will save our main group's asses in the future"

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LLENN 2 months ago
i see, is not this spin off called "Sept", right?
also, spoil me a little, do the story of these 2 "new" magical girls affect the future of Aya's magical girls?
Nick86 2 months ago
I see, so is a sorta of side-story unrelated to the main characters, thanks for the explanation.

Last edited 2 months ago.

PandaMoni 2 months ago
@Nick86 @Inokori

56-78 follows two other magical girls from before Aya's story even began, and in 79 basically fast-forwards between then (the "past") back to Aya and friends' story after their <BIG SPOILERY EVENT> at 55.

Edit: Wording

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LLENN 2 months ago
so is 56-78 just flashbacks? i doubt people (specially japanese fans) would stick for over 20 chapters of just flashback

so does those chapters bring anything new to the table, like maybe things seen from another character's point of view or something like that?
Nick86 2 months ago
Uhm, you want to skip whole 22 chapters? Is a lot of stuff, but i guess you have a valid reason for that, is just plan flashbacks or something like that?

Anyway, can you upload the RAWS of these 22 chapters plus the detailed summary? I can understand a bit of japanese, if i have the summary then is ok. Thanks.

Last edited 2 months ago.

PandaMoni 2 months ago

I see! A detailed summary of that part would be great if you won't be translating it, yeah.
Though I do wonder how relevant the "new people" will be to the actual story.

Edit: Also, Shizukume best girl ?

Last edited 2 months ago.

PandaMoni 2 months ago
Kanami-chan, a thousand blessings for you and thanks for the work!!! Looking forward to more of your stuff!

Can't wait for this long arc to end so I know what the next "phase" is about!

Nvm I saw your comment on stopping at 55 hahaha. Any chance you will decide to scanlate 56 onwards? ?

EDIT: Chapter 24 of "Part 2" dropped in Japan and the story continues from 55! FINALLY

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Silvermoon424 2 months ago
Thank you so much for picking up this series, Kanami-chan! I've been waiting for it to be updated for over a year!
Araliya 2 months ago
Thanks for picking this up, kanami-chan!
Nick86 2 months ago
Thanks for the update Kanami.
I think the anime will probably have an original ending or a open one, there is no way they can cover 7+ volumes in only 12 episodes, they will probably adapt the first 3 volumes.

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dreminh 2 months ago
thank Kanami-chan
MACZ2021 2 months ago
Wow that ending for volume 6.

That one character that got mentioned, I recall seeing her on the cover for volume 7 iirc, so I'm guessing she's gonna show up soon.

Wasn't expecting that one guy to be affiliated with the site admins, nice twist.

Thanks for uploading more chapters, been dying to find out what happened next for over a year.
LeAnimuEyes 3 months ago
He really doesn't
Dysisa 3 months ago
Best big bro deserves better than this...
Sinnamon 3 months ago
@Kanami-chan I LOVE the last page TL note. ? He got what was coming to him.
ponpoing 3 months ago
Chapter 42 is almost satisfying. But this level of sadism is going to go full rampage in a few.
Arlindo000 3 months ago
jtpetino 3 months ago
what a chapter xd
Perfect timing for someone to pick it up again
Xunder 3 months ago
he deserves it
dreminh 3 months ago
lot of manga and LN got licensed still be translated as normal. still this manga is not very enjoyable because character creation is disgusting beyond ridiculous . at least the plot is decent good and unique for most manga. i rate this 7/10
Nick86 3 months ago
Adding chapters till 41, this manga is licensed in english and the translation seems stalled. Official english volume will pass these scans on the next release on may 15 (volume 6) and 25 september (volume 7). Of course i can't post official english volumes here since is against the tos.

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ZdrytchX 3 months ago
I removed the ecchi tag because it really doesn't seem sexually suggestive. Just gore and crap.
RyanMason 3 months ago
well that's it. i can't upload Ch.20 up since royal didn't allow non-member upload.