Mahou Shoujo Site Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Magical Girl Site
  • Сайт волшебных девушек
  • ฝ่านรกไซต์มรณะ
  • 魔法少女サイト
  • 마법 소녀 사이트
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  • 7.81
  • 255
Pub. status:
  • 416,207
  • 4,001
  • 119
Asagiri Aya, a girl bullied at school and at home. One day, an eerie website, Mahou Shoujo Site, flashes on her computer screen and welcomes her to the Mahou Shoujo World.
Published weekly on Thursday in Weekly Shōnen Champion.

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I heavily recommend to listen to this track while reading the Silent Night chapters

god bless this shit

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she is cute
oh shoot. Thanks a lot for the help. Looks like i should start from the beginning

The second half of episode 10 and beyond is not a canon.

Chapters 01-17 - there are differences.
Chapters 18-31 - major differences.
Chapters 32-42 - almost coincide with episodes 8-9.
Chapters 43-45 - there are differences with the first half of episode 10.
Chapters 46-55 - terminal difference in plot.
Chapters 56+ - not filmed.
Where does the anime end
@OsoJr Satou needs to improve his world building and generally improve much of his work. I think the story and goals of Aya are making more sense now, i'm entertained and i always await for the next chapter, so that's something. And is good to see a artist that can captivate a audience to be validated like satou has been, so really, after he finishes this series, i hope he takes a little hiatus to improve his skills and show people this isn't just a fluke or that he will take it as a gift and opportunity to better himself, he's very creative and i personally think he makes great designs for his characters.
This author always makes the most hated characters. Like I really wish the worst to fall upon them, but it also makes no sense because there's a HUGE lack of logic in ethics and morals in the general community of this universe. Like the convenient amount of scumbaggery and lack of humanity doesn't make that much sense honestly and I wouldn't say it makes good story writing because that's just assuming that literally everybody is a narcissistic psychopath.
@xHoshikox OOF
@Fireboy He got eliminated on the first stage. Made it about halfway through the course. :(
Sick Vol.13 cover. Best one so far.

Anyone know how the mangaka did in the Ninja warrior thing?
That cover tho
when will there be chapter 113 ?
As someone has already mentioned, the big announcement is that Kentaro Sato is participating in SASUKE Ninja Warrior tonight. You can tune in to Japanese TBS on AQStream starting at 1 AM PST. The show will last 5 hours and 55 minutes, so we’re not sure exactly WHEN he’s going, but he’s #47 out of 100.
We planned to make this announcement in this week’s chapter but one of our translators has some stuff going on, and we had to delay release a couple of days. Also FYI, there’s no chapter again next week. Happy New Year!
@xHoshikox Thanks for the information!
@Lightangel2 There was no chapter release this week so we delayed last week’s chapter, which is chapter 55. Chapter 56 will be released next week. But you are welcome to purchase the newly-released chapters in Japanese from ebookjapan. If you would like me to walk you through it, let me know. The author would appreciate the support. :)

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Is there any way to see the next chapter but with Japanese text? Or do I just have to wait for the English to update.
Anime dropped the ball and went its own original route. Basically deleted a character and can't follow the manga.


It already jumped a sea dragon after the dad wore the panties.

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the anime is trash. manga better
Is the manga better than the anime or about the same?