Kono Oto Tomare!
Alt name(s):
  • Arrête toi au son !
  • Bu Ses Durdursun!
  • Stop by This Sound!
  • Задержите этот звук!
  • この音とまれ!
  • 一弦定音!
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  • 9.26
  • 365
Pub. status:
  • 133,123
  • 4,929
  • 92
Since the graduation of the senior members of the club, Takezou ends up being the sole member of the "Koto" (traditional Japanese string instrument) club. Now that the new school year has begun, Takezou will have to seek out new members for the club, or the club will be terminated. Out of nowhere, a new member barges into the near-abandoned club room, demanding to join the club. How will Takezou be able to keep his club alive and deal with this rascal of a new member?
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only 15 chapters in but i really love how well the expressions are drawn in this, and the music performance pages.
I binged this all night while an exam was waiting for me in the next morning. Have no regrets, though.
How often are the English updates uploaded @danceguy ?
@iamagaroze, the artist is a female author who has written shoujo before. But the title is serialized in a shonen magazine
hmhm, it's listed as shounen, but the artwork and style is so much shoujo

double male leads seem to be a pretty popular theme for series about music, like soul catcher(s) and piano no mori in addition to this

now I shall continue binging this
Why can't this series just end so I can read the entire story! This is amazing! I pulled an all nighter when I started reading this because I just couldn't stop! The character development, the emotions... I teared up reading through a lot of the chapters. If this manga is ever published in English, I won't hesitate to buy all the volumes. Hell, it's one of the few manga that is actively motivating me to learn Japanese.
This was so good. I read it all in 2 days. So many great characters, great relationships, great moments. 10/10 masterpiece.
I'm only halfway through but damn, this is really good.
@sheephunt2000 Ooh, thanks for the info! You have pretty good quality throughout the whole process because even that unproofread version didn't have anything so out of place I'd have noticed.
@Kaarme we accidentally posted the chapter too early, when it hadn't been proofread, so we took it down and will reupload with the final script within a few days or so

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Hmm... I wonder why 71 and 72 got deleted? I only managed to read 71, and trying to comment, I was told the chapter no longer exists. I didn't see anything wrong about 71, though, when reading it. 72 I couldn't obviously access anymore at all, so I can't even say if it was the real 72 or something else by accident.

What a mysterium xarxes indeed.

On an unrelated note, I think the site interface behaves a bit funny when you are "accessing" nonexistent chapters, at least when it only became nonexistent when you were already there. If it was a separate program, I guess it would be either crashing or producing an error message if coded with exception handling routines. Being a web page, it just... does something.
Finally anime! Looks like they're already getting a second season too, good for them.
I came into the comment sections to see if the manga was good, instead I was greeted by a huge wall of text about...???? ... Anyways I did end up binge reading all 70 chapters anyways and no regrets, a really wholesome manga about koto I love the character interactions and FRIENDSHIPPPS

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I really like this!! There's a strong feeling of something like Chihayafuru, with a culture club doing their best. I really want to cheer everyone on!!
anyone know if there's an official translation?
D3ban Dude, I literally stated, " not a mother worth forgiving so easily" because it's the truth. Her mother is the sole reason ( I say this because if she cared for her daughter as much as she claims, not letting an entire organization mentally rape her child would be a concern for her, instead she endorsed it) for everything that went wrong with their relationship. I never said she wasn't sympathetic or that she was a bad person at her core. All I have said and continued to say is that it's pathetic that an adult, furthermore a parent, caused everything to be ruined can't at least take a step forward and instead treat the daughter even worse. It was cringy seeing all that go down, then how she just said sorry for her actions followed by literally IGNORING all that people that "turned" her into a bitch. All that shows to me is that the entire fiasco was just an over-exaggeration of the situation and how easily it was solved. Again, the "group" members were pissed and talking shit and she literally ignored them.

I will say again, just to clarify. I have no issues with her being forgiven ( just not so easily), I understand that there was stuff going on she didn't have full control over at the time and I understand she's not a complete waste of life. That said, it was ridiculous that a mother didn't do a damn thing to help her daughter and instead made everything worse for her; then she gets away with a simple sorry. I mean, it just felt so disingenuous. I was hoping with her now "stable" control over the group to punish or tell the group to stick it where the sun don't shine if they don't like it. But no, nothing, nada and somehow they're best friends again.

That has literally nothing to do with west culture vs east. The mother showed she cared and loved her daughter but she basically gets away with a slap on the wrist telling her what she did was bad while she essentially mentally and psychologically abused her own daughter.

So, you can be the white knight all you want to her. I have no issues with your opinion and in the context to an extent it makes sense. I just can't be 100% happy about it because it just felt like the Mom got away with child abuse for little to no punishment; she instead gets rewarded with her daughter doing all the reconciliation for her and gets the love of her daughter.

Agree to disagree I guess. On the note of parents tho, I wonder when Chika's shitty father will show up. Wonder if he also had an excuse to abandon his child.
@Akemua but satowa's mom isn't much different from her or hiro. she also had a 'crappy past and trauma'. she was just an ordinary loving mom until her husband died and she was forced to assume responsibility for the houzuki clan, when she was a nobody, with no talent to speak of. she was desperate and under enormous pressure

i even think what she was doing up until she excommunicated satowa was fairly tame. i don't think it's really that awful for a parent to overrule and decide everything unilaterally for their child, especially when there's so much riding on her

i mentioned differing cultures because of this. you might think it's ridiculous to ignore a child's wants and treat them coldly and harshly to further a group's prestige and success. but from a collectivist mindset, the group's success might be much more important than one kid's happiness. in that context, to rebel against and sabotage the group's name, just because you want to cry out for a little bit of empathy seems more ridiculous than kicking said rebel out

and about west vs east, i mentioned it because it's more often the case that a western culture values individualism more than collectivism

i think you're being a bit too harsh on satowa's mom. she really did want to say sorry and reconcile. but a) she felt that what she did was too unforgivable to try for an apology and reconciliation and b) satowa was a black mark on the houzuki name. even at the revitalisation concert, there were people who opposed her return. it's not as easy as giving the middle finger to those people and doing whatever you want, because she has a responsibility as the head of the clan

ultimately, i think satowa's mom is a more sympathetic character than you give her credit for. we saw that she was a pretty loving mom before becoming the houzuki head. she just couldn't do the right thing when faced with heavy pressure and expectations. and she also realised that what she did was wrong, on her own. i think that alone speaks volumes about whether she's a good or bad person at the core
@D3ban When did I say there were evil women? Or even evil people for that matter. All I said was that the women at first glance were vindictive ( vice-prez and the female sensei) bitches. And they were. The only ones that continued to stay that way, was the Mom and Grandma like I already said. The main girls in this all had a crappy past and trauma, so they were not very pleasant individuals ( to other people) in the beginning. But they had people that were there for them so they changed. No biggie.

And, why does us being westerners have anything to with it? I mean, I get your point about traditional high society and whatnot in different cultures. But I was talking about how ridiculous the Mother treated her daughter and the bitch couldn't even apologize until, again, the daughter had to be the bigger person. For a "leader" of a group to literally treat her own daughter like trash for at least half her life, and not have the ability to say sorry until everyone around her tells her to grow up and act like a mom is not a mother worth forgiving so easily. That's just my two-cents. Doesn't have anything to do with different cultures just the individuals themselves and their actions. I would rather she stayed out of the picture until she personally came to apologize and not need to rely on other people to do it. It just annoyed me that the daughter, the actual victim, also had to be the one to attempt any kind of reconciliation while the mom just kind of sat back and watched it go down.

The granny and vice-principal should get married and live out there twilight years together. They seem like a match made in hell.

But, those were all good points. It sounds like I'm hating on this manga, but it's just these few things I found to be little too ridiculous and are pretty much my only reason for having anything bad to say about it.

PS: Sorry for the text. I am very bad when it comes to putting my thoughts in a short and concise manner.

TL;DR: I agree with what you said. I just felt the mom's reasoning and the fact the daughter had to be the one to even attempt some kind of reconciliation too ridiculous for my taste.
@Lazeran pretty sure takezou noticed a bunch of times already... he's just afraid he might be misunderstanding. i guess he doesn't want to make things awkward for the club by asking her either, since he is responsible for the club, as the president and all

@Akemua i don't think it was -just- tenkyuu that changed satowa's mom. it was a combination of many things, like satowa's letter to her, akira's interference and even her own self. if you read her conversation with akira in ch47, it's very clear that satowa's mom already came to regret everything she did and was still doing to her daughter. yes, she actually already felt this way back when her daughter came to beg for the koto. it's just that because she was weighed down by her regrets and obligation to the houzuki group, she couldn't move forward herself, until akira forcefully dragged her to do it

maybe it's too big a cultural difference for westerners to understand, but something like obligation to people, family and groups over self-interest can be really important especially for such a traditional family like the houzukis. seems pretty believable to me that satowa's deliberate sabotage of her own performance caused her mom to lose a lot of face and stature within the houzuki group. at that time, her mom simply valued that way more than her own daughter

the granny is something else though. at least she still doesn't seem to have regretted anything, so i guess her character is still consistent(ly evil)? but like she said, she's already 70+ so maybe it really is too late for an old person like her to change her ways so easily

also if you're talking about evil people in the story, there aren't all just women. remember the vice principal?

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Little brother says u like brother in 1 sec, president which is dense as fuck doesn't understand what he see 32142341 times.

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