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  • BIRDMEN ฮีโร่พันธุ์วิหค
  • BIRDMEN~鳥男~
  • BIRDMEN~鸟男~
  • Người Chim
  • Люди-птицы
  • バードメン
  • 버드맨
  • 8.59
  • 8.81
  • 198
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  • 75,060
  • 4,077
  • 149
Eishi Karasuma is a loner with a monotone life with his only friend is Mikisada Komoda. While skipping class they met Tsubame, a very energetic girl and Rei Sagisawa, a boy that attend the same middle school. On their way back, Eishi and Mikisada take a bus which plummets from cliff. In order so survive they have to make a contract with the mysterious Birdman... what does their future entail?

Officially published:
  • In french by Vega
  • In indonesian by Elex Media Komputindo
  • Reading progress:
    • Volume 0/16
    • Chapter 0/78

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    Jaiminis box has the other chapters tho....
    :( I would like to see someone retaking this manga, it's great
    @4V29LN0n I do too.....
    I hate Jaimini.
    It's missing a lot of chapter sadly...
    I considered dropping this because I disliked the main character, but I'm glad I kept reading because he makes progress and grows from the person he was in chapter one. The story is developing really well and some of the designs are amazing. This is shaping up to be an incredible series
    Manga is ending next month.
    Last edited 6 mo ago by bastek66.
    Hope someone picks this up.
    Now that Jewmini's box fucked off I hope someone will pick this up. They were always 30+ chapters behind.
    Now it's up for potential sniping again, I guess
    If anyone's wondering where the chapters disappeared to
    So freakin happy that I found new chapters of this again, Love this series.
    It's not every female and as for the explanation, it's true that there isn't one in the chapters so far but I have some ideas about that. He's also not in a position as the sole male protagonist and this isn't a romance series. Even if he has a "harem," it hasn't really been important yet at all.

    I feel like this probably goes back to something "Fox" was saying. I'd still like to see a bit more of all this before making any assumptions one way or the other though. That's just some stuff I've been thinking about so far with the lack of any significant show of romance in the series.
    dang it was a harem all along every female in the series has a non explained crush on takayama whose character start to get pretty shitty as he start to act like Jesus but with arrogance and a lot of edgy talk even the mc have a little mancrush on him
    he was a lot better at the start of the manga as he acted like a really good hearted man and cared for him grandpa and friend as equal
    on the other hand there was a more pointless character than him arthur whose death supposed to be emotional but i called it since i seen his idiotic behavior and i couldn't careless his plan was doomed to be failure since the start his survivor friends are just trash who try to act tough
    i really liked this manga at the start but its kinda going downhill pretty fast and i fear the direction its going to is takayama betraying his friend and going full edge mode
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    i don't know if the story is great or what but i seem attached to anything without harem so yeah i am hooked
    Did they drop this?
    it was great at first... but it become so questionable. it's great and all but it starting to lose it's charm
    This manga is great
    Eh, it was absolutely fantastic for until about vol 4 where the plot direction became a bit questionable. Definitely isn't a bad way to go about it, but there were many ways the plot could've progressed which I thought would've been better.