Gintama Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Gintama
  • Silver Soul
  • گینتاما
  • ぎんたま
  • 銀魂
  • 은혼
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Artist: Sorachi Hideaki
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Historical
Rating: 9.29 146
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 102,670
  • 1,996
  • 1,818
Description: Sakata Gintoki is a samurai living in an era when samurai are no longer needed.
To add to his troubles, oppressive aliens have moved in to invade. Gintoki lives with Kagura and Shinpachi, taking on odd jobs to make the world a better place... and to pay their rent.

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Wolvenworks 25 days ago
still amused that we have such a VAST amount of pre-Hiwamatanoboru chapters missing
OniBarubary 26 days ago
Nipple Arc better get animated.
dim1 26 days ago
What the hell have we been doing these past two years applies to us all who have read this far
ichi24 1 month ago
takasugi have gone that low

and what with this hentai kamen thing
CatLife 1 month ago
Tsukyy with short
TenryuuVan 2 months ago
Ah I see, try to make them feel bad about leaving strategy.
OniBarubary 2 months ago
"I decided I'm not a lesbian anymore"

God fucking dammit
CatLife 2 months ago
Anpan Robocop just made my day Lol
MasterOE 2 months ago
It's the phoenix organization from Kuroshitsuji.
ranryuusora 2 months ago
The phoenix will rise from the ashes over and over
nuhaz 3 months ago
This some heavy feels my dude ;_;
tcex28 3 months ago
Holy moly.
IronicWeeaboo 3 months ago
The damn gorilla gonna troll us and drag it out. Gintama's a ride that never ends. DON'T FORGET YOU'RE HERE FOREVER.
ranryuusora 3 months ago
Gah, this latest chapter tugged my heart. Especially that baby Shoyou's appearance and his smile! T^T
xMikaelx 3 months ago
So...Takasugi and Gintoki had the same chemistry as Sougo and Kagura... I've been reading this for years yet I never realized they had the same relationship ?
Serenata 3 months ago
Damn that was freaking good, like I was excited for Kagura but never expected that the rest of the chapter would be as (or even better) good with Gintoki and the horse
Himp 4 months ago
Wait a minute, that means that Live Action Shinpachi is going to make the other versions no cherry anymore.
xMikaelx 4 months ago
...To be fair, the Piccolo technique did sound bullshit. In the end, Kagura now has the ability to become a loli like that one character in Bleach? Also Takasugi hunting down Gintoki...For what purpose?
MissMystery94 4 months ago
(´。• ω •。`) ♡ chap 676.

Last edited 4 months ago.

RayS 4 months ago
This is really not going to end, is it?
MissMystery94 4 months ago
kagura or kanna-chan ❤
Serenata 4 months ago
Another movie perhaps
dim1 4 months ago
how is the anime suppose to end if this happens?
xMikaelx 4 months ago
Change Log 674:
Yamazaki became Mobcop
Kanna, Kagura's "daughter", was the assassination weapon, though she only introduced herself as such so that she could come to Edo. She was born from Namekian Asexual Childbirth and eating too many bananas...

...Is that man at the end Sougo? Dammit Gorilla, a Hiatus now of all times?
AngryMoM 4 months ago
Damn it gorilla you're killing me!
Mizuto 5 months ago
Well, seems we still have Gintama for a while.
xMikaelx 5 months ago
Change Log 673:
Oboro is now buried in the remains of Shoku Sonjuuku
Takasugi became immortal and is possibly conspiring with the leftovers of Tendoshuu
Hijikata is now a countryside policeman
Gintoki DID NOT CHANGE AT ALL. His suspected current objective is to search for Utsuro who is possibly still alive.

...Wel...That was a twist. Looks like Gintama will be going on longer than we expected it to be....
xMikaelx 5 months ago
Change Log 672:
Katsura is the new prime minister who was fulfilling the promise he made with an old friend and is currently being attacked by various terrorists...The irony....
Elizabeth(?) is his bodyguard.
Soyo is actually a rival to Katsura to the position of Prime Minister.
Matsudaira is planning to bring down Katsura through assasination and bought weapons from the black market to do so.
Mutsu is now a black market dealer who made the deal with Matsudaira.
Sakamoto is in heavy debt and gambled all his money to cryptocurrency, disbanding Kaientai (BITCONNEEEEEEEEEECT!)
Takasugi went missing after the war and is now found within the ruins of the burned down Shoka Sonjuuku...By Gintoki of all people.
Also, Kagura is probably the secret weapon Matsudaira paid for.

...What worldline did Shinpachi land on?
hongfung 5 months ago
Gintama is smoothly transitioning back into a comedy.
OniBarubary 5 months ago
Well, Japan had a good run I suppose.
xMikaelx 5 months ago
Change Log 671:
Kintoki was fixed by Gengai.
Tama is in some state of coma, thus Tamako was born so that she could gather data for Tama once she actually wakes up.
Nobume is the new Director of Police.
Soyo is some kind of feminist activist.
Shinsengumi was taken out of the picture: Hijikata was demoted(kicked out), Saitou resigned(kicked himself out), Sougou commited seppuku (forced to be kicked out of the living world), No news of Yamazaki, probably dead for real TT_TT
Kondou getting married to a gorilla was an actual plot by the one who is now ruling the country as Prime Minister...Donald Zuramp...No wait, it's Katsura!

Welp, looks like Edo is doomed yet again.
Serenata 5 months ago
Oh God, they should've let the planet explode
whh 5 months ago
We're done for.
TenryuuVan 5 months ago
Really feels like they're just bullying Shinpachi so that he can finally figure out what he wants to do for himself.
eelzbean 5 months ago
Yeah, I have no words either. At least the new leader is stealthier than Snake...
CatLife 5 months ago
Zurump Katsura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lololololololololololol
tcex28 5 months ago
I am LOVING new look Shinpachi.
ziggy434 5 months ago
Hahaha, wtf was that chapter? Won't lie, I was tired of the 'Final Fantasy' joke after like the third panel, but wow, the "revelation" was amazing. Peak trolling-Sorachi right there.

Still though, there has to be more to show for the climax of the final battle, right?
xMikaelx 5 months ago
Change Log 670:
Shinpachi now owns Yorozuya Gin-Chan and keeps the name in remembrance to the original owner
Kagura is on an adventure to bring Sadaharu back to normal
Gintoki is AWOL
Hasegawa is now a celebrity and a so-called hero. Still a MADAO.
Otae got fat.
Kondou is married to the gorilla from the Yagyu Arc and quit Shinsengumi
Otose still runs the bar and got two new wrinkles
Catherine got Final Fantasy'd and gain more wrinkles
Gengai fixing something (Please be Tama!)

WTF that twist with Gorilla actually getting married to a gorilla got me really good. Now this really feels like the (Fake)Time Skip Arc we had back then but now everything is legit.
ziggy434 5 months ago
Ch. 667 was probably the best illustrated fight I've read in a shounen. But shit man, wtf was ch. 669? Pulled an Orton and came outtanowhere.
vladthetransilvanian 5 months ago
When will the backlog be up. I put it on hold to let the chapters pile up and, before I knew it, batoto was down.
Protoapex 5 months ago
The ending of this chapter feels like it sets the tone for the Gintama movie (Be Forever Yorozuya) that was released a few years ago, and whose plot revolves around Gintoki breaking up to Yorozuya to go on a long journey.
xMikaelx 6 months ago
Edo is not a kissass to Amanto now. Didn't think we'd actually get a Time Skip for the last chapters.
Alenas 6 months ago
Oh, crap, that was one dramatic ending. Not that the chapter endings weren't dramatic for the last few dozen chapters but it'll be interesting to see what they're gonna do with that falling ball of junk now...
Buiberto 6 months ago
I'd give it 5-6 more chapters tbh
xMikaelx 6 months ago
Is it true this is ending next week?
DatFcker 6 months ago
(Still wondering about Asaemon and Shachi though). And will Kurokono come back?
Cooperjones2 6 months ago
I wonder how many chapters are left, I'd like to have some post-final arc chapters.