DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything
Alt name(s):
  • DADO : El cubo que cambia todo
  • DADU: Sebuah Kubus yang Merubah Segalanya
  • DICE: O Cubo Que Muda Tudo
  • Кости
  • النرد: المكعب الذي يغير كل شيء
  • 다이스(DICE)
  • 6.84
  • 6.62
  • 289
Pub. status:
  • 177,986
  • 5,172
  • 451
Dongtae is rock bottom in everything.
Looks, grades, life, everything.
But all that might change.

If you could change your life by playing a game, would you?
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@Kyubaae Bro you TLDR was so long that I TLDR 😂
@DeityG When the money dries up.
Anyone know when this will end?
I remember reading it up to around chapter 200, where it looked like it was coming to and end.
But it didn't, and a new arc started, which seemed to just be extra to not end the webtoon and milk the shit out of it, that's the moment I dropped it.
Now I see it again, only to notice it's still ongoing with 100 more chapters, seems like I was right, they're just trying to make it as long as they can since it got pretty popular.
Not worth the read though, most characters are pretty annoying to see, and it feels like everyone is retarded even though there's such an OP system helping them.
Character developpement is shit, no one really evolve their way of thinking except for the shitty morale of "you should assume and embrace who you are" and aht author think he's smart by smashing open doors by showing characters that say that, but still judge on looks and outer apparence, some false philosophie that doesn't go very far. Don't come here expecting some heavy developpement on that, it's just another one of those that shows the obvious.
Don't come reading hoping that the MC is smart, you will be utterly disapointed, pretty much everyone seems retarded at some point, the few people that could have been smart ones get killed quickly.
I guess it's an ok read for how good it looks and that the dice system itself is actually an interesting one imo, but you should stop once it finishes the arc around chapter 200, and imagine it ended well and not that bullshit way to continue it, then it become a kind of good webtoon.

TL;DR : A webtoon being milked for no reason, should have ended at around chapter 200.
Worth the read for the drawings and the dice systems, characters are mostly boring and uninteressing, storyline is pretty meh, some arcs feels like some kind of filler. Don't read it for it's character developpement, cause in the 200 chapaters I read, there's close to none, except for a shitty "you should assume who you are" that characters keeps backing of tho, they stay the same all the way though. MC is one of the most frustrating MC, and kind of dumb.
A shame for such good drawings tho, I remember when I first saw this webtoon, it was really good looking, most webtoons don't have such good drawings. The dices especially look nice.

Though i'm just a random person, with all of that said, go read some of it, you might enjoy it more than I did, everyone has different taste, I just wanted to post that here because I used to really look forward to this webtoon.
I still can't believe this story didn't end with the first fight with X, I read a bit into the mob hunt arc and then gave up and decided to wait until i finally see END before binging it all. The author has a shit understanding of pacing I have no idea what the hell he's padded the story with but it feels like forever since I dropped this.
@Ainz No
This worth getting into? Or should I wait till it's finished?
Please conclude this already....
It was a solid 8 for me years ago, now it's a 6, to be generous. Too uselessly long to care for anymore, and I'm really tempted to drop it.
Look, whether or not this manhua is worth it to read (I liked it for quite a while) , if the conclusion it comes to is that the status quo was fine and didn't need to change, I'm gonna be frustrated.
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I remember dropping this after I reached Season 2... Although I wanted to drop it sooner. Just can't bear to continue this any further.
Sharpest decline I have ever seen in a series after chapter 200.
'Read until chapter 30 or something, and got too frustrated to keep going.
There's plenty to be said about the hyper-focus on drama, instead of developing "the game", or about the enormous magnitudes in which the MC is a loser. But honestly, the major fault of this story is that it has no substance to it.
Things "just happen". The author is practically the GM that hands out dice, 'just tossing out random arse events and new characters to "generate plot", while not going anywhere at all.

It has a nice premise, but as far as the early-story goes, it focuses on all of the wrong things.
EDIT: Reading the comments...Indeed, "milking the story too much". Even early on it shows, with every little thing turns into a cliff-hanger, when there's no reason to care about anything that happens.
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im going halfway through it and so far is better than expected, it does tend to drag on a bit but so far all characters has great development, especially eunju. giving it so far an 8
every chapter it becomes worse, the story does not progress instead we get introduced to side characters points of view that no one is interested in and never had an inch of importance up to this stage.
conversations about how to overcome this and that situation fills a whole chapter and does not even take place in even a similar form in the following.
ah, so im caught up (c296) compared to my last post.. and...

there is NO reason this comic should be ranked so low, and i don't see why certain people are complaining about the post-200 arc's
its an excellent story, with no major flaws-

its been going on for a while [but shorter that naruto, one peace etc...]
i pretty much binge-read this, so i can see that the story and characters are consistent, even with the traumatic changes.

my only complaint is the families of the dicers are non existent ( though i admit, even i don't know how to add them in to enhance the story)
im giving this comic a 10 -rating since, unlike most comics ive seen-
DICE does NOT have:

a: overused cliches, (though the tournament came close)
b: lazy writing
c: lazy art
d: ass pull plot mac guffins (yes the villain does it but so it works out fine plot wise)
e: a good and careful translation team ? ( i mean a good story with an unreadable translation is a crap story- by no falt or the a&a [author& artist])
f: filler stories that add nothing but runtime
g: mary sue/ marty stu characters ( although the dicers, are all TRYING to turn themselves into one, its the point of the story actually)
h: cringe unrealistic dialog
i: techno-babble or magic-babble or as i call it, ali-babble. its in there but its very minimal.
j: straw-man political preaching- cant really find any, those characters that you think would be, are are motivated by their own selfish desires and not any irl ideal

--- there's a lot more i could add, but i wont - this is long enough.

EDIT** whooo!!! my rating pushed it over the CUTLINE LOOOOLOOLL**
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This manhwa is so good. I wish the author end if already. It's been years.

And btw this is better than any manhua out there.

So, at this point, ive read up to .C163, and ive gotta say so far, its been AWESOME (though it does drag on a bit sometimes), now i looked @ the comments, and i notice that that around 200, most are saying it should have ended there- dont know why -DON'T SPOIL IT YET YOU ASSES!!!!!

anyway maybe the publisher is "provoking" the A&A (artist/Author) to continue (eg:"make more DICE or we drop you...etc) that kind of thing does happen ALOT.

whats mystifying me though is the Rating... 6.97??????? REALLLYYY? there is no way in hell its like that- Even if past c200 is an Evengelion/Golden Age -type ending it really shouldn't drag it down that low...

i know ppl on here kinda suck with the ratings ( i like https://mangadex.org/title/32020/iron-ladies , but even i have to admit that it SUCKS BADLY- how the hell do that rate above this?)
compare IL has non-nonsensical plot, Marty-Stu MC, No consistent world building, smut baiting/AND DOESN'T DELIVER EVEN ONCE!!, Irrelevant historical propaganda (and gets the facts wrong anyway- or just makes up shit for no reason)....just to name a few of the many HUNDREDS of its problems (which DICE DOES NOT HAVE)

and im not even gonna waste time talking about the MANY 10-RANKED-SHITSEKAI Technobabble, or i guess Ali-Babble since its magic and not tech
....I even saw one that was about TOILET PAPER?!!! the author must have know he was writing shitsekai. but manga paper is to hard for a clean wipe..
maybe its a JAP/CHN/KOR h8-each-other-type-thing filtering out over here? (never really under stood all that anyway- then again im foreign to those guys so , yeah)

anyway... im gonna keep reading this - even if it get REALLY bad in the end (Gantz-style- still like Gantz but h8 that end)

its still gonna be a solid 8 (possible 9) from me for the first 200 CHAPTERS.

COUNT IT 200! (with 50-60 page average per C')

when many decent comics fall apart after c40 (with 20 pages per.) and most cant get past 20 ( in terms of quality)

PS: half of the high rank is the ive never seen that before ANYWARE, I did guess something like this but maan... it made me crack up- i love being wrong about how a story even turns out

ok im done randomly rambling on here for now ..
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This seiries is being milked too hard and imma just consider it canon that it ended at chapter 200.