DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything
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  • DADO : El cubo que cambia todo
  • DADU: Sebuah Kubus yang Merubah Segalanya
  • DICE-骰子
  • DICE: O Cubo Que Muda Tudo
  • Kostka: Sześcian który zmienia wszystko
  • Кости
  • النرد: المكعب الذي يغير كل شيء
  • 다이스(DICE)
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  • 6.35
  • 457
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  • 262,436
  • 8,453
  • 717
Dongtae is rock bottom in everything.
Looks, grades, life, everything.
But all that might change.

If you could change your life by playing a game, would you?
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This used to be good, but just went downhill.
Dear lord... 352 chapters? I can't believe that the author still had the motivation to go on with this.
This was good. WAS. After chapter 200~ or so, they just trail on and repeat forever. Just pretend they win the fight with big giant dice kid, and stop reading after that. It's like Tower of God, minus plot progression and minus clever strategy fights.
@Seran61 I recommend Sweet Home
@DANDAN_THE_DANDAN Funnily enough, since you mentioned Webtoons.com, I was reading Girls of the Wild's as well and that was better ( Somehow Webtoons.com doesn't allow you to read it anymore? ). Ended at least at Chapter 264 even though it contained all the drama nonsense plus the ending, that was stupid, cute but stupid. I still love Dal Dal Choi, though but somehow these Webtoons start great and end bad. Of course not all of them. I believe, " Hive " I read as well but not finished. A good one, I think, was Dead Days Webtoon, which I also finished reading. I am just surprised seing this Webtoon again and again.
Yeah I read this like 3-4 years ago I’m just surprised that i keep seeing it
dear lord i remember dropping this around 5 maybe even 6 years ago, why is this garbage still alive
Is this going to end like ever? It seems like chapters get shorter and have less meaning with each piece..
went down hill tbh
The early part was a masterpiece, but after the dice got spread out it turn downhill faster than a car going downhill. Why you not unlock the window????!!! Why ???
I remember reading this as one of my favourite webtoons in the app then got too lazy and abandoned webtoons altogether then went to college. Later on, I eventually got back into webtoons and forgot this existed only to see this just now on MangaDex and realize it's still going.


What can you develop from a story whose most loose ends from the beginning have been tied up without basically making a sequel within the story?
You know how very rarely you get a manga that has a good concept, handles itself well, develops its characters interestingly; and all builds to a nice crescendo that ties up the plot neatly?

You know how even more rarely some of those decline to actually do the conclusion after the big climax and then go for another 200 chapters so they can keep cashing checks?

Dice is unfortunately the latter.
Eh 80 plus chapters the story's alright but eh idk seeing as how it's dragged out to 300 plus I feel the story would have been better if it was shorter rn too many characters and stuff just seems it would be better a shorter story maybe like 200 chapters at the most... the beginning heh is beyond pathetic so if you can make past that you might like this maybe (oh so I was right after reading the comments man author is a aszzhole right finna drop now on 90 I thought it would get better but truly it's being dragged out I can tell just by reading to chp 90 anymore it won't go anywhere)
More than a year back I saw the final arc message and it's still going on. Author should just fixate on developing proper story than adding senseless battles and fillers.

Rip I really liked the story initially but the comments confirm its not worth continuing
I forgot this is exist, and still ONGOING? Bruh..
Damn this shit still going bruh? Respect for the translation team but wtf author.
i wish more webtoon series learn when to end a story instead of milking it...disappointed.
good early, waste of time late
@aqyx Yeah, I dropped it several months ago because the original premise is gone. It's just a drama/battle manga now with too many jarring inconsistencies.
this is longer than it should be, unnecessary bs just makes the story worse. Basically just milked out for money. It had so much potential to be on of the better webtoons but sadly it just took a turn for the worse