Nobunaga no Chef
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  • A Chef of Nobunaga
  • Kokinya Nobunaga
  • Le chef de Nobunaga
  • Nobunaga's Chef
  • ยอดเชฟของโนบุนางะ
  • 信長のシェフ
  • 信長的主廚
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  • 268
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  • 116,762
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Ken is a modern-day chef who wakes up one morning in war-torn 16th century Japan. Faced with an impossible situation, he does what he does best – he cooks. Soon, word of his wonderful food reaches the capital, and the ears of warlord Oda Nobunaga, who immediately orders Ken to cook for him. What will happen to Ken as he finds himself stumbling around in an era he doesn't belong?
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So i caught up with this manga 3 years ago and only 2 volumes been translated since then, smh... That sucks, this is such a good read too
@BaroDrinksBeer tteokbokki
I no longer have drive for sex, or lust. But i now wish to learn enough about food that i am able to gather necessary ingredients in any time periods to prepare a sufficient meal. My degree in quantum physics was a waste, and I'm quiting my job at nasa.

P.S : I've always had an obsession with cooking, but not fancy cooking. And i have a recipe book full of ways to make rice, and things to make it with. Try eating rice with chocolate cake/brownies, just make the rice with a drying method, and throw it all on top of the chocolate goodness. You can put the rice inside the batter, but it s a pain in the ass to keep the rice from burning.

P.P.S : Fuck icing, fuck mustard, and fuck french fries.

Final notes : Tell me a recipe for something, it doesn't have to involve rice. Also tell everyone 3 ingredients/foods that suck ass, don't explain why its so bad; if its bad well all agree that it sucks.
Where can I read the raw?

In France or Japan
Where can I read the raw?
Well, Ken isn't operating at 100% of mental health, he got wacked so hard that at some point he nearly forgot the emotional part of his personality, lover and friends, gone out of his memory for a quarter of the story. He is pretty much in cornered rat mode since chapter 1.
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Candy skulls; how appropriate although somewhat late.
@KamiKira00 I think its a hint of Stockholm syndrome but mostly 2 other factors. It is written from the perspective of someone who knows that era. And those were brutal warring eras. Just the fact that the retainers think it would be normal and casual to display the heads of your enemies during a feast shows what kind of era it is. So the way he is treated would be considered normal. And second, he knows who treats him like this. If it were a nobody i don't think he would display this much loyalty. Its like travelling back in time and suddenly finding yourself in the company of a historical figure. Ceasar, Cleopatra, Genghis Khan etc... if you had the option to tag along and see how they leave a mark on history, i feel like a few people would want to go along with it.
I couldn't really get into it. MC is being threatened, put into life and death situations, blackmailed and yet shows no dissatisfaction. He shows loyalty towards people who abuse him. It's like Stockholm syndrome. Didn't seem relatable, logical or realistic. Maybe it's just cultural thing.
Other than that, it seems quality work.
Did Ken and Natsu ended up together? Spoil plox 👀
So happy to see this manga translate again
Finally Lolscans is continuing it, this has been too long on my on hold list
damn finally, cant wait for more
The premise was interesting but did not explain much of why Ken was stuck in past.

Maybe the author could've interspersed clues explaining Ken's situation (if he did, I'd completely missed it). I guess the author was careful with how Ken's prior knowledge played into the overall plot, as time travel as plot device ends up creating more story threads for the author to tie up.

The cuisine X history aspect was the redeeming feature of the manga. I enjoyed the way cuisine and historical knowledge was implemented in the story and how it moderated the interactions between characters.

I got bored in the later chapters, but the early chapters were alright.

3/5 interesting premise, but not fleshed out enough to warrant reading the entire thing. I think I know some people irl who would love the story and read the entire series.
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Is it seriously the end, though? Seems still like a cliffhanger,

Not a very solid end, imo. That's why I searched the manga for the ending, but it turns out it hasn't finished yet...? Or is it going hiatus? Or simply hasn't been translated? I'm really digging this manga, one of my favorite cooking and historical genre mangas.

Edit: I've completed reading the manga. The last chapter here is exactly at the end point of the drama, plus that Hideyoshi part a bit. Aw, man. And I just realized there's 24 volume in total so in fact I haven't read half of this story yet.
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Watch the drama tv series is end the story' guys
Nice to see new chapters.

I also wish his actions could change history a bit but I guess if big things changes too much too early (Yeah I know it's already nearly 100 chapters but still) it would make a bit harder for the author to makes a new story and also we wouldn't really be following the history of Nobunaga...
This is a really good story.
It's a little disappointing how , but I suppose that might be appealing to some readers.

I'm wondering how it will end. At ? Or before that?