20th Century Boys
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Alt name(s):
  • 20 Seiki Shōnen
  • 20 Seiki Shounen
  • 20. Yüzyıl Çocukları
  • 20ᵗʰ Century Boys
  • 20th Século Meninos
  • 20thCB
  • 20世紀少年
  • 20世纪少年
  • 20세기 소년
  • Abad ke-20 Anak Laki-laki
  • amigo símbolo chicos del siglo XX
  • Chłopaki z dwudziestego wieku
  • Garçons du 20ème siècle
  • I ragazzi del XX secolo
  • Jungen des 20. Jahrhunderts
  • Những Chàng Trai Thế Kỉ 20
  • Nijuu Seiki Shounen
  • Twenty Century Boys
  • Мальчишки двадцатого века
  • پسران قرن بیستم
  • فتيان القرن العشرين
  • 8.96
  • 9.06
  • 800
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  • 148,303
  • 8,266
  • 249
Humanity, having faced extinction at the end of the 20th century, would not have entered the new millennium if it weren't for them. In 1969, during their youth, they created a symbol. In 1997, as the coming disaster slowly starts to unfold, that symbol returns. This is the story of a group of boys who try to save the world.

Won the Kodansha Manga Award in the category "Best General Manga" in 2001.
Won the Seiun Award for Best Comic in 2008.

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See AnimeNewsNetwork for the live-action adaption.
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  • Volume 0/22
  • Chapter 0/249

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trash trash a hot steaming pile of absolute trash and the ending makes me want to jump of a cliff
I'm at like Chapter 109 and I'm really upset with this manga. The characterization is SO good and the plot seems like it's a banger... But it's hard to suspend my disbelief at some of the things that happen in this manga. Especially regarding the plot. It feels too ass pully for my taste at this point, but everything else is sooooo good which makes it hard to choose between dropping and continuing to read.
That was another masterpiece from Urasawa. Now go read Monster.
Over-hyped and average at best.
Great Manga, even tho it had its ups and downs it was still amazing. All the suspense and the hype was on a whole another level. Also all the old Anime and Manga that Urasawa references just make it so much better.
fuck , fucking asshole
Massive dissapointment, Urusawa had set up a fantastic story arc for friend taking over, but everything after the 2000's Blood new year thing the manga took quite a nose dive in writing. I see what he was going his experience and knowledge is commendable and impressive, butit clearly became more than he could chew, relying on too many coincidences, plot armor and all sorts of necessary suspension of disbelief to make the good guys forcefully win. Really dragged out as well.
Literally the best manga in existence
Good manga
10/10 before real friends get killed
9/10 after fake friends take over
10 out of 10

finally finished it after 2 weeks of reading
Woah !! what an amazing manga! It definitiely merits an Anime, or even a high budget Live web series from Netflix/Amazon. But its not wrapped up? So many open questions? Is it answered in the sequel?

........And I'm back. Not much of an ending, so now I get why this masterpiece is rated below 9, cuz most are disappointed with the ending. But still, the ride was awesome. Maybe could use a tweaked ending if they are using for a series
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Still hoping for an anime so people who don't read manga can experience this.
can confirm the translation after 192 becomes worse, stopped reading after a while.
I read this a few years back, I started rating stuff I've read tonight and when I saw the rating for masterpiece this came to mind. Thanks for sharing this here.
Thanks for letting me know. I actually recently found that this manga is getting a new print run from Viz, so I think I'll probably pick up those. @Idk_Bro
I know that this manga has been edited in french because i read it 10 years ago at a public library. I hope it was edited in other languages and that you can find it online or something @gibbdude
This was great up until the scanlator switched. Manga-Heaven's attempt is unreadable an often obviously confused and incorrect. I suppose I'll hve to hold off on finishing until my Japanese gets good enough. What a shame.
I feel bad for Friend.

“I am Collins.”