Tales of Xillia 2
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  • テイルズ オブ エクシリア2
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Tales of Xillia 2 is set one year after the events of Tales of Xillia, in Elenpios, which currently remains in harmony with Liese Maxia. However, due to the two world's differences in culture and terms of opinion, they also remain in opposition. Elenpios is a highly technological world where the residents live in prosperity. The residents of Elenpios continued to fear the people of Liese Maxia by calling them "monsters" due to their ability to use Spirit Artes, which are rare skills in Elenpios. After the events in Tales of Xillia, mana begins to decrease in both worlds, which causes the Liliale Orbs to lose their power, and they are later replaced by Arrowcell Orbs.

We follow the story of a twenty-year-old man, Ludger Will Kresnik, currently living with his older brother in a city called Trigraph in Elenpios. He excels in cooking. During his first day of work, his brother, Julius, is nowhere to be found, which begins putting him in debt.

Based on the role-playing game of the same name by Bandai Namco Games.
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