Kekkai Sensen
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  • B3
  • BBB
  • Blood Blockade Battle Front
  • Blood Blockade Battlefront
  • Blood-Blocked Battlefield
  • Bloodline Battlefront
  • Kekkai Sensen
  • Kekkai Sensen - Mafūgai Kessha
  • Kekkai Sensou
  • 血界戦線
  • 8.45
  • 8.94
  • 70
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  • 47,465
  • 2,347
  • 39
Three years ago, a gateway between Earth and the "Beyond" opened over the city of New York. In one terrible night, New York was destroyed and rebuilt, trapping New Yorkers and extra-dimensional creatures alike in an unassailable island, a world all its own hidden in the mist of its physics-defying waterfalls.
New York has been rechristened Hellsalem's Lot, a paranormal melting pot where magic and madness dwell alongside the mundane, where every form of human vermin gathers to exploit otherworldly assets for earthly profit. Now someone is threatening to breach the controlled flow of harmless, average humans and items in and (much more rarely) out of the city and thereby release Hellsalem's Lot's deluge of horrors on the outside world. The mysterious super-agents of "Libra" fight the impossible to prevent the unthinkable.
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  • Volume 0/10
  • Chapter 0/30

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Even on the Dark Horse comics website you can easily buy volumes 1-3 and 8-10 but for some reason volumes 4-6 are like...endangered species. No direct sales through the website and on Amazon vol 4 is $200 lmao
Can someone upload the missing chapters?
Normally I recommend a manga version over the anime but in this case, the anime is quality work with more consistent art than the manga. I find it much easier to follow the anime.
I like this a bit more than Trigun. Gonna read the sequel next.
interesting, i can't seem to find the missing chapters even on shady sites like mangatown
I'm here to read prosfair game D:
If anyone is wondering, "Why all the missing chapters?" Dark Horse licensed super early so translations stopped at ch. 5. The last couple of chapters were done to so people couple jump right into Back to Back. Fair warning, don't buy from Amazon. They want anywhere from $10 to $50 for volumes.
A note: The name of the city is translated as "Jerusalem's Lot" in this release. This is incorrect. As in the anime, the true reading is "Hellsalem's Lot." The katakana is ヘルサレムス・ロット, or "Herusaremusu rotto," but Jerusalem is not "Herusaremu," but "Erusaremu." This has been a random PSA.

PS: if anyone gets upset about "you can pronounce ヘ (he) like エ (e)," know that Jerusalem uses エ while the manga and anime use ヘ, so it's still Hellsalem's Lot.
Yeah, I hope at some point we get the whole series.
Seems to be a couple chapters missing at the moment.