Guns and Stamps Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Taihou to Stamp
  • Пушки и печати
  • 大炮与印章
  • 大砲とスタンプ
Author: Hayami Rasenjin
Artist: Hayami Rasenjin
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Comedy
Rating: 8.76 21
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 5,623
  • 383
  • 42
Description: The story is set in an alternate world with 20th century-like technology, during a great war between the alliance of the Grand Duchy (Russia that never formed) and the Empire (Poland-Lithuania that never fell into ruin) on one side, and the Republic (the Ottoman Empire that never fell apart) on the other.

Lieutenant Martina M. Mayakovskaya is a new officer in the Grand Duchy Logistics Corps. It's a branch of the armed forces responsible for transportation and supply that is looked down upon by the rest of the military as "paper soldiers". Martina's assignment is supposed to be a comfortable desk job dealing with stamping paperwork, but for some reason wherever she goes, she ends up in the middle of combat. Also, what's that eight-legged pseudoweasel that she adopted as a pet (or it adopted her?), and is it just a coincidence that it seems to be saving her from harm every time?

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InfiniteVerisimilitude 4 days ago
I've been enjoying it as well.
tamago313 13 days ago
@Ostermann thank you for picking it up im so in love with this series thank you :D
Brightamethyst 14 days ago
I love this series. I am so happy to see it updating again.
wateverzh 14 days ago
Thanks for picking this up
Chobrasithyn 14 days ago

Godspeed, your English translation has been good, and I am looking forward to reading more about the Commonwealth and its relationship to the Principality! :)
SJP 14 days ago
Love this author, and bureaucracy

Last edited 14 days ago.

Drifter 15 days ago
So different from everything else out there. Likely true to how real military logistics operates as well.
Ostermann 15 days ago
I want to pick up the English version as well.
coolyo294 15 days ago
please pick this up someone... and kutsuzure sensen while you're at it
neorasp 15 days ago
ssssoooommmmmeeeeooooonneeeee piiiiiiccccckkkkkk iiiiiitttttt uuuuuppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vomble 15 days ago
This is definitely a problem of accountability!
CatWEax 15 days ago
The English scanlation was dropped by Overload Scans after chapter 7 because the translator quit. Sorry about that.
kwendy 1 month ago
Бойтесь бюрократов!
Fear the bureaucrats!