Guns and Stamps Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Taihou to Stamp
  • Пушки и печати
  • 大炮与印章
  • 大砲とスタンプ
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  • 8.94
  • 89
Pub. status:
  • 59,340
  • 1,703
  • 78
The story is set in an alternate world with 20th century-like technology, during a great war between the alliance of the Grand Duchy (Russia that never formed) and the Empire (Poland-Lithuania that never fell into ruin) on one side, and the Republic (the Ottoman Empire that never fell apart) on the other.

Lieutenant Martina M. Mayakovskaya is a new officer in the Grand Duchy Logistics Corps. It's a branch of the armed forces responsible for transportation and supply that is looked down upon by the rest of the military as "paper soldiers". Martina's assignment is supposed to be a comfortable desk job dealing with stamping paperwork, but for some reason wherever she goes, she ends up in the middle of combat. Also, what's that eight-legged pseudoweasel that she adopted as a pet (or it adopted her?), and is it just a coincidence that it seems to be saving her from harm every time?
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  • Volume 0/8
  • Chapter 0/76

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@Ostermann thanks that was interesting.
If suppose it's the former. Venice was a foreign power, they most likely would try to dismantle any trace of the Ottoman rule, subdue the culture statrting with the language. Yet the Republican military vehicles still bear the names of culturally important people and objects and the Republicans themselves still speak in squiggles.
hayamy Rasenjin heavily draws from the history of USSR and sneaks peices of it wherever he sees fit. And the Republic resembles it in a way. It's a totalitarian regime with a cult of personality. Yet the revolution was not that drastic, apparentely, because the amount of Ottoman influence is bigger that the amout of influence of Tsarist Russia onto the Soviet agenda. And, apparentaly, there are still land owners and aristocracy in the Republic, as a great deal of their officers are from the higher class.
So perhaps it was not a revolution but a reformation turned amok.

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Hey commenters, do you think that the Republic is the Ottomans that had some sort of People Revolution? Or is it a republic because the Republic of Venice and Allies won and pushed the turks out of power and established their system?
Ya but her bloodline got diluted so badly the current generation is an accountant in the logical forces
He’s referring to a webcomic called girlgenius that the blond heroine (with similar glasses) has a man made 6leg weasel that hunts wasps
@Kaarin Some of them are. You shouldnt generalize them. And why is there skin difference in this manga at all?
If this manga wasn't explicit on the gags and zaniness, it would be beyond depressing. It is high tech war between a Republic that is willing to gas civilians and an expansionist Empire with its backwards and corrupt ally. Seeing the corpses of civilians just laid about was for me quite sobering.
@Beregorn I doubt they did. Weaponry is too merciful and not flashy enough.
Glad to see that the wasp-eaters managed to survive: I wonder if the Heterodyne did too...
@balikboklu Yes, but they aren't as fair skinned as Europeans from the Duchy and the Kingdom. It's black and white manga and author has to show skin difference somehow.
Majority of turks arent dark skinned its weird to see all of them are dark skinned in this manga.
I like this series because it accurately shows how much corruption and inefficiency actually exist in wartime, and how people manage to get things done despite it all. The depiction of periods of relative calm punctuated by moments of random horrific violence and death is also pretty accurate.
I just realized that I'd hate Martina's guts if she was my co-worker. Sinan had it tough, hard enough to face off a tank with just a sword, but a giant typewriter is way up there on the list of immovable objects.
I understand that there's always some tension between different military branches and so on, but everyone in this manga needs to be court-martialed. It feels like the only character who hasn't already publicly pulled a gun on his own side is the one that's an actual traitor and at least has the sense to commit treason in private.
Thank you
@DjAlexDubCheck This is the group. Turns out they dropped it altogether...

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@Clovers Where can we find them ?
Very quaint
If you liked this, they haven't been uploaded to MD yet but there are scans for Rasenjin's other series Kutsuzure Sensen. Though they didn't finish translating it yet.
Interesting update once again!