Keyman - The Hand of Judgement Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Keyman - A Mão do Julgamento
  • Keyman - The Hand of Judgment
  • キーマン・ザ・ハンド・オブ・ジャッジメント
Author: Warai Naku
Artist: Warai Naku
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Action Comedy Drama Ecchi Mystery Supernatural Tragedy
Rating: 8.83 30
Pub. status: Completed
  • 7,419
  • 1,214
  • 57
Description: Keyman is the resident hero of Lockville City, a place inhabited by both humans and animal people. In the years since his debut as a hero, crime has decreased significantly, which does not look all that great for the local police force. But one day, after he catches yet another group of criminals, Keyman is mysteriously murdered. Detective Alex and his police force are investigating the murder, and one of their major clues is the words "Dr. Necro," which were carved onto Keyman's body after his death. Their case gets even stranger when Alex unexpectedly meets "Dr. Necro," who appears to be a young girl, in a bar. What monster could be behind the murder of Keyman, and what does the childlike Dr. Necro have to do with it all?

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criver 3 months ago
This feels more like a shounen than a seinen.
xyzzy 3 months ago
It's like I'm reading a Trigger anime.
OniBarubary 3 months ago
God this manga is so fucking amazing.
Doomroar 5 months ago
If some of you think that Walter is overreacting, you don't understand, he has the body of a Gorilla, "yeah, so what?" you may say, well, having the body of a gorilla also means having the penis of a gorilla... so it is quite understandable that Walter is seeking a world change.
Radicool21 5 months ago
Every time I think Alex can't get more badass, he just keeps proving me wrong. I don't think he's gone yet. Fingers crossed!