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  • Başıboşlar
  • Скитальцы
  • التائهون
  • ドリフターズ
  • 漂泊者
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  • 8.61
  • 423
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  • 238,572
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An isekai series from the creator of Hellsing. The story of Drifters begins during Japan's Sengoku Period (~1467-1600), a time of constant warring between the island's states. A samurai on the verge of death suddenly finds himself thrown into another, fantastic world, alongside important military figures from history. It's time to battle in a brand-new world war.
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hopefully we someone to pick it up i really love drifters :(((
Somebody competent please pick this up.
Aww it sucks that this is getting dropped but it’s understandable. Work comes first. Hope another group picks it up quickly.
Due to being increasingly busy with irl work I'll no longer have the time to work on the series. I made a post about it on the Group Forum, so hopefully another group decides to pick up the series.

Latest chapter came out in Japan a few days ago.
thank 4 info
For anyone wondering, I just checked out the latest issue and Drifters is on break this month as well. And with that, the series has been on break the last 6 months. End of July is the earliest the next chapter might be published.
what is the current status of this manga in japan right now(2020)??..although I have google it, there is no news of author is on hiatus? or just common cases of lazy author😑😑😑?...
Really enjoy the story and execution, but the art gets confusing to look at . Only complaint is that the mangaka should use thinner lines so hat I can understand what I’m actually looking at
There's something about Kohta Hirano's work that reminds me of Jack Kirby. There's the same sense of relentless forward momentum, the same manic progression from action sequence to stylish, energetic action sequence without caring overmuch for things like character development or fridge logic or common sense, the same willingness to sacrifice almost everything else in the work for the sake of fire and zest and bizarre, aberrant vitality.
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Man I like this such a good series more please :D
@Abetillo Monster Girls removed. Time Travel restored.
Last edited 10 mo ago by Genzou.
@Genzou Sounds good, but you should keep Time Travel on: all the drifters and ends time travel from different time points to others a lot closer, apart from moving to another world/universe (isekai). I would also remove monster girls: never ever female elves have counted as monster girls, and there hasn't been any female monster in the series, leaving aside that tag is for fanservice cases.
@Abetillo I wish the tag system would be altered a bit, since right now both people looking for or trying to avoid actual gore are having a tough time filtering out just regular combat series.

I did take a look at the tags for Drifters after your last comment though, and I decided to remove several tags that I think don't match the series currently.

I removed: Ecchi (this isn't a fanservice manga), Time Travel (it's isekai), Reincarnation (no characters were since they all have their old bodies), Horror (it's a fantasy military series), and Tragedy (it's not very dark and is fairly comedic).

I added: Ghosts (summons)
@Genzou That is an interesting idea about the violence tag and quite easy to believe. I thought that it was the typical when people think that gore is when blood and injuries are not hidden. I read once a gore manga and i almost puked my meal. It was severely disturbing, and i read that one was mild in terms of gore ...
I doubt a gore manga could ever appear here on Mangadex, but there are many labeled like that. Berserk barely scratches that domain for example.

As for ecchi, i also thought the same, but it is lame: how verbal sexual harrasment can be ecchi? That seems a weird fetishism.
I didn't do the tagging, but I can guess why those two tags got added.

There isn't a tag for general violence, so I assume anything that has sword fighting or gun fighting gets tagged with gore.

As for ecchi, I assume it's referring to how Nobunaga interacts with Olminu.
Such misleading tags, 77 chapters and still no ecchi or gore.
Thank you @E-kun
Really worth waiting.

Ushiwakamaru aka Minamoto no Yoshitsune.