Shokugeki no Soma
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  • Food Wars!
  • Shokugeki no Souma
  • Повар-боец Сома
  • 食戟のソーマ
  • 食戟之灵
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  • 7.24
  • 972
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  • 511,720
  • 17,761
  • 1,476
Yukihira Souma's dream is to become a full-time chef in his father's restaurant and surpass his father's culinary skill. But just as Yukihira graduates from middle schools his father, Yukihira Jouichirou, closes down the restaurant to cook in America. Although downtrodden, Souma's fighting spirit is rekindled by a challenge from Jouichirou which is to survive in an elite culinary school where only 10% of the students graduate. Can Souma survive?
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  • Volume 0/36
  • Chapter 0/315

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The real tragedy is that Tosh sacrificed his time and talent on this utter garbage rather than making more amazing hentai.
LMAO, I just jumped from early chapters (60) to the last chapters after however much time has passed and first thing I see is Soma saying ("even though it triggered the stripping and bursting technique").
LOL what the Fuck went on on this Manga.
Good I didn't follow I guess.
its amazing how quickly an above average cooking manga can become pure utter sh*t with the introduction of just one small aspect and the complete removal of one major aspect. if you got hooked on the first chapter because of the way the food looked and the extreme reaction that the characters had known as a foodgasm, i suggest you just stop right there and think of it as a oneshot. the food will become mainly seafood and the foodgasms will become just downright disturbing, and i don't mean sexy i mean hairy men disturbing.
What the hell happened? That final arc felt so rushed and underwhelming that they should have just ended before it. What a waste of a great series.
So much potential for the story, plot, characters and world building. The last arc and ending completely went apeshit like Prison School
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Preserving for future generations:

went from one of the best to one of the worst piles of shit ive ever read lol
i was so hyped for la dessert, but they ruined it too.
Ending is shit.
Was tuned in for this manga at the beginning but the exciting from the cooking from the first half suddenly went down.
one-shot everyone? i'd like to read it, since i'm not really into the original series ending.
Hope the Anime has a different ending...
This manga is easily one of the most depressing and quickest jumps from the top to the bottom. The first half of the series is one of the best shounen cooking mangas to be made. Unfortunately, when the Central arc came, it fell down to Earth. The series still had potential to get back on track after it was over, but it took a only dozen chapters for everything to just completely fall apart and make the manga irredeemable. Not only did the story quality decay into dirt, but the art as well starting getting lazy towards the end, kind of symbolic of the series in general. Some of the main characters are straight up forgotten near the end, some of their development gets reversed, or the payoff for their development never comes into fruition. Having the series be abruptly cut might have been a better way to end this manga than to give the author a set amount of chapters to rush an ending with next to zero closure. For any readers sake, just stop reading after the Central arc ends, it's honestly a more satisfying ending then the trainwreck that is the real "ending."

Chapters 1 - 131: 9.7/10

Chapters 131 - 260: 6/10

Chapters 261 - END: 1/10
Yea, ppls are mad

The first half of the series was awesome, so much it was actually considered one of the best Food/ Cooking manga in the history of all cooking mangas...

until it reached the second half after they introduced the gay father that tortures his daughter.

It was then when the series starts to go down hill and can be seen from the ratings.

But at that point it wasn't that bad, they tried to continue making it interesting, but it just doesn't work.

And toward the end they decide to just cancel the series, but instead of a immediately drop like some smaller titles, they decide to just quickly go through the entire plot that was suppose to last another 100-ish chapters into 20-ish chapters. And in order to do this, they literally skipped the cooking part of the manga (the part that usually takes up 2~3 chapters, something like DBZ's powering up in mid of fights)

But this was ultimately the series downfall... by removing what makes the series... more than 80% of the readers dropped the series and the entire series went below one of the worst rated series ever for a semi-big title.

___ ___ ___

It's kinda sad really, the series went from

10 - best cooking manga ever


6 - what the F is this shit plot


2 - where's the cooking

And this isn't really the author's fault, he tried to salvage it and make it interesting again, but it didn't work and the publication decide to cancel the series, but gave it a chance to give the series a closure, but the author doesn't have much chapters to work on it, so he had no choice but to remove time consuming aspects in favor of rushing the plot to the end.
___ ___ ___

BTW, almost all manga sites have removed the manga due to DMCA, however there are still some sites out there (Super Aggressors) with the series up.

One of which shares the same site name as another one that's more legit... lol (the legit one is considered by some to be aggressors, but that's only because they upload works done by scanlation groups before the allowed upload times, IE: some groups requires 3~7 days before they're allowed to be uploaded in manga sites, otherwise they follow more or less the same rule sets as mangadex)
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What the heck? This isn't worth the time now that a bunch of chapters are missing.
Fucking trash ending. Please never let the author write again.
protip: don't wast your time with this steaming pile of garbage.
I really liked this in the beginning. If I just ignored the over the top ecchi foodgasms this was a pretty interesting manga with interesting characters. But then the downward spiral started, and that downward spiral just kept getting worse and worse until it hit its peak with the last arc and the forced love triangle drama. It felt like the whole purpose of the last arc was to push Souma and Erina together (just look at how she blushes when interacting with him in the final two chapters), and the vast majority of Erina's character development was tossed out the window in favor of making her the way she was when Azami first appeared. It was painful to see her so submissive again compared to how badass she had previously become. She recovered and got better near the end, but still. I was very close to dropping it, but I decided to see it through to the end after 300+ chapters.

One of the worst endings to a manga ever. Yeah, I know there's 3 extra chapters or whatever but I feel like the only reason we're getting those is so they can show off all the pairings X amount of years later married with kids etc, particularly Souma and Erina.

It could have been so much better, but in the end it will forever just be mediocre or worse. RIP.
I was reading the official release and ugh. They needed to be banned from using the word "umami" ever again. It's like, every single page.
Thank you fan scanslators.
Thanks for the wild ride!