Alt name(s):
  • Higanjima - L'île des vampires
  • 彼岸島
  • 피안도
  • 6.54
  • 6.12
  • 180
Pub. status:
  • 275,255
  • 3,950
  • 332
Akira's older brother, Atsushi, has been missing for two years.

One day, a mysterious woman who seems to know Atsushi's last known whereabouts appears and offers to take him and his friends there : to the island of Higanjima.

Thus the great Man vs Vampire epic begins...
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/33
  • Chapter 0/330

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There are a number of mistake that an author can make were committed in this manga. It has good chapters and also bad chapters.

The chapters waste too much pages on repeating the previous chapter and dialogue characters had spoken before for no good reason.

The author tried to create drama to unnecessary degree, the result is a boring reading experience that i skip most of the pages.

Sometimes, the scenario is illogical and the logic of the plot is also flawed.

The story could be better if there were a dedicated author to deal with the plot and the artist focus on the drawing.
Its been more than 10 years since I started this series. It was bad since the beginning but for some reason the pace got me reading over and over. Yeah, 2 more sequels to go.
The worst part of reading this series is that it feels like every chapter has about 5 pages worth of actual content/progression in it, even though they're all about 20 pages long.
@BluePentagram Thanks for the warning
Time to read this
It finally ends..... but Miyabi's wild ride continues in the 2 sequels. Would have been nice if this manga took itself more seriously, but it's been pretty enjoyable even in its more absurd moments (hint hint Atsushi and Ken's arcs.... )

@hughinja There's a big plot point that involves rape but it doesn't directly involve the main character, Akira, no.
My god it has been a wild ride these past 4 years but this manga reminds me of a b rated movie with great special affects.

Great manga

Are you scanners gonna do the sequel too?
I'm forever thankful for the extremely enjoyable time I had daily with your fast translation for this horror series (which motivated me to really get into it), our dear hero Dangankou!

I'm getting you some coffee for all the hard work, and wish you a great 2020 o/

Count me in for the next part of the Higanjima fun <3

About the coffee thing, if anyone wants to thank our dedicated translator, he put up a link to get him some motivational coffee cups by the very end of the last chapter (since I've seen a bunch of new readers coming by to marathon it now that it is complete I thought it was a good idea to leave it in here as well).
Here it is -> ko-fi.com/dangankou
Thanks for translating Dangankou <3 , i thought this series was dead in the water until you picked it up again ^_^ Looking forward to 47 days.
It seems to be an enjoyable trashy manga
Question: Is there NTR in it (glancing to the sexual violence tag)?
i thought this was a jesus manga from the cover
Thank you for translating this till the end and also for the sequels
Higanjima or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying (about the plot) and Hate Miyabi

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This manga is filled with unlogical things.
I keep readeing it, but i would not suggest people to read higanjima.

The writing is bad, plot armors are THIC. And sometime the author forget some things.
It almost like he didnt knew what his story would be and tried to improvise.

The vampire and demon transformation are cool. But thats it, nothing more here.

4.5/10 i would say.
*sees cover 33*

"Wait... this isn't about Jesus, is it?"
This series is fun but you have to turned half of your brian of when you read it. Litrally they have the chance to killed the main villian in like the first few chapter but didn't even finish the job. That super weired how every minion has almost the same power as the boss except they killed the minion properly but not the boss.
Action are very intense and very impactful, character development is great only that the main villian plot armour is so thick kirito plot armour would look like a paper compare to him.

Overall it a fun waste of time and aggrevation because the story will not end except when the number of reader is down and it get axed.

Almost the just 5 more chapters I need to hold on till I binge this one
I haven’t read a single page, but damn this series as a lot of covers
It is far from over. It has about 16 + 22 volumes in sequels.
One volume to go, wow.
I'm really interested to see how it will end as there's a sequel.
This series had its ups and downs, but I was kind of a fun read.