Saiki Kusuo no PSI nan Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan
  • Saiki Kusuo no PSI Nan
  • The Disastrous Life of Saiki K
  • 斉木楠雄のΨ難
  • 齐木楠雄的灾难
Author: Asou Shuuichi
Artist: Asou Shuuichi
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Comedy Fantasy School Life Slice of Life Supernatural
Rating: 9.22 74
Pub. status: Completed
  • 51,780
  • 1,848
  • 213
Description: Kusuo Saiki is a sixteen-year-old high school student with innate supernatural powers. What are his hassles and troubles triggered by his extraordinary ability? And what misfortunes fall upon him?

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depzdai 1 month ago
I'll just wait for PSIscans.
Nightwolf 1 month ago
Jugdement Knights of Thunder!
IronicWeeaboo 2 months ago
Damn fuutsukisen really sucks at typesetting.
Reimi 2 months ago
fuutsukisen updated the chapters (268 to 272 and 278-279) in better quality on his website
Dinkelberg 2 months ago
I want to kill someone...
Kiriha 2 months ago
Wtf wrong with Japanese author and this kind of shitty ending? Can't they make an ending that didn't made you go "Huh? That's it? Already on last page?"? It was good till that last page. I just read Dagashi Kashi yesterday and P2W VRMMO LN, both of them also ended just like this shit. It's like ending the last chapter right before the good stuff is considered cool thing to do.
Minkulus 2 months ago
Man, the card battle chapters were great. I always love that kind of stuff in manga. The Saiki spin on it was hilarious, too.
zaji970 2 months ago
fuutsuiken's quality sucks
JackApostrophe 2 months ago
@Ceiye Remember this was published in WSJ, which is primarily for kids. The joke was a little more sophisticated than that audience.
REMasher 2 months ago
Whoa, that's some heavy plot right there.
Tammy 2 months ago
@Xunder - Yes Chapter 279 is formally the end of the manga. Asou Shuuichi still releases a 4-koma comic for Shounen jump, as far as I know.
Memnon 2 months ago
...huh, that's...a pretty good explanation as to why Not Allowed to Grow Up is in effect, even if you can usually sweep this under the rug as being a comedy manga.
ZidanReign 2 months ago
MangaUpdates listed it as Complete so yeah.
Xunder 2 months ago
Is chapter 279 the end? MAL says the series is still going on.

Last edited 2 months ago.

Ceiye 2 months ago
Ch 188 actually has some pretty good advice, and it's definitely one of my favorite chapters so far. But... was it really so hard to get the joke that Asou had to explain what it was? Or was it another example of poor artistic decisions?

Last edited 2 months ago.

xyzzy 2 months ago
I see that PSI scans is getting into a translation war with the anime, to see who can adapt chapters faster. It's neck in neck now.
JackApostrophe 3 months ago
100 Yen Man is the greatest hero of our time.
Wizardrone 3 months ago
Thats what i hope for. Especially since it seems that kokomi really have fallen for saiki.


Saiki sees a normi.....gets wet
danizi 3 months ago
Thank you psiscans!! saiki is saved
Wizardrone 3 months ago
oh i guess i will wait ch. 181
depzdai 3 months ago
Hasn't Psiscans already released up till chapter 180?
BCS 4 months ago
I mean lazy formatting and poor cleaning is one thing, but comic sans? Is this a trolling attempt?
Xanaa 4 months ago
I has no interest in this manga but I atleast I appreciated the one who translated This.. plus feel like cliffhanger ending maybe because i never read this just straight reads the final ch lol.
toukaneki 4 months ago
that right. just skip it,don't read it... no one forced to reading it anyways, it was for people like me who want sneak peek at the latest chp..
LZW 4 months ago
what you expect? fuutsukisen was not group or something.. stop nagging about quality lol just wait psi scans released, quitely.
Dantrig 4 months ago
I'll hold out for PSIscans. Their quality is well worth the wait.
zaji970 4 months ago
tbh these new chapters quality sucks. and they use comic sans
greatninja3 4 months ago
my guess is brother actually don't want to lose his rival and simply removed or reduce some of his powers to managable levels.
ampnaman 4 months ago
Yeah, 4-koma would suck. No plot progression or character development.
I'd rather have a true-blue sequel instead with real stuff happening.
Ah god, I'm depressed now.
ampnaman 4 months ago
WTF is up with 279? Final chapter?
Oh it ended. My heart sank.
Ceiye 4 months ago
Oh wow they do work, never mind
Ceiye 4 months ago
Well I know that spoiler tags don't work here, so I'll also warn y'all here

LZW 4 months ago
because the chp gap, so i've checked the fuutsukisen site, he's translated starting chp 257 to the final but not all chapter and some only partial. i guess you guys need to waited 100+ more chp.. :):)
REMasher 4 months ago
Still 100 more chapters to go and right into the next series. Sweet stuff.
eyfey 4 months ago
@Oatison - divide that by 3 lol
@REMasher - Next week. They're going straight from "final chapter" to "sequel" with no break in between.
REMasher 4 months ago
Is there any news on when that 4-koma sequel comes out?
Oatison 4 months ago
@bastek66 but PSIscans still has like 300 more chapters to go right...? RIGHT?
bastek66 4 months ago
Manga ends with this weeks's issue of WSJ.
JacK145 4 months ago

Doomroar 4 months ago
I am pleased to see the Aiura ship has the fan's support
SolutionEpsilon 4 months ago
LMAO, Chapter 178 too good
danizi 4 months ago
aiura really is the best girl.. also thank you for the multiple chapters!
Cae 4 months ago
178, that was an amazing chapter.
SakuraOrihime 4 months ago
9 Chapters at once?! Holy potatoes, bless PSIscans, THANK YOU GUYS (^o^)/
Ceiye 4 months ago
Asou Shuuichi has a daughter??? Never mind everything that happened in this 9 chapter update, this is what I'm most surprised about!
(though the nine chapter update is highly appreciated, thank you very much)
CoolOtamegane 4 months ago
HOLY Moly!! Bunch of Newly Chapt, THANKS PSI Scans
BCS 5 months ago
Doomroar 5 months ago
The 4 komas at the end are actually funny, no idea why the editors didn't approve of them.
Bootybug 5 months ago
Quite good chapters.
zephyrnok 5 months ago
Thanks for uploading here too, PSI Scans!
SakuraOrihime 5 months ago
"Sowwy~" :v
kiboot 5 months ago
hahaha chapter 169 was good
Ceiye 5 months ago
Best girl Aiura is back at it again!