Yashio to Mikumo Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • His and Her Sleepless Winter
  • Kare to Kanojo no Futomin
  • Satelliter
  • Yashio and Mikumo
  • サテライター
  • 八潮と三雲
  • 八潮与三云
  • 彼と彼女の不冬眠
  • 戀愛不冬眠
Author: KUSAKAWA Nari
Artist: KUSAKAWA Nari
Demographic: Shoujo
Genres: Fantasy Romance Slice of Life Supernatural
Rating: 8.50 4
Pub. status: Completed
  • 2,988
  • 114
  • 9
Description: Yashio is a debt collector who one day ends up saving a girl called Mikumo from a car accident. Mikumo, wanting to repay his service to her, decides to help him out with his job. Yashio refuses at first and tells her to get lost, but he eventually accepts and a new combination pair is born. But these two aren’t ordinary or even human… They are in fact cats from the hidden cat society!?
(From: In Difference)

Included Oneshots:
  • Kare to Kanojo no Futoumin (His and Her Sleepless Winter)
    A winter themed love fantasy between rivals.  (From: MU)

  • Satelliter
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