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  • Berserk Max
  • Beruseruku
  • Берсерк
  • ברזרק
  • برزرک
  • برسرك
  • เบอร์เซิร์ก
  • ベルセルク
  • 烙印勇士
  • 烙印战士
  • 베르세르크
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  • 9.29
  • 4,799
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  • 1,217,484
  • 42,528
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Guts, known as the Black Swordsman, seeks sanctuary from the demonic forces attracted to him and his woman because of a demonic mark on their necks, and also vengeance against the man who branded him as an unholy sacrifice. Aided only by his titanic strength gained from a harsh childhood lived with mercenaries, a gigantic sword, and an iron prosthetic left hand, Guts must struggle against his bleak destiny, all the while fighting with a rage that might strip him of his humanity.

  • Won the Award for Excellence at the sixth installment of Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2002.

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    @over18orblowupyespleen serious?? dammit
    @anddox it was delayed to July

    Fear not!, this is where the magicians comes in, these magicians are making the rest of the characters look pale in comparison, they are pretty darn OP, even Guts started to look pale, the only reason he's able to keep up is thanks to the Cursed armor or whatever the name was of that thing. So in order to defeat god-like beings you need super-powered characters like the magicians, you fight bullshitery with bullshitery.

    I'm not complaining though, I honestly think this is needed because there's no way in hell a simple human can keep up with god-like beings, they stand absolutely no chance, I'm still loving where the story is going but I'm hating the slow pace, at this rate this will end in 10 decades.
    Haven't read the manga for 3 years. Jumped to the latest chapter. Casca is finally sane again, but the story barely moved as expected. I don't know how the author is able to finish story. How can you beat god-like beings that can manipulate reality and time without some major asspull? 😂
    The author added "fantasia" but may lack imagination and can't dedicate enough time to develop these parts, as they'd slow down action scenes, which are more popular and he depends on.

    If you stop to think (and got enough imagination), you see how shallow every part (like the island with monsters, the emperor's castle) is.

    This manga's story was shallower than otherwise could be and was immature from the beginning.
    Guts needs to succeed. He isn't intelligent, as he didn't have the education--thus, he can't scheme. He isn't tactical-minded, as he didn't live this way--thus, he lacks such ability. In the "fight against the hundred" he could only succeed by being super-human and the writing made convenient (in that case there not having crossbowmen or they being ineffective).

    The demon ranger's ability is an obvious flaw to me; it's overpowered. Stories depend on characters, so the author has to make them look interesting (just a strong arrow was--apparently--not enough), but that ability was exaggerated. It was a slip-up, due his lack of comprehension of physics (as he isn't a physicist and such), allowing him to consider it viable. If it were magical, then he could structure it well (as he would make the rules), thus balance.
    @over18orblowupyespleen sure as you said it's very vague. I wish he or they made something worths
    @fd2013 he is taking a long amount of time to draw a chapter to make it look as good as it is
    Is Miura Kentaro dead or what, this masterpiece is being forgotten !! . Does he play with us ! what's going on people ?
    This is a Great Manga but this translation is pretty bad, you might want to find another place to read it.

    Typical MD comments being helpful as possible...

    Just start at the beginning, I.E. Chapter 1.
    They do a short little bit of story about how Badass Guts is and how Demons are BAD NEWS.

    Then, they jump into some backstory about Guts which I think is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to his character.

    After that, it gets right into the story as the 'REAL ADVENTURE' begins.
    Lol to the comment.
    Yeah, who knows we can live longer to see the ending + there is this new normal stuff, it is so vague. (Well, in the first place we won't be sure either about our health problems, but it's the same).
    This author also took half of his life to drawing this and I can accept he needs some rest here and there. The problem is I can't see where we are going. I don't want this ended abruptly or the author chooses Duranki over this. I won't ever feel regret reading this but it's tiring to wait endlessly. Honestly, the art is gorgeous, I love it! But now it is more like something out of a fairy tale, colorful and fun.
    Start from beginning? What do u mean?
    Where do I start? My friend told me the fairy doesn't come until part 2 or something. I need help.
    Has it really been 2 years since the end of Casca's dream and this is all there is to show for it?
    Time and fame change men, and there's nothing wrong with Miura moving on from being the person he was when he made Berserk legendary.
    But this makes me wish he'd invite someone young and hungry to work on it with him, someone who gets things moving again.
    Man, this is legendary tier manga, everyone may be speaks off every other popular manga almost all the time, but when the newest chapter from this manga comes up it will shake the world of manga up.
    Cant see chapter 261 gets the tap to load again error ;^(
    June 26th new chapter comes out bruh
    Last edited 2 mo ago by over18orblowupyespleen.
    @Neo-Accelerator even the Skull Knight hints that she was a total waste of time, by saying that the ending is not always a happy thing. And Schrierke and Farnese could easily replace her now given enough time, because new history can be created. Heck, he already creates history with Schrierke, because they participate in the same battles (and unlike Casca she is not useless) and she has very close connection to his soul (almost fusing together) by helping him control his armor. At this point Schrierke probably understands Guts inner self more than Casca. And Casca has very little to do with world building, because the conflict between witches and Griffith would happen regardless of that veggie. And because Skull Knight is aligned with witches and has connection with Guts they could easily find themselves on the same side fighting the same enemy. And her being gone would completely up the anticipation, because things would finally start to happen between Guts and Griffiths. The only big contribution of Casca to that world is that she gave birth to Griffiths new body, but that is more like a thing done to her, rather than a thing that she did.

    edit: and now that filler episode with Casca has ended Berserk story can finally progress further. Or maybe Miura will troll us and make Guts and just live a peaceful life (by using elf magic to negate effects of the brand) and that will be the end of it.
    Last edited 2 mo ago by CuddleStruggle.
    @CuddleStruggle You're forgetting something, Casca isn't the reason he got caught up in the Eclipse; Griffith is. Guts would have wanted to save him even if he didn't sleep with Casca. Rickert got "lucky," so to speak.

    Even if she was simple for pretty much the entirety of Post-Eclipse, it's not her fault and it doesn't just erase their history especially since they found out that she could potentially be helped. Guts had years to suffer with the burden of the Eclipse, Casca has only just begun her suffering. She's not useless for it. And she absolutely is a lifeline for Guts, the only reason he isn't out still aimlessly hunting for a Griffith that wasn't there is because of her. And it's also because of her that people joined up with the posse to ease Guts' burden. He never would have accepted them otherwise, it's all one big convoluted healing process for him.

    Guts and Casca have history, history that neither Schierke nor Farnese could ever get close to. End of story.

    Wait- are you blaming her for something that is completely out of her control? That's irrational, . If Miura killed her off now then literally over 20 years of character building, world building, and anticipation would be completely wasted.