Demon X Angel, Can’t Get Along!
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  • 恶魔X天使 不能友好相处
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Demons and angels are two opposite races. As the times change, they are tired of fighting. In order to coexist peacefully, they decided to start a marriage plan! The plan has a one-year observation period. If the devil and angel still cannot get along well, the marriage will be cancelled. As a result, Jiacheng (devil) and Yu Shanshan (angel) were "luckily" selected by lottery as marriage partners, and started a "happy" cohabitation life with the destination of divorce~
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The author/artist really likes Fu Hua.
@Anguyen92 Waiting 8 years again just for another disappointment because author got butthurt @ppl due to his incompetence? No thx, the "road" does not mean anything (or is even useless) in the case of literature if the "end" is not satisfying.

You can always read it hindsight if the reviews are satisfactory.
@Maala I see this rather as an opportunity to give us a good demon x angel romcom with that building block and a chance to explore and do stuff that The Devil is a Part-Timer didn't do. I hope it goes well in the end.
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@k40235 I know but I feel like it would be interesting that an angel female lead having black hair with red eyes and a devil male lead that has blonde hair and blue eyes
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I think boy being angel isnt interesting the character would be plain and author would have to write unique characteristics and guy would have to have very good chemistry with everyone which is a bit hard considering the nisekoi setting
who the fuck vote 1 when only prologue
I like the art. Ngl it's kinda hard to find good looking manhuas
Take a bit of HataMao, add a bit of neverresolving sexual tension to it, stir it, then throw it out into the trashbin.

No one needs a 2nd but sexier HataMao after it's trash ending.
I think the story would be better if the girl was a devil that had black hair with red eyes and the angel would be the boy that had blonde hair with blue eyes
I checked the raws for this, for whatever reason. Didn't understand any text, but from the looks of it, this series looks ok so far. I think the main characters' antagonistic dynamic, to me, resembles the dynamic between Maou and Emi from The Devil is a Part-Timer and I really liked that dynamic so I'll keep an eye out for this series whether it is in the raws or if there is an English translation and hope it goes well.
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