I Don't Know if It's LOVE or MAGIC!
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  • Apakah Itu Sihir atau Cinta, Aku Tidak Tahu!
  • Koi ka Mahou ka Wakaranai!
  • Не знаю, любовь это или магия!
  • 恋か魔法かわからない!
  • 사랑인지 마법인지 모르겠어!
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Miyamae Kaito can't use magic at all! At this rate, his promise with Mai, his childhood friend of becoming great magic-wielders together will be ruined... When he was about to give up on his dream, Kaito suddenly feels magic power. However, that was magic that makes people who meet his eyes fall in love with him, a "charming magic"! Being popular is fine and all, but is this kind of magic really alright!? An envious fantasy love comedy of dreams and magic— the luckiest harem academy life, begins!

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    ehh, it was better when they wern't acting crazy without the powers :/
    Ngl this could do GREAT as a hentai. As a story though it’s sort of subpar, but it’s still introducing characters so if you give it time I think it’ll develop into a great plot. The art is fantastic, especially the battle scenes, if they can pull it off consistently I can see this manga going far. Also it’s really good with comedy, so if you want a good ecchi comedy with some plot in it, this is worth a read.
    I kinda forgot about this manga lmao had to reread

    But id suggest hahri's lumpy house and its sequel
    Its charm related and mc does the deed cuz he has no choice xD
    The author should just get it over with and draw a harem hentai with these characters
    @NorakReal yui-nee is a childhood friend as well lol (seeing as he trained with her family since he was a little kid)
    i dont like the childhood friend screw her just take yui nee ediot
    Tbh this is not worth it... just find another manga to read this series is just not worth it
    It's not horrible but definitely not good either. In my opinion, the story is fast paced, plot not well made. If you want a comedy with a lot of cringe developments plus fanservice, then read this. But if you want good story currently(1-11) its pretty stupid and kind of sad tbh. There's also a high chance that most of the characters will make you feel mad or frustrated.
    Thats what happens when females and low test men reads a sexy manga.
    @Kitsune_Hellscythe I agree with you, though there's some situations that are kinda cringe its an Ok manga for me. I probably said that since i dont have a specific genre or things that i consider when reading books, as long as it caught my attention i would definitely read it.
    @Clone_Nero ; Right? Imagine how they'd feel if they were told that they should drop out of school or get sent to a foster home because nobody wants them there.
    Maybe that'll get what they're saying across. 👀

    In other news: this manga - I love the art but goddamn, some of the situations are cringe; but I still like the story, and MC is basically the usual harem protag that frequently gets caught in a sketchy situation a hella lot - gives me a headache every time seeing nobody give the "offendee" any chance to explain, but it's still amusing.
    @Kitsune_Hellscythe I know right, they're just casually saying that without knowing the consequences.
    i hate how much i like this
    dont stop translating this idk if its lover or magic its the best so I want to see more
    Tfw most comments on mangas like this are "I hope it dies out."
    Y'all just basically saying you hope a person's ideas and hard work would disappear just because you don't like the premise and plot - maybe grow a pair and just ignore it? Nobody would mind if you just quietly rated it and left without a word. 👀
    @gwings01 ty mate, all I wanted to know :D
    I can't be tge only one who saw the cover and thought this was a hololive EN fan manga. The blonde girl looks so much like Amelia.
    @Touje ikr btw suggest me some few chinese manhua where mc actually do the deed
    Shit went from 0 to 100 REAL fast!
    The power of horni